Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Foundations Through Time

I can still hear your words as they resonated through me then. You told me to know from within. To never seek outside of myself. To only look for the validations in the synchronicity around me. You taught me how to see the true events from the staged. How to know the real from the manipulated. You told me I would someday need to know how to tell the difference, that it would be very important.

So I have watched carefully. Knowing the signs when they present themselves.

You laid a foundation that has flowered into a deep understanding. You taught me to see. You told me that someday I would know how to see deeper, and that this would be a great gift. It would show me the truth of your words all those years. It would connect everything you taught me.

You warned me well. Your words have taught me how to stay safe. They have showed me my weaknesses and where I needed to strengthen. You said this would be important and it has been. It has saved my life many times. You knew who I was the minute you met me. You loved me well from then until now.

You stand by me still. Showing me what I need to see. Bringing the dots forward. Connecting at just the right time. Yet I feel all of this has been for now.. that it is all just beginning. The rest has just been training. You have reached out backwards from where you are and you teach me in my dreams. Here you continue what you started and here is where I know. You told me there would be others just like you and me. I have found some but there are more to come.

You remembered me and you taught me to remember myself. You said when I remember the great dream, that it would mark the beginning.


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