Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Purging the Hate, Sowing the Love

Does a wolf apologize after it bites?

Sometimes we have to bite. It is required to purge out what you don't want in your life. You have to focus your emotion into a laser that cuts right through all the garbage. There is nothing wrong with getting angry when that anger is clear and direct and can stay that way and not turn into a raging wildfire. However wildfires are needed in nature to clear large amounts of undergrowth. So it all has a purpose and either way it is clearing ground.

What lies inside you right now as you read this that keeps you from letting love in? C'mon not the we are only love so I don't have to do anything thing....... the kind of love that takes your breath away, that lights you up, that connects your soul to the power source directly. Do you have that in your life? If not why? If so are you tending to it so it deepens and spreads out into the world?

Bite whatever tries to stop the feeling. See it for what it is. A kind of distraction and self sabotage no matter what form it arrives in, and many forms it will. The kind of hate that hates that powerful juicy love and wants to disrupt it, break it up, distort it, steal it and destroy it. Identify it, see it for what it is, and extract it. If it manifests in someone you love you have to remind them who they are and extract the love out. Hate can't stay when love is in bloom. Its like turning a light on in the room, the darkness has no place to be.

So the New Moon yesterday on the 15th of October was all about purging that which no longer belongs. Deep healing on soul levels. Not just releasing that which you no longer want in your life but PURGING them out.... like a purged river. Gone. Identify and extract. Know what you want and own it. No more dreaming, time for being it. Think about any pain you have moving through you right now be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.... where does it live within your body and how can you extract it, purge it so those biological memories that live within your biology can go. You don't need them anymore. It is time for deep love, the kind that makes you know and see further. The kind that hate loves to hate. Make room. Clean house. Create a void for it to grow. Know what you want. Really know. Then hunt it down with love. Put all of what you are into it and when you come up against yourself in whatever way shape or form that takes, see it for what it is and keep going!! We are learning to communicate with others on a soul level. This requires clarity, grounded love and the ability to face the demons you create inside yourself. Say no to the distractions, say yes to what lights you up.

Here are a few words on that energy from Shima Maria Yraceburu of Yraceburu Earthwisdom.

So do you get it now? All the hate that manifests in your life is coming from inside you asking for you to plow through it so it can heal and love can finally fill you from top to bottom, Heaven & Earth. Can you keep going when it surfaces? Can you continue flying with your wings spread or does it take the wind out of them and cause you to ground what should be soaring?

As I write this the Earth moves beneath me. Confirming all of it.


Just how connected are you really? How connected to all can you imagine yourself to be? That's how connected you are. The more love you give, the more Heaven grows. Feeling your connection to all that is creates that for you because it is you.

As women are lit up in love, the Earth lights up in love and she changes. The world changes. Not in a controlled demolition way........... but in the true way. Wiping out outdated power structures because nothing is more powerful then nature. No amount of hate can deter that. Nothing is more powerful then nature and control as they may to keep a lid on it.... it is impossible.

You want to change the world....... you'll have to meet hate head on as the guardian of the doorway into love. You'll have to see it for what it is and keep going. You'll have to purge out the old painful memories and make room for new. You'll have to be a warrior ready to face it no matter where it manifests. The hardest being in those we love deeply. That is the most challenging place and it waits for the last card. That's when you apply all the love you are and keep going. It takes a strong person to do that. To see hate where it doesn't belong and to take it head on until it dissipates. Have you ever loved someone through their own hate? Not easy to stand your ground but you must. You are a warrior of love and this is your calling. To find it in the most hateful places.

Deep healing takes deep love. Deep hate needs deep love. Deep generational wounds, cycles that span centuries........that live within your very DNA. How do you purge those? Deep love. Real strong deep love. Soul love. The kind that will tie you up when you need to be tied up and spank the common sense back into you and purge the hate from you. That kind of love.

Up for the job? Too bad cause that's whats being asked of you even if you aren't. Your body is getting ready for the greatest event of your life.

I don't know why its you. But it is. I didn't ask for it to be. I didn't see how deep this is or see it coming. But I can feel it and I know it. Ignited beyond fire. Why? I can only imagine as I walk forward blindfolded unable to dream this one. Its uncharted territory. Ive never been here. Its up to you to walk with me. I can only go as far as you can. Blaze the trail. Light it up and share. Let's conquer the hate together side by side. The world needs you. The world needs your courage and your deep love. It needs you to let it in, to own it and to know it when you find it in another.


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