Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Equinox Message 2012 with Hillary Raimo

And so it begins. The great balancing of light and dark, male and female, man and woman. As a woman what I have had to let in is the sacred divine male in order to birth my own divine feminine self. I have had to allow his love to penetrate me. An act of trust, courage and hope. For men it is the divine feminine who returns to penetrate him. To soften his heart, and to inspire his divinity. Together each does for the other what the other needs. This is the greatest act of trust a human can let the other in. To allow the light of the other to reach the most inner sanctum within us, illuminating the deepest truth of who we are as humans. We need our opposite energy to balance us. It will require a disarming of defense systems on both parts. It will require a great healing to take place within, where all things are born. She cannot be born without him, and he cannot be born without her. It may manifest as a physical man or woman perhaps, and it is an amazing experience to find the opposite who inspires this within you in the 3D. Can you do this on another dimension without having a physical man or woman? yes. But I highly encourage you to try it with another physical being, the 3D is where this energy needs healing the most. Our most intimate wounds will surface in the 3D to allow this healing.

This great rising of the inner sun, the divine male. The men need to be illuminated and transformed into their divine expressions so they can impregnate the women with their own illumination. A man needs a woman to help impregnate himself with his own divine vision because he needs her to SEE him as such. They need to SEE each other as the divine to birth the reality of the male and female divinity. It is not the actual person who is doing the transforming, it is the ONE divine male, and the ONE divine female working through each. So attaching to the other in 3D form can be very complicated and cause the vision to collapse. If both can hold up the vision and nurture the relationship as a divine agreement the vision between a man and a woman begins to change, and this ripples outward into the world as reality. Born of the energy between them. The cosmic child is a new world. To fully birth it both the man and the woman must face and heal together, the darkest places held between them, both for personal healing and transformation, and for the world. This is no small responsibility or task. There is much conditioning to peel away.

The Spring Equinox marks that time of balance. Equal light and dark. Equal male and female energies. Equality, balance and harmony on all dimensions.

He is the great temple of the Grand Jaguar. Here in the Yucatan, our ancestors left us his image in the form of a temple. Decorated with a wooden lintel depicting a jaguar with water lilies sprouting from its head, protecting the King. The water-lily jaguar was considered a transformer, and could also be depicted amidst flames. The meaning of the water-lily jaguar remains obscure in Mayan culture, however the jaguar itself has parallels in many esoteric teachings as the tiger the Hindu warrior goddess Durga rides upon, and the lion-headed warrior goddess of Egypt Sekhmet, and of Buddhist lion-headed goddess Senge Dongma – each also associated with fire. Fire is the great transformer. Fire is the product of the alchemy between a man and a woman. He purifies her with the elixir of life.

The jaguar of South America (like the lion and tiger) is the equivalent symbol of the fierce war against darkness and evil within the initiate. Known as the god of terrestrial fire in South America, it is symbolically related to the inner alchemical fire which transforms someone spiritually. The jaguar was considered the night sun – the form the sun takes in its journey through the underworld. At the time of the spring equinox the sun rises from out of the underworld to defeat the darkness (often symbolized by the moon, which this temple symbolically overshadows at this time). The rising of the sun was very much associated with resurrection to the Mayans, and again resurrection is symbolized at this site at the spring equinox as in many other ancient esoteric sites around the world. At Tikal was also found a plate illustrating the resurrection of the Mayan maize god of resurrection.

The complex at Tikal includes many other solar and stellar alignments, including to the solstices and to the constellation Pleiades.

He brings her back to her origin. He brings her back to herself. In claiming his own divinity he empowers her to see her own.

As the sun sets on the equinox, his shadow and his life force, rises up her divine form as the temple of the Moon, which represents her body, the seven chakras. Here she must face the shadow aspects of how she sees him, and also herself. He has been illuminated by the sun, and he holds the alchemical fire within his inner sanctum, and this force holds him steady as he faces the shadow of the divine feminine in the form of the dark sister goddess at the three levels of form. Climbing up the different levels of that manifestation he continues to accept her in her royal divine reality. He continues to see her divinity through her shadow expression. This is what helps her heal.

Here at Tikal the Temple of the Moon, which has three terraces and was decorated with a wooden lintel showing the image of a royal woman. It is the royal woman within, the divine feminine that lives within this most sacred place. Every equinox we are shown how to heal the great energies of male and female. We are given the keys to balancing ourselves, each other and our planet.

Why were these events so important in all ancient cultures? Why did they go to such lengths to mark these events? What was the intention of our ancestors? What is the message? There is something there meant to be birthed now. An understanding to ourselves in the future. A moment preserved in time. Why?

We are here now to illuminate the sacred symbols living within our consciousness in the deepest parts of who we are, and we need each other to do it. Hidden we have been for a long time in darkness, ready now to come to the light. To be understood on all levels, multidimensionally. It is our role to heal what needs to be healed now, and on all dimensions, together.

The understanding of this ancient knowledge has not been lost. It has simply been asleep. Our modern understanding of the world has enabled us to share like never before. To reach others in ways unknown to us in the past. Instant connectivity and communication has given us a chance to use this technology as a means to evolving. We have a choice, to hold up truth and see darkness, and do something about it and heal from the lessons it brings, or we can get lost in it forever within a cousin of fear. Missing the point.

We are traveling in a tunnel of light within the great Universe in which we are a part of. Our light illuminates this tunnel very strongly at certain times of the year where we have a chance to imbue that light with a balanced love. To do that we must be sincere and authentic. To do that we must create together a field of electromagnetic force greater then hate. Greater then our wounds. If we project nothing but fear we add fear to that tunnel of light as we travel upward with everything else. What happens when we turn the bend in the tunnel? Until then we practice our love and expressing our divinity for each other, with each other and because of each other.

The door opens when we accept this great balance. The portal to our own divinity has no key because it is not locked. It is only perceived that way because of our own limitations, fears and woundage.

I let you in because you have trusted me, and I have trusted you. I let you in because I have prayed for you. I let you in because I am ready. You are able to reach the inner most sacred sanctum within me because I have accepted your vision as well as my own vision, of our divinity. I have experienced your vision as truth. In return I see you as divine. We see what we believe, and we experience what we believe as truth.

Together we create a sacred space for a new light, a new energy, a new beginning to be born.

When we stand on the edge of a new era, we are led from the darkness of all we believe to be true, into a new light. Infused with the essence of our own divinity we bridge all worlds, and all fields. Balance between light and dark, male and female, births the new world as we see it.

What do you see? How will you hold up the divinity within you? How will you let others share that vision with you?


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