Sunday, June 3, 2012

Venus Transit and The Fire Initiation

The great cosmic egg starts to crack. Having gestated for eons in a milky warm cosmic goo. The scales of balance settle into a complementary equilibrium long desired by out of whack patriarchal consumption driven hoards of insane sleepwalkers. Drifting slowly out of their somber fuzzy veils of complacence into a field of bright lucid conscious awareness. Blinking wildly into the bright sun of their galaxy heating them from the inside out. Calling their names on the grand Universal orchestra, one by one they take their turns walking through the fire, a great and sacred initiation. Burning off all that no longer serves them. Alchemical perfection as they are turned from lead to gold.

As we each begin the great initiation of our time, we will have to face many challenges and obstacles holding us back in a frame of mind that has outgrown its usefulness. A way of life that can no longer sustain us. A way of be-ing and do-ing that has grown exponentially out of balance and has tipped the scales into a whirling pool of death dance. Self destruction awaits those who cannot make the leap. The ancestors and guardians of our worlds watch hoping we will awake into our fullest human potential that excludes hate, violence, and separation. The age of the golden human is here. You have been chosen to fulfill the great prophecies. Will you step into your destiny?

Today Sunday June 3rd we stand on the edge of a great celestial event. One that will never happen again in our lifetimes or our childrens lifetimes. It marks the bringers of the new dawn. The planet Venus will walk across the Sun this week on June 5th & 6th. A small black dot dancing across the face of our star. Symbolic to many past civilizations as a great bringer of change.

Venus represents the Goddess of Love & Beauty. She dances across the fiery surface of the sun in an 8 year five pointed star dance orbit ending where she began. Returning to the same point in the sky where she started her journey. This marks the completion of an 8 year twin paring known as the Venus transit. She began in June of 2004. Where were you then? What were you doing in your life? What exactly was brewing on your path? Think back and remember. Now look at the past 8 years inbetween the starting point and the ending point....what has been the major theme in your life? As she danced along the five pointed star bringing to life a magical element that has graced your vision perhaps even unknowingly. What special events have happened? What major growths? Look closely. Now come forward to today. What is happening NOW in your life? What is being offered to you? What has the Universe aligned for you as offerings to your highest vision of self? What lies on your path right now? there are no mistakes, no accidents. Look closely at what is being offered to you as she completes her fiery initiation dance across the face of our star.

Everything has aligned perfectly for this moment in time. Will you own it?

Her time has come. Her empowerment is complete. She has waited for you to present yourself fully. She has gestated in the great womb of the Goddess and is now ripe for you to join her. The balanced male and female energy must now preform together the great act of life. Mixing together the immortal elixir of eternal love. Neither is stronger then the other, and both are at their most powerful side by side. Dancing as they intertwine. Creating new worlds together.

The rebirth of the divine feminine can only happen with the rebirth of the divine male. It cannot happen without the other. Together they must find one another and begin their initiation as they walk the fire together as one.

Hold your balance dear one. Embrace what you fear has been lost forever. Rest your head softly on the cloud of trust as it gently floats through the ethers dreaming forward your vision. Keep dreaming for without the great dreamers we would be lost forever. Hold that space inbetween exhale and inhale and let it expand into the great golden halo around you. Let the mantra cleanse the space sacred, and hold steady here. This is the doorway to nirvana. Here is where your beloved will find you. Here is where the two of you can create true magic. This space has long been shown in a series of puzzles and complex codes, none of which are needed anymore. The veil has lifted and you only need your heart and trust. Trust is the glue that will hold this space together and will work the magic between the great divine female and the great divine male. Call them whatever you wish, names do not matter here. Your names may differ from mine, but the matter those names describe is the same.

The time is fertile for visions to be born. Like stars in a faraway birthing cloud in the middle of our Universe, one by one they come. Filled with promise and hope.

Do not be sad or afraid of these great times. Celebrate the renewal. Celebrate the fire, the burning flame that brings with it a cleansing, a renewal, like never before.

You are being asked to step up to the plate. Will you?

As your inner divine-being-ness balances what wisdom does it bring you? The fire she is getting ready to experience is your own building inside you. The heat rises removing blocks, healing injustices, soothing wounds, until it reaches the top and then expands upward higher and higher joining you with the divine realms of the Gods and beyond. Her heat is your heat. Her dance across the fire is your dance across the fire. Her alchemical change is your alchemical change. The five pointed star she has been dancing on has been the divine human being birthed into form. Now that dance is complete. Can you feel it?

You have held her on her long journey. You have dreamed her, wished her into being, prayed for her to come, and now she is here. Calling you. The drum of her power beats wildly under the Full Moon, her eclipse announces the arrival of the long awaited divine ones emerging from within each of us.


Here are some great links to learn more about the Venus Transit

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NOTE: never look directly at the Sun! For safe viewing please read this information from NASA

Watch the Venus Transit via the several LIVE WEBCASTS which will be taking place:
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In addition, there will be a live webcast from the Mauna Kea Observatory in the Hawaiian islands which will enable us to see the Venus Transit in many different wavelengths of light-a collaboration between NASA and the University of Hawaii.

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