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Reflective Gateways of Returning Gold

The child of the divine male and female IS the X point/portal/gateway. Look at the RIFT - like galactic center down the painting between them.

The two of them conceive the opening/gateway for higher consciousness, the return of the souls, space inbetween time and space, the rift - which looks like a slight S shape - between them, is the meridian, ground zero, versica pisces, the Vgate, she opens it with his love, energy, etc.

She is sitting in the position of the Dome, or BAB, and he is standing in the position of the EL.

The door is opened behind her....he has to go through her to get in it?

What are those inbetween her hands? The hand gesture/posture suggests an opening movement. Just what are those things between her hands? Im curious...and would like to see them closer.

The energy work of them together.

Together being the key.

And the X on his halo.

The fourth item inbetween her hands lies on the meridian. The 4th X would too if it were there...reminds me of 32 & 33.

The tip of his robe waving in the wind starts the meridian. It flows down past his fingers and hers, then the 4th item in between her hand and onto the last X - hard to tell if that last X is in it or right before it...that is a common themes in this maybe 32 maybe 33.

His legs are crossed...another X

Perhaps HE is the missing X.

He would have to lean his head into her to make it a better X - this would include seeing her for who she is, opening to her with trust and love. If he moved his legs and UN CROSSED them...he would OPEN his X as he leaned in towards her with that gesture as well.

If he opens both his mind AND his body he moves towards her.

When he leans his head towards her, he opens the cross on his halo, into an X

Opens his psychic and intuitive abilities to create and access a portal.

She sees his divinity and becomes humble and open...

The tip of his robe flowing in the wind....also looks like a cobra head....In fact the whole piece looks like a snake sliding down his shoulder towards her.

The rift/meridian flows from the cobra's mouth....

He has already being crucified by the marks on his feet. He is reborn through the interaction of her. He re-members himself through her.

If you count the small red POINTS near his feet...

There are 7 points - including the two on his feet. Symbolic of the seven sisters in the Pleiades. Magdalene makes the 8th - same color - and there is an Apache prophecy that says there are 8 sisters in that star system and the return of the 8th sister is to happen this year. They say she will return home this year.

If you count the other points inbetween his feet...there are 10 - Magdalene makes the 11th.

The Pleiades center star Alcion is part of our ancestors time keeping system according to the indigenous.

The Olympic egg stadium and the city for that matter, is being built according to a plan/blue print - whatever you want to call it. But you dont need the buildings to transform or create the energy...or to open the doors.....unless the interaction/energy between man and woman has stopped doing it. Which if you look around todays world it may just be true.

Christ and Magdalene are an X-ample of how to do this.

He looks hesitate to trust, to let her in... let alone give her his body. Afraid that she is only enchanting him, afraid of being chained or locked up in something perhaps?

Only when he starts to reach out to her, does the alchemy work.

Her stare is unwavering, she knows who he is. She remembers him because she never forgot him. There is nothing but open on her part. He must rest his staff...his doing...his outward seeking and turn within to find her.

His robe goes upward onto the left side of his body - the feminine side. This is where his kundalini is generated from and here it forms the serpent on his right shoulder where he meets her. He crosses the bridge of right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Notice there is only one of man and one woman. Not 5 women to one man, or vice versa.

This is the power of the alchemy produced between ONE...the ONE.

The one who twines the alchemy, generates the opening of time and space. The missing or hidden X.

Why is energy work dismissed by the mainstream? Not encouraged or supported...?

I dont know too many men and women who work one on one together to actively do this, do you?

Why is the intuitive and psychic abilities of women shunned and discarded in mainstream?

Why do most men have a harem of women to choose and muse from, instead of evolving and deepening with only one?

My thought is because the power generated from the combination of two solid awake, conscious and divine individuals would create massive emanations that would open consciousness up to a whole new level.

It would bump the God particles together..the Caduceus. The alchemical marriage of opposites.

Maybe the crucifixion was all about breaking them up, and closing the gate?

Why don't any of the worlds major mainstream religions openly empower the man and the woman together?

Has the church, the temple, the design replaced her?

Can you build something that replaces her...if you place it just right?

Can you build an artificial womb? Can you recreate the energy produced some other way without her?

She waits for him to remember who he is and for him to own it. The way he stands now he is not quite sure...hasn't really decided, but by the softness in his eyes, he is warming up to the idea.

Maybe those are just flowers inbetween her hands...nothing more, nothing less.

Maybe they should've been painted green roses. Speaking of Green, weren't the tablets of Thoth Green? The Emerald Tablets?

The foundation of alchemical philosophy and practice is reflected in nature's elements and universal pattern of transformation. The four elements are Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The seven phase pattern of transformation is comprised of Calcination, Dissolution, Separation, Conjunction, Fermentation, Distillation, and Coagulation. This is also known as the Emerald Formula. Green...the Heart Chakra.

Thoth needed an eye to see it. He needed an extra eye to read it. Only by having the two single eyes can we have Shen. The open door.

The male eye of RA. The female eye of Thoth, the moon...which is hidden from us. Under a veil...Isis.

Today July 7th the sunspot 1515/ISIS produced X flares of highly charged photons....downloaded into us through the energy body....If we reach out and touch one another we might just open something.

When the two eyes become ONE....SHEN....We will be in the kingdom of Heaven...or Avalon.

A new translation bypassing the Latin has just been published by Nineveh Shadrach from the original Arabic of Book on the Secret of Creation (also named Book of the Causes) attributed to Apollonius of Tyana.

It states: What is the above is from the below and the below is from the above. The work of wonders is from One.

And all things sprang from this essence through a single projection. How marvelous is its work! It is the principle [sic] part of the world and its custodian.

Its father is the sun and its mother is the moon. Thus the wind bore it within it and the earth nourished it.

Father of talismans and keeper of wonders.
Perfect in power that reveals the lights.

It is a fire that became our earth. Separate the earth from the fire and you shall adhere more to that which is subtle than that which is coarse, through care and wisdom.

It ascends from the earth to the heaven. It extracts the lights from the heights and descends to the earth containing the power of the above and the below for it is with the light of the lights. Therefore the darkness flees from it.

The greatest power overcomes everything that is subtle and it penetrates all that is coarse.

The formation of the microcosm is in accordance with the formation of the macrocosm.

The scholars made this their path.

This is why Thrice Hermes was exalted with wisdom.

This is his last book that he hid in the catacomb.

X-Day is a traditional part of the Church of the SubGenius, a religion formed as a parody of cults and extreme religious groups, and their pamphlets and claims. X-Day fell on July 5, 1998,[1] the scheduled "end of the world", and has been celebrated on July 5 each year since then. From its inception in 1980, the Church had prophesied that an army of alien invaders (known as the "X-ists" or "Men From Planet X") would land on the planet Earth and destroy the world of "normals", "pinks", and "glorps," while the members of the Church of the SubGenius would be rescued by the aliens and taken away into space.

The Church has held annual gatherings around July 5 of each year since 1998 to celebrate X-Day and greet the arrival of the anticipated alien "Sex Goddesses."
The return of a womans sexual power.

The anniversary of the Sun God Apollo on July 6th.

July 7th the return of the wisdom of Hermes, the green tablet of Thoth.



12/21 is the same

funny when you look at those two
X amples....Down the MERidian...

I see 11:22.

11:22 the time of power. The entrance to this world. Come in through the stargate. Ride the rainbow wave of destiny.


Written July 7th 2012; published July 21st 2012

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