Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Assuming Your Eve

Lifting the veil calls for the complete and total release of self, and at the same time complete and total acceptance of self.

Through the Universal synthesis of opposites. The diffraction caused by the union of the Divine Male and the Divine Female produces Azoth. As the Universal Life Force, the Azoth is not only the animating energy (spiritus animatus) of the body but is also the inspiration and enthusiasm that moves the mind. In the cosmos and within each of us, the Azoth is the mysterious evolutionary force responsible for the relentless drive towards physical and spiritual perfection. Thus, the concept of the Azoth is analogous to the light of nature or mind of God.

It is achieved through the orgasmic chiasm.

Which releases you into the tunnel.........

.............spiraling upward transcending time and space.

She closes her eyes in ecstasy. Freed from her body she flies higher. Rippling emanations of pleasure contracting the rebirth of her spirit into the higher realms. Her body, the grail. Holy indeed.

What does it mean to be dead? Dead is a state of being. A state of mind in dimensional form. An awareness. A state of transition.

Mary died and was assumed. Assumed into love. LOVE resurrects. LOVE transforms. LOVE lifts up. LOVE opens the mind and the eyes into another vision.

He opened her, and she opened him. LOVE is all there IS when you're in it.

You must die to the fear of love. This is your death. You are assumed. Your assumption is the rippling visions of love that seed the greatest things in the minds of all.

Be turned on, fall into love, let it assume you...and the world will change for everyone. You are the Mary and this is your assumption.

You are in the garden, remembering your Eve.


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