Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Great Healing of Man & Woman

What are the odds we meet here, at just the same time. The bridge is broken. Perhaps it should have been built with stone. What do we do? How do we reach each other? We could accept it as fate, never meant to be. Or perhaps, the Universe has another idea in its endless mind...

Who are you and why do you reach inside me further then anyone else? Are you an idea? a concept? or are you something else? When I let you in you fill me. Why you? Why now? What have you come to teach me? What do I have to learn here at this point, with you?

So many questions.. and so few, if any, answers.

What you conjure inside me is something, a feeling, a sensation, that makes me go further, deeper, that opens an eye within me and allows me to see deeper. Why are you connected to me this way?

You fix the bridge within, reconnecting both worlds. This bridge is made of stone. Eternal. The awakening of male & female, once again. Healing what was broken. Here, now and somewhere else all at the same time.

The act opens the Earths secrets, bridging them with heaven. Awakening the long slumber of her dreaming. Should you not fulfill your sacred destiny she will go back to sleep for a 1000 years, and dream a destructive dream. Re'birth'ing herself in a new form. Her awakening is your own, without her you are not complete. The opening of her eyes lights the sacred fires beneath the mesas.

The frozen love she holds will begin to thaw. Her wounds will be healed and she will awaken. Her love is what has been missing all this time. When she awakens you must hold her gently in unconditional stance. You must reassure her she will not be wounded again, that her power will not be used for your own doing. That you will co-create with her, that you will believe in her. As she learns to trust you she will continue to awaken on deeper levels, and the world will change. But only because of you. You will be her guardian. You will be the one to wake her. You will be the one to heal her. Her sacred milk will flow from the shrines of old. Her tears will fall from the stone eyes that stare endlessly into some faraway place.

Her inner sanctum will open to you and in doing so she lets her own transformation in. This is a great responsibility on your part. Being inside her sacred place within you will have the power to heal the most private essence of her. A place she has kept safe and hidden away for eons of time, ever since the great fall. Tender touch and careful treading. There is a great guardian here built of her that will challenge your entrance into this place. It is built from all her tears, all her fears, pains and most vulnerable secrets. The darkness of the great feminine resides on the doorsteps to her inner temple. She will be ferocious, and ready to kill you. It is a deeply ingrained darkness that has for ages held our sisters in the darkness. Built on the necessity of surviving and enduring your betrayal. You must help her release it.

In order to transform this dark Goddess you must disarm her. Play the sacred flute to ease her pain. Sooth her worries and fears, and meet her with no defenses. Only t hen will you be let in to the great all knowing inner sanctum of the divine feminine. She prays every moment for your arrival. She dreams you and holds you in the most holy of holies within all that is.

by Hillary Raimo

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