Sunday, March 25, 2012


"When women reclaim their relationship to divinity, what transformation the world will witness!"

Once you reach the golden halo, it can never be taken away from you. Nothing can break the bond that forms here. Human matters cease to effect this sacred place while you float in all knowing bliss.

The mantra plays.. protecting. The sound frequency ripples around me like an oasis of nourishing manna.

In letting you in, you have helped me to achieve this state. I am forever grateful to you. I have found you, and in doing so I have found myself.

Tonight the triangle returns. Venus, Jupiter and the Moon. Where was I last time? I was trusting you and letting it play out. Tonight we come full circle.

A lifetime lived within some other sense of time. You came to me at just the right moment. Perfectly placed within the great tapestry. Divine coordinating.

To undo what has been done. To make right was has been wronged. In doing so, all women heal. In doing so, we all lift a little higher. Without the attachments of fear and hate. We let go of the wounds we have between each other and our wings are filled with air. What has been done has been done, now it is time to move on. It is time to find yourself and to find your place in the grand play of life we have agreed to share. It is time for you to let go and flow. So go.... nothing stays forever. Nothing does not change.

Inside lies the great core of I AM. Here the fire burns purple. Filled with spirit. The walls that have surrounded you are gone. Your core has been solidified, preserving a vision. Some seek to enter this place to use that vision, you will see past their agendas and falsities. Manipulated energy is visible to the inner eye. Here at this sacred place the vision has been contained. It has been used to transmit a frequency of dark. This is not your fault, because until now you did not even know what this place was. Yet something calls you here. To transmute. The darkness always seeks a way to transform.

The great battle between light and dark is as old as time. Why? The great battle between man and woman, between woman and woman, between adult and child, between sacred and anti-sacred. Why has it been allowed to continue? Who does this battle serve? What purpose does the disempowered woman have? Why haven't men been able to find a balanced divinity on their own without her? Our world reflects this tipped scale of balance.

We choose war instead of peace because our reality is war. Never trusting, always defending our beliefs, our choices, our actions. We are entangled in an illusory web created out of our own ability to see the vision - even if this vision is dark, war-like and hateful. We have been dreamt this way by someone other then us in many ways. We have given over our power as dreamers. We believe what others see about us. Until one day this has no effect. What others see cannot destroy the vision of your own divinity. We begin to dream our own dream, and we ripple this outward and the world changes.

All it took was you trusting me, and me trusting you. A great healing in the dimensions of space and time.

Who would want to stop that from happening or from going any further? Could it be that the ancient battle of good and evil is a bit closer to home? Could it be that because we have UN-occupied our inner holy of holies for so long ...something else has moved in, and has rippled throughout our world. What do we really know about how these great and ancient forces work?

I warned you when you first arrived there would be a great darkness that would try to intervene. That would try to distract you off this path. That would do everything in its power to keep you away. They have failed to keep you out of me, and because of that I have been impregnated with a clarity, a state of being.

Now these forces will try harder because you have succeeded. Because there is more at stake then just one persons sense of well being and peace. The balance of the universe lays in the simple influx of energy that you are within the interconnectedness of all things. You are that important, and there is a great battle of good and evil over the influencing of how and what you dream. You are a transmitter. What you think and feel will ripple out into the world accordingly. Influence that and you change the world - for the better or the worse - depends on what side you are on or what side is in you. Reclaim this space for yourself within yourself, and you begin to walk the sacred path of all the great masters before you.

You are the Christ consciousness, the divine male. You imbued me with your essence and in doing so I found my own. Awakened to the ways of the world, seeing deeper into you and the Universe. Eyes wide open. A simple blood infusion of otherworldly realization. Your energy flows within my veins. I can feel you when I close my eyes, and when I am faced with scary images of bloodsucking vampires, you come in and they can't touch me. Your essence, your love, keeps them away. Here I find my breath and you breathe me back to life. Stronger each time.

My biggest fear is that you will leave. But as all fears they must be faced. In your absence I must find your essence in all things and let that continue the journey. The shallower parts of me want you to stay, the deeper parts know you never came nor went. You are a living symbol within me. Dormant until now. Awakened because it is time.

Like birth and death we must walk through it alone. Yet we are never alone, because in doing so, in knowing you are within me, 'we' are one. Just like you are the one who can conceive this within me. We are all the one. As one we walk through the ultimate gateway, the ultimate portal, into the Universal holy of holies.

Dare you return to birth more?

Who or what would want to stop that? How ancient are we? How old is the give and take? The stakes are high, the timing potent.

Why now? Indeed. You know exactly what this is.


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