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Starwalking Castles in The Sky

I saw the picture a few years ago for the first time and I started to cry. I felt every fiber in my being bend at the recognition of a place so powerful it stirred the deepest parts of my psyche.

After many dreams and visions I knew I had to touch it. At the time I had no idea what I was headed into. Escorted by Phil Chavez after several days with my Apache Shimas, Maria & Lynda Yraceburu - preparing with ceremony, guidance, and love - we left for Ojo Caliente Hot Springs for purification and further ceremony before heading on to Ship Rock.

There were so many incredible miracles that have flowed from the moment I booked my flight it is impossible to add them all here. After gestating this story for the past 5 months and with permission from the elders I work with, I can finally write about it. I don't think any combination of words will ever do it justice, however I hope the energy can be transferred by way of sharing it. I hope you feel the power, the love and the importance of what I am about to share. Since I have returned home I have experienced major healings on all levels & a renewed sense of purpose within my work and so many synchronistic miracles I've lost count. This is a story of good vs evil, birthing a new heart, gateways, portals and love. May it bring you hope and joy as it has brought me. ~ Hillary

It sits on the horizon like a castle. When you first see it you are instantly pulled out of your body. Transported to another place and time.

Shiprock Peak is the "neck", or remains of a solidified lava core, of a dormant 40 million year old volcanic pinnacle. It is shaped somewhat like a 19th century Clipper Ship with high trap-dykes running north from Utah and south from the main spire and rising about 1,800 feet above the four-corners New Mexican plain. It's elevation is 7,178 feet above sea level. It lies about 13 miles southwest of the town of Shiprock, New Mexico, and 6 miles west of Highway 66 on Navajo land.

The Navajos do not want any one to climb Shiprock Peak for fear of stirring up the ch’iidii - the evil part of a dead persons spirit. The ch’iidii do not communicate with people and appear and disappear as they wish. They are commonly seen and experienced as vanishing hitchhikers. They are a sort of malevolent ghost.
For those that use the dark forces it is these spirits that are often called on in dark magic ceremonies.

Ship Rock is famed in legends of the Navajo as "Sa-bit-tai-e" (the rock with the wings, or Tse Bitai, meaning "the winged rock". They hold that it was the great bird that brought them from the north.

The story:
According to Navajo legend Bird Monster carried Monster Slayer to a high ledge below the peak. The Sun, father of Monster Slayer, gave him arrows of sheet lightning, with which he killed the two adult Bird Monsters. He spun the two infant Bird Monsters around his head to create an eagle and an owl, to help the generations of "the five-fingered people." Monster Slayer was then carried to the ground by Bat Woman or Spider Woman. Shiprock is said to be the home of Coyote. (See the Legend of Spider Rock.)

Spider Rock is found in nearby Canyon de Chelly and is the home of Spider Woman and here is how that came to be. When the Dine came into this fourth world from the previous third world, monsters were here and killed many people. Spider Woman used her supernatural powers to send Monster-Slayer and Child-Born-Of-Water in a search for their father, Sun-God, who showed them how to destroy the monsters. Monster-Slayer also has a role in the story of Tse'Bit'Ai, which means "rock with wings." The Anglo word is Shiprock.

she askd me

if i would steal her soul

i told her

im not much

but my art

might ~ HE

It is the place of the Skinwalkers. The great shapeshifters. A place where time meets itself and folds. An opening in the fabric, a doorway into another place. Here you will meet yourself head on, facing your greatest fears and your highest hopes. The twilight place of inbetween worlds. Home of the Starwalkers those who know how to walk inbetween dimensions following the rainbow twine.

The opening shifts and moves as the wind blows. Changing colors and sounding a sweet seducing song. The ground shifts right under your feet, as you try to focus on the horizon it bends and wavers like a mirage of dis-illusion.

This is no ordinary place.

Marked by hate and blood, an alter stands. The force is palpable as your feet walk by it. It reaches out to steal your soul. It wants to destroy your heart and rob you of all beauty. Laughing sounds of ceremonies past hauntingly rise to your ears. All you are and have ever been is tested here. Portals used to change the world.

The crow lands and watches. Feathers ruffled in the winds. His eyes never waiver. You are given permission to be here. Touch me it says.

Hopi corn and sacred land sprinkled in honor of healing. A star brother lends his strength in lifting upward towards the door. Defiled remains scattered in places all around. Can you find beauty here? it challenges, as the crow watches still, or will you drown in the sadness? Will you see from your heart? or will you let it be sacrificed along with the others?

A powerful merging of energies, some trying to support you, others trying to destroy you.....a crossroad of powerful souls.

All of the gates swing wide open. The moment of truth lies in your lap gently trusting as you hold the dream like a new born child.

How will the world see?

In the vision I see..."the evolution of the physical dimension to the realm of the gods, all the different religions bring that energy to the land of the gods. Here souls can wait, stay or keep going. I see how the energy goes up & outward or down to different dimensions - depending on your viewpoint and how you see the picture. The angel shows the way in an embrace, embracing the realm of God - in whatever form that means to you - you will go there and you will see it. If you have embraced higher consciousness you can avoid the traps at each place - keeping you stuck there; see how the physical is clear and solid, then as you move deeper into the picture it detaches into the fog, then the world of archetypes or Gods. Here they have a higher consciousness a more powerful one made up of the believers in the physical realms. They can project and do it all - they appear as Gods, you either integrate into one or you are able to single yourself out of the great city of God - heaven - and continue up into the two top mesas, here there is a portal to another place...two towers - look carefully inbetween them on the picture. There is a city there, here there is another species of very powerful and very ancient sentient beings of a high degree. Here you have no attachment, no worry of being stuck, from here you move up - should you wish too - all by choice. This is how you leave the Earth plane. When you die, you die in a state of consciousness. Where you are determines your experience in the other realms. This is how you move on beyond the Earth plane, this is how you move out of the Earth reincarnation cycle. Once past the city of the hidden ones, you merge with pure creation. The essence that lives beyond all manifestations. In the land of the Gods, as real humans with higher consciousness, above them is CREATION. When you evolve past these gods you join with creation itself. THIS is the point of evolution of consciousness and all worlds are created this way. The blueprint of all of this was written within us to be activated at the right time. Now is the time. The crystal pyramids of this age of creation were stored until the right moment to impregnate the consciousness of those who thought on it. To help birth a new world - literally on all dimensions." ~ HR

...and in the physical place of this vision it is real. The crow still watches. Safe in the presence of the Waterbearer. The prayers are said and ceremony done. Finding love for those who hate. Lifting the veil between worlds rippling outward for all time. 3rd eye blessed, cleansed and reset. Purpose anew. Life is reborn and healing is given.

You see this is no ordinary place. The story will write itself. You are not you here, you are something else. You return to the world changed. You become a gatekeeper. You are initiated as a Starwalker.

By Hillary "Wolf Dreamer" Raimo

Special thanks to Maria & Lynda Yraceburu, Phil Chavez, Stacey Sophia Robyn, Flo & Sal Yepa and Taa-Nash-Kaa-Da Sanctuary

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june kim said...

Amazing Confirmation! I was present in Canyon de Chelly many years ago. For me the sweetness and remembrance of the land was embedded within. I found that I was unable to leave the canyon that the pull was too strong. I almost felt that I would not make it out. Then magical opportunities appeared for me lights in the ground for me to step on in order to gain energy to leave. So your article gave me a deeper understanding. On the tour of monument valley I had other experiences that were above my understanding. We were given a tour by the native people and they pulled over to an area where they lived. All the dogs came out and encircled me. I was taken to see their hogan or asked if I wanted to ride anywhere in the valley by horseback. I can use your article to understand a deeper version of my experience. Thank you Hillary for enlightening me again.