Sunday, March 18, 2012

Healing The Dark Female Energies

Much of my writing lately has been focusing on the great healing of male and female energies. Of finding the divine within oneself, and also within others.

A common side effect of this work is to find the shadow and to feel your way through some very ancient old and very powerful dark energies. I would like to address this here because I feel it is important to understand.

When we experience darkness we are experiencing our own fear in many ways. When we perceive others as 'dark', we are projecting often our own unhealed shadow self. If you have navigated through your own shadow you know all to well what awaits you there, and if you have made it through to the other side, you are wiser and stronger because of it. You will also see the darkness more clearly because you have tended to your own.

You have a choice when you are faced with fear, because darkness really is nothing more then fear, you can walk straight into it until it is healed, or you can run away and bury your head in the sand. Rest assured it will be waiting for you again when you pull your head out, perhaps in a different form or in another situation, but there it waits, grinning knowing it has you in its grip because you fail to want to see it for what it really is.

When someone is dealing or struggling with their own shadow it is important to support and love them but not to engage in a way that spreads it. Fear loves fear, and it loves to spread itself. Much like love! All emotions tend to invoke the same in other people. This is how frequency works, and everything is a frequency.

One of the greatest wounds coming to the surface now as we move through 2012, and all its amazing energies, is the dark side of the divine feminine. Women everywhere are being asked to face their own destructive qualities against themselves, other women, and also towards men. The dark female energies are rooted in very strong and powerful places and she will not give up who she is for anything....anything that is except love.

But she will have to trust, and in gaining the dark females love you must disarm yourself completely when near her. Just like when you are charged by an angry bear you must stay still, keep your head down and not move. You cannot outrun the bear, nor can you outrun the dark female. You must know that in order to find healing on all levels you must make peace with her. All women hold her inside them somewhere. All women must face her before they can birth their own divinity. She will be brutal, harsh, and she will want to kill everything good about you. She will hate your beauty, your success, your love.... and she will seek to sabotage it all until you are nothing more then a heap of powerless muck unable to do anything in the world that will threaten her control and superiority.

If you have ever been in a group of women where the strings of this dark energy were plucked and pulled you witnessed the power to disconnect, separate, hate, and destroy until the circle most likely broke down. This is the power of the dark female energy. She creates jealousy, envy, discontent, paranoia, gossip like tentacles that pull everyone onto sides pitting each woman against each other as if in war. The dark female is at war with the divine female. The dark female will look for the hate vs the love. She will play nice while stewing under the surface about how unfair life is, and how no one loves her or sees her for who she really is and how much she truly hates herself and other women.

A dark female manifested as the primary personality will not allow closeness from neither man nor woman. She will insist everyone hurts her, and she will shut herself down so she will not be hurt further. She convinces herself she needs the dark female to keep her safe, and this is the great lie.

To heal her we must SEE her. She needs to be seen and heard to be healed. We must witness it without taking her energy on as who we are. If she continues to try and kill us, we disengage and withdraw. Still loving her from afar. Love is the only emotion that will penetrate her wounds to the core to heal them once and for all.

The dark female energies are much like the ego, they are in fact distant cousins of the same family. Your family. They belong to you, they live within you. They will need to be integrated and understood, so you can see them when they surface for what they are. This is how they do not take you again and again.

Women need to heal. They need to heal and support each other through the healing process without projecting the dark mother image on the other who assists them. It is a sacred and ancient dance. The world as it is now depends on the dark female energies being present. It encourages them to live and thrive. If you want the new world to be born then you will have to face this ancient force within you and you will have to make peace with it. You will not do that by ignoring it, insisting it does not live within you - only others. You must walk straight up to her and see why she is screaming. What has made her so wounded that she seeks only to destroy and kill the light within you and within others.

When mine surfaces I light a candle for her. I stop what I am doing and I talk to her in spirit. I tell her I see her and I hear her. That I understand her pain, and I honor her for the lessons it has brought me and still brings. I tell her she is loved for who she is. I have walked through my shadow, and I spent many years doing it. This is how I can see her when she comes, and this is how I know how to love her so she disarms. She is an entity. She is very much attached to you. But the trick is it is not about de-possessing her, it is about unconditionally loving her. This is the great healing of the divine feminine. In order to find the divine you must travel through your own underworld.



Lorraine Roe said...

yes, yes, and yes!!!

Itsabeautifallife said...

I love you Hillary you are so bang on... :) I am sending this to all the women i love.

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