Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Golden Halo & The Sacred Spiral

Now I finally understand mantra because I have felt what it does. It creates a force field of energy around you. An electromagnetic field. In the space between the end of the field and your mind is another space. A clarity. Here within the force field of energy created by the mantra you can dream. You can feel the symbols and draw them with the movement of your body.

Here I dream the first symbol. Here I feel it. In the sacred space created by the mantra. The sacred sound of protection and clarity. I start with dreaming the spiral.

I sway my body as if it were the spiral. The energy moves up my spine without effort. It gets to the top of my head, my crown chakra. I am still moving like a spiral. A strange feeling emerges. Here the golden halo forms, spinning. Then I see the galaxy swirling around my head. Filled with endless worlds. My mind merges with the center of the galaxy, and I see.

The mantra keeps playing. Keeping me in the space. So I can continue to dream. I am safe here in my inner sanctum surrounded by sacred frequency. No other frequency comes in except the divine. The galaxy swirls around my head. I quiet even deeper and I feel the coursing of pure consciousness through my body, up from the depths of the Earth, out to the far reaches of the universe. The portal opens and I am now aware.

The mantra keeps playing. Carried out into the entire Universe. Rippling through space and time. I see it from the center of all I am. I see all of you. Why do you suppose there are so many stars in the Universe? could it be you are one of them? That each star holds a single consciousness?

Within the cocoon of the mantra, the sacred frequency, Within the space of center, I can feel something on the horizon. Something beautiful is forming.

and I couldn't have seen it without you.

by Hillary Raimo


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