Monday, June 11, 2012

A Journey into the Dreamtime Remembered

She closed her eyes and joined her sisters in the dreamtime.

They gathered in the sacred location.

As they all came in one by one joining the group, she noticed an opening on the side of the room. There stood Agnes staring at her with the burning eyes of an ancient medicine woman. She stood up and carefully walked around the women gathering, towards the old woman. When she got closer, Agnes had turned and was walking down through a tunnel, she followed. An opening appeared and the blinding color of desert sand glared brightly. She adjusted her eyes as she left the structure. She looked for Agnes but could not see her. She stood between two large pyramids. Agnes again appeared off to the left standing by the edge of the pyramid. Watching. Holding space. She felt a presence behind her. A strong powerful pull resonated through her entire body.

She turned and standing there was a large figure, male, gleaming strong powerful body. His clothing was like that of the ancients she had seen in pictures of Gods. His head was strange not human. His eyes were blue. She felt no fear but a deep recognition. He walked up to her and embraced her. She fell into his arms and laid her head on his chest. Her breath slowed and matched his heartbeat. He touched the middle of her back and she felt an electric surge flood her body.

He pulled her gently towards him and she lifted her head to see him. Images flooded her minds eye. He voice was deep, hypnotic and did not come from his mouth but from his mind. She looked into the swirling blue of his strange shaped eyes and she remembered who she was. She remembered him. He placed his hand on her heart and the sand swirled around them. He opened her hands and placed a grain of sand into them. It reflected the light of the desert like a star. She cupped it. She looked up at him. She wanted to stay with him. He smiled. She felt Agnes pull on her energy body. She felt a deep love that flowed. An essence that was home. Again Agnes pulled. He stepped back from her. The wind picked up and swirled and he disappeared.

Agnes placed her hand on her shoulder. The old medicine womans eyes changed and she saw the Universe spinning deep inside them. Timeless wisdom spilled from the old womans face. Tears flowed down the young womans face as she felt the significance of what just happened. "The memory of this will surface at the right time my daughter" and with those words, Agnes took both of her hands in her own and the sands swirled. The pyramids disappeared and she was back home in her room. She had left the dreamtime.

She looked down in her clasped hand and in them was a small piece of crystal and a grain of sand. She took them and placed them carefully on a red piece of fabric and put them in her dreaming pouch. She then got out a piece of paper and drew his face so she would never forget it. The elongated greyhound looking nose, wide large almond shaped bright blue eyes. As she finished the drawing she folded it gently and put it away in a safe place.

The memory did surface years later, sparked by the synchronistic and powerful language of the Universe. A language she had been trained in since a child, a language she had come to know as truth. She took out the drawing and stared at it. Why now?

She had remembered in her deepest dreams, but had not thought of this consciously again until today. She opened her medicine box and removed the dreaming pouch carefully and unfolded the red fabric. There was the crystal and piece of sand sparkling in the daylight. He came flooding back into her awareness. She remembered his touch, his embrace. She remembered what he showed her.

The timing was remarkable.

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