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Venus Transit 2012 Follow Up by Hillary Raimo

Here is a list of interesting articles, companies, and backgrounds of the intention to expand into space to support the recent Venus Transit Part 1 & 2 as well as some of my follow up thoughts at the end.

Path to Mars begins at Michoud published June 5th 2012. The day of the Venus Transit.

In 2010 plans began to move into place. Both in the private and public sector. Although I know this began long before, timelines will coordinate these things on very large scales at very distinct times. Senate Panel Cuts Commercial Crew, Adds Funds for Orion and Heavy Lift 6 Private Companies That Could Launch Humans into Space POSTED JUNE 4th 2010 Company: SpaceX Spaceship Name: Dragon spacecraft and Falcon 9 rocket| Founder(s): Elon Musk, co-founder of PayPal Backing: $100 million of Musk?s personal fortune, $20 million more from outside investors Location: Hawthorne, California Launched the Business: 2002 Plans to Launch into Space: Debut launch tests in 2010, first operational flights in 2011. Number of Passengers: 7 maximum, or fewer with a mixture of cargo and crew SpaceX's Falcon 9 rockets and Dragon spacecraft are initially expected to be unmanned vehicles to serve NASA's cargo needs for the International Space Station. Musk has said Dragon could be ready to launch astronauts within three years of receiving a contract from NASA to do so. The company currently has a $1.6 billion contract to provide 12 unmanned cargo deliveries to the station through 2016. The Falcon 9 rocket is about 180 feet (57 meters) tall and is a two-stage booster. The Dragon capsule is a solar-powered spacecraft designed to be grappled by the space station's robotic arm and installed on a docking port. Spacex completed a successful test flight of THE DRAGON article published May 31st 2012 ****UPDATE: SpaceX Successful Flight Opens Door To Military Contracts Read more at ****UPDATE: SpaceX flight opens door for U.S. military payloads Orbital Sciences Company: Orbital Sciences Spaceship Name: Cygnus and Taurus 2 rocket Founder(s): David W. Thompson, Bruce W. Ferguson, Scott L. Webster Backing: Publicly traded company, $1.1 billion in revenue Location: Dulles, Virginia Launched the Business: 1982 Plans to Launch into Space: 2011 Number of Passengers: So far, the Cygnus is purely unmanned A veteran hand when it comes to rocket launches, Orbital Sciences has a $1.9 billion contract with NASA to provide eight cargo missions for the International Space Station using its unmanned Cygnus spacecraft and the new Taurus 2 rocket. Orbital is planning the launches in 2011 from Wallops Island in Virginia. Orbital has not announced plans on whether it may try to convert the Cygnus vehicle for crewed missions. The Taurus 2 rocket stands about 131 feet (40 meters) tall and is a two-stage booster to be topped by the Cygnus spacecraft. Blue Origin Company: Blue Origin Spaceship Name: New Shepard Founder(s): Jeff Bezos Backing: His personal fortune as founder of Location: Kent, Washington Launched the Business: 2004 Plans to Launch into Space: Mid-2012 Number of Passengers: at least 3 astronauts Blue Origin has remained extremely secretive about its plans, but has tested a prototype of its New Shepard spacecraft at the company's proving grounds in Texas. New Shepard is expected to be a vertical launch and landing vehicle capable of reaching an altitude of about 75 miles (120 km) . Earlier this year, NASA awarded Blue Origin $3.7 million to develop an astronaut escape system and build a composite space capsule prototype as part of its commercial crew program. CENSORED ARTICLE ON INTENTIONS OF BLUE ORIGINS Veil Lifts Slightly on Secretive Blue Origin Rocket Project Published 2010 (I am unable to read the above article on my computer. The entire article has been censored & is unreadable on both my servers. Thanks to a friend in Australia I was able to read the contents, they are posted on my facebook page under a public setting for everyone) Bigelow Aerospace Company: Bigelow Aerospace Spaceship Name: Sundancer and BA-330 Founder(s): Robert Bigelow Backing: $180 million of his personal fortune as owner of the Budget Suites of America hotel chain. Location: North Las Vegas, Nevada Launched the Business: 1999 Plans to Launch into Space: 2015 Number of Passengers: Sundancer to support crews of 3, BA-330 to support 6-person crews Bigelow Aerospace has been paving new ground in inflatable spacecraft and already launched two mini-space station prototypes, called Genesis 1 and Genesis 2. The company's larger Sundancer and BA-330 vehicles are expected to serve as space stations, not capsules. Additionally, company founder Robert Bigelow has set his sights on developing a private moon base using the inflatable technology. Since Bigelow Aerospace does not have rockets or spacecraft to reach its space stations, the company has been working closely with Boeing on potential crew capsules. Boeing received $18 million from NASA this year to support development of its own 7-person spacecraft. SpaceDev/Sierra Nevada Corp. Company: SpaceDev Spaceship Name: Dream Chaser Founder: Jim Benson (deceased), now led by Fatih Ozmen Backing: Sierra Nevada Corp., of Sparks, Nev. Location: Poway, Calif. Launched the Business: 1997 Plans to Launch into Space: Under Development Number of passengers: 4 on suborbital flights, up to 6 for orbital flights. California-based SpaceDev is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sierra Nevada Corp. (which acquired it in 2008) and has been developing the reusable Dream Chaser space plane to launch crew and cargo into space at an Atlas 5 rocket. In February, Sierra Nevada won $20 million in NASA funds to continue the Dream Chaser's development. The spacecraft's design is based on the HL-20 lifting body tested by NASA and aims to launch on a rocket and land on a conventional runway, for quick turnaround and reuse ***Sierra Nevada also designs and develops radio Frequency and Electromagnetic Weapons. **** "...there are systems about to come “on-line” that are far, far worse. New Scientist recently described how one enterprising outfit of capitalist grifters, the Sierra Nevada Corporation, is “ready to build a microwave ray gun able to beam sounds directly into people’s heads,” David Hambling reports...." New Scientist Magazine 2008 Microwave ray gun controls crowds with noise ...and the US NAVY agrees it works. Just who is Dr. Lev Sadovnik of the Sierra Nevada Corporation? in his New Scientist article he says "There are health risks, he notes. But the biggest issue from the microwave weapon is not the radiation. It's the risk of brain damage from the high-intensity shockwave created by the microwave pulse. Clearly, much more research is needed on this effect at the sort of power levels that Dr. Sadovnik is proposing. But if it does prove hazardous, that does not mean an end to weapons research in this area: a device that delivered a lethal shockwave inside the target's skull might make an effective death ray. Dr. Sadovnik also makes the intriguing suggestion that, instead of being used at high power to create an intolerable noise, it might be used at low power to produce a whisper that was too quiet to perceive consciously but might be able to subconsciously influence someone. The directional beam could be used for targeted messages, such as in-store promotions. Sadovnik even suggests subliminal advertising, beaming information that is not consciously heard (a notion also spotted on the US Army's voice-to-skull page). While the effectiveness of subliminal persuasion is dubious, I can see there might be some organizations interested in this capability. And if that doesn't work, you could always point the thing at birds. They seem to be highly sensitive to microwave audio, so it might be used to scare flocks away from wind farms -- or shoo pigeons from city streets." Shopping malls have been testing this for a very long time. The darker more menacing uses have been tested by the military and other even darker groups for even more disturbing purposes. (image from Video from youtube with a public interview of Valin Thorn Virgin Galactic Company: Virgin Galactic Spaceship Name: SpaceShipTwo Founder(s): British Billionaire Sir Richard Branson Backing: His personal fortune as founder of Virgin Group Location: London, England, and Spaceport, New Mexico Launched the Business: 2004 Plans to Launch into Space: end of 2011 or early 2012 Number of Passengers: 6 passengers, 2 pilots The only air-launched vehicle in the group, Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo vehicle is still just a suborbital vehicle designed for space tourism jaunts into space. The company envisions launching paying passengers on suborbital thrill rides for about $200,000 per seat. However, the spacecraft's mother ship ? the huge WhiteKnightTwo aircraft ? could be modified to launch small rockets or satellites for NASA or other users. SpaceShipTwo is designed by veteran aerospace engineer Burt Rutan and the company he founded, Scaled Composites of Mojave, Calif. It is a larger version of SpaceShipOne, which successfully flew on suborbital flights in 2004. Oh the glory of exploration, going where no man has gone before. Taking the next great leap for mankind. Prometheus stole the fire from the Gods for the benefit of humanity, but not for ALL of humanity, only a select few. The rest of you are sheep to a farmer, you have your usefulness as long as you play nice, work hard, and don't ask questions. You certainly won't be among the few to go out into space unless you have acquired much wealth and can afford the trip - reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1990 movie Total Recall - which btw is being redone and set to release Summer of 2012 - hmmm how interesting - Oh Hollywood, transparent you are becoming. The veil is thinning. People are waking up to your game. There is a need for more advanced weaponry because your mind is evolving, your consciousness is rising and that is hard to control unless you have the right tools to shut it down, tamper with it, distract it and so on. So for years now these items have been in testing mode, behind a cloak screen of financing and the agenda has been moving ever so forward on both the private and public sector among a plethora of disinformation planting in all subcultures today. Sound like a bunch of science fiction? Funny how those sci-fi movies tell the story so clearly when you look without your rose-colored glasses on. There are forces at work in this world, and in the worlds beyond. Some are good, and some have tainted agendas for selfish purposes. Like the ever so old and ancient tales from the beginning of time, good vs bad. There is much truth to those tales, probably more so then we could even possibly know. But how your consciousness translates these tall tales, and what it does with the knowledge learned is kind of like what Prometheus had to do with the do you use it? How do you teach others to use it? Will others burn and destroy each other with it, while others cook food and heal with it? Indeed and perhaps it has to do with something even more primal, something even deeper within the creation scripts themselves. Yet to be decide. Or maybe Prometheus was a time traveler who used the star gates to go back in time to shape an entire species for eons in a desired direction. Maybe Prometheus had other friends who went with him and who played different roles throughout 'time'...what a thought. To be continued............. by Hillary Raimo & Dr. Mark Gray

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