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The Divine Vagina Stargate by Hillary Raimo

The Divine Male. How do you find him? Who is he? Is he real? How is he expressed in each dimension?

The Divine Female. How do you find her? Who is she? How is she expressed in each dimension?

Has our culture/society/religions changed the relationship between men and women? How has it changed the quality of energy conceived between them?

What major sex religion does most of this world worship? XXX. Porn.

When the consciousness of man and woman get saturated with a set of programmed behaviorism, they repeat it over and over. Replicated and reproducing from that place. At least within a conditioned enslaved mind this is true. In an imprisoned mind the stargate is closed.

In a free mind no programmed behaviorism can exist. There is no repetitive cycle to get stuck on. In this state sex is something else. The energy created from it is sacred, of higher frequency. In a free mind the stargate opens.

In a sexually spiritual world the energy serves a higher place. It surges a force through the body, the heart, and activates your human technology - your body. Which in turn, turns on the frequency to the higher station.

In a sexually dysfunctional world, the energy created serves something else. But it still surges through the body, the heart and activates your human technology. Which in turn, turns on the frequency of the lower realms. Ego, separation, control, self adsorbed narcissism, inability to orgasm, connect to your partner, and a myriad of other complex consequences, including the way those basic energetic elementals grow up within us, and around us everywhere, on all dimensions.

You are conceived with your own sexual energy before you conceive ANYTHING. A baby, a job, a city, a country, a system, even a planet. You are the EL - the obelisk - the male force behind everything you DO.

A sexually dysfunctional world can destroy the ability to love, to trust, to be illuminated, and to illuminate others. In a divine sense.

Illumination is what activates the fullest potential of the human technology that you ALREADY are without the aid of ANY man made technology. Like having an orgasm the old fashioned way between two people - without the aid of tools (excuse the pun).

What is divine? Ask ten people what that means, and you may get ten different answers. Because it has been programmed into us one way or another that divine IS THIS WAY, and ONLY THIS WAY. Which is a repetitive programmed behaviorism. "Believe this!!", "Don't question!", "This is fact!".. even if you have not experienced it.

If all you experience is dysfunction, then that is what you will believe, and that is what you will produce.

If you experience the divine sexual state, then that is what you will believe, and that is what you will produce.

Two very different worlds. Filled with every ripple effect possible. Inward to outward.

Your sexual energy is your life force.

Cut that out, or dim it down, and your life force adjusts accordingly. Not giving you enough thrust (excuse the pun - again) to open the stargate.

Meditation can work, but it is not as strong as when done with two people, or more. Like prayer.

Masturbation, self pleasure, can work too but the orgasm will lack the synergy that is created between two people. The stargate wont open. It takes two pillars to hold up a ceiling.

What do both of those things miss? Another person. Two human bodies. Two perfect opposites, two elemental forces combined. Like DNA, twining the code of life, the basic manifestation of form.

You create from the place you perceive. If you perceive fear and distrust, and lack love, that is what you will conceive. If you perceive divinity, then you will conceive divinity.

The divine male, the left brain.

The divine female, the right brain.

What happens when they met in the middle? What about that space? What is there? What begins to awaken? How does the merging of the two separated spheres activate the brain differently then we have now? How does that activate the human technology that we are naturally?

The first human cell. The fusion creates the vesica piscis.

What does this shape mirror? (Here's a hint)

A womans Vagina.

What is our collective current state of dysfunction with a the womans vagina? XXX.

The vagXXXina has been X'd out as sacred and divine. Turned into ? You decide.

If you look throughout history, the woman, and her vagina have been severely mistreated on all levels. This was not always the case. The Womans vagina used to be honored, celebrated, seen for what it is - the sacred Vulva.

As found in histories Sacred Vulva Stones.

(Images from

The Woman and her Vagina are like fallen angels. As a consequence she has lost her divinity.

How can a man illuminate her if she cannot illuminate herself, or remember who she really is?

This is changing. Men and Women are waking up to themselves, and to knowing who they really are. They are both releasing the fear, and the programmed imprisoned states of cultured mind. The state of consciousness is changing. The fear is being conquered. In its place is a new state, a place where freedom rings true because it is truth.

You cannot open the HUMAN stargate without the Divine Male and the Divine Female. In all senses of what that is, on/in all dimensions. How do you shut off the HUman stargate for the masses? You X it out of their memory, you X it in their consciousness and you repress the knowledge. You vilify the VAG-gate, and make it something it is not. You turn off the ability for the Male to see a Woman and a Vagina for what it really is.

You make Mary a holy ghost - something you think/believe you can never have here on this plane, on this Earth, in your life. Something you can never touch, hold, or manifest - and something you definitely cannot have SEX with!

When the divine male and female arrive on your doorstep will you recognize them? Will they mirror to you yourself because you have accepted your own divinity? Will the reflection be true to your inner state of being? Will you fall into other places like... doubt, fear, distrust, playing small, assumed illusions, and miss the opportunity to embrace what is you?

Like strong roots of a tree, each root must reach deep down into the Earth separate from the others. Journeying into the underworld of self, not knowing what it will find in the dark, but trusting it is what it must do. Then as it goes, the nutrients found within the Earth flow upward into the rest of the tree producing at the top the fruit of its journey. The tree will only grow upwards as far down as the roots go. The deeper the searching into the unknown, into the dark, the higher it will go upward toward the light.

Going into the Vagina is like that of a root going deep into the Earth. The deeper you go, the higher you soar. Letting what you feel free you into other realms, worlds, and states of love. Taking you to the stars naturally. Allowing communion with the Gods.

How does that sound? Better then a XXX flick?

How do you imagine your ideal Divine Male? How do you imagine your ideal divine Female?

If you cant imagine it how can you create it? How can you find it? How would you recognize it when it reveals itself?

To be continued...........


On the bones of Earth, the signs of origin

Grooved into the rock by aboriginal hands

In remembrance of ancestors, painting

The place of emergence with the sign of blood

The blood that is life, the coursing vitality

The power of the Woman who stands at the Portals

Who has within her an opening into the vastness

The origin which is everywhere at the center.

Vulvas engraved on the bones of the Earth....

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