Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Original Creation Myth by Hillary Raimo

The oldest creation story ever told. Creation without fear, without hesitation, without doubt, without a human mind to stop it. The fire enters the water, and the water enters the fire. With nothing but their true selves bound by only love & trust. Both elements have the power to destroy the other, yet when in perfect balance - in perfect trust - the merging of the two conceive land - the creation of matter.

Photo: the creation of a lava tube

Here the fire does not fear the water, and the water does not fear the fire. They do not lose each other in entering each other. Neither manipulate or seduce the other. It is not even an agreement. It just is. They flow into each other because it is beautiful. Because it is what creates life. Because it is what lives on.

Swimming within each other they form Earth and Air. They create Heaven and Earth.

Here there is no myth to hunt down. There is no power stealing. There is no one better then the other. Here together they create the world. There is no trap to fall into, no tomb to contain you.

The only temple to dwell in here, is the freedom of no temple. Here all is royal and divine. Here merging is sacred not sin.

This is my creation story. Here is where I remember you.

Photo: the life created from a lava tube.

Pure, untainted by the dramas of man and woman. Clear, unpolluted by the complexities of the human mind, both sides. Here there are no names to memorize, or trails to follow. Here there is only truth. Here is the real of reality.

Here there is no spell to cast, nor is there one to break. There is no manipulation or fear of losing what you think you are. Here the magic doesn't need a magician because it is all there is. Here there is no fear of being caught, contained or killed. Here there is no one more powerful then the other.

Here freedom is not a word because there is nothing to bind you.

Here love is not something you fall into, it is who you are.


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