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Crystal Pyramids, UnEarthed Origins and The EVE-olution of Consciousness

As we re-connect our heads to our body wisdom, an entirely new perspective is born. We SEE deeper. The unearthed symbols reveal themselves and where they lie within us. This ancient knowledge buried for eons is resurrected.

The veil lifts and we reconnect the dots of our origins. Who we are, and where we come from. It sheds light on the truth that lives beyond all we have been taught is real.

We have to trust our own vision and ability to reveal the connections between events, our own life, and how they play into the larger meaning of. Synchronicity is the syncing of you and your higher self with the voice of God and Creation. Opening yourself to listening and being open to not knowing everything or having all the answers is a requirement. Opening to the fact that you are a witness and a creator at the same time, and what you do and how you feel is all relevant to the great and fantastic design. You do not have to figure anything out, it will lay itself out for you once you give up the drivers seat and sit back and let it happen. Let go and TRUST.

Do not seek answers from anyone other then your own connection to source, and if that connection is rusty then polish it now. Fix the connection if it is weak or broken.

The divine feminine must let in the divine male energies. Here is where she will heal the dark feminine wounds. Your weaknesses are filled with challenge by way of manifesting life experiences so you can heal them. You will defend these weaknesses to the death, but that is not how you heal them - it is how you empower them. You heal them by looking at them...clearly. You heal them by being honest with yourself about how you act in the world, and in relations. All relations.

The ancients knew the sacred connections to all that is. We have birthed a world far away from them, yet they still live here in essence by way of what they left us in stone all around the world. A token of their consciousness. We did not evolve from monkeys, although monkey genes may have played a part. We did not just mysteriously appear although some of us may not have been here before. There are other humans in the universe, some are more evolved then us. How do you know? Because you must reconnect your knowing. You will not find the whole truth in any one place but you can piece it together by looking in many different places which requires an ability to step out of your ego and mind long enough to see it. The rest will be validated by the higher powers that be, and then you will KNOW.

These are the times we live in now. It will take time to adjust, to transition into the new way of understanding and many will fight your new way of viewing yourself and the world because many will defend the old way. That to will pass. The more we stay strong and hold vigil for the new sight forming on the horizon - the stronger it will become. It is within us that the revolution will begin. It will spread by way of consciousness. As it always has.

What opens your consciousness? Words may, symbols do, experiences certainly, connecting world views and exposing yourself to them, stepping outside of your defined roles and laying them down long enough to remember who you really are - yes. Resonating with kindred spirits to ignite a higher form of consciousness - yes. Weeding out those dark and angry aspects of self that form in ways of others who attack and seek to destroy you, yes. This is part of the great healing. You will be surrounded in the end by a beautiful circle of higher understanding that manifests in the form of a golden halo. Here you will know yourself in all that you are, and you will be surrounded by others who do as well, who will work with you in conscious efforts to bring an infusion of powerful consciousness into this world. You can only do it together. Although you must reach the understanding alone, you will be assisted by others along the way, then once you reach it you will form a circle of people who will be able to hold this great vibration to change the world. Nothing will stop you except your own inability to hold the vibration and to trust yourself.


Easter island - symbols revealed

Heads connected to bodies - the rebirth of the bodies wisdom

Symbols ignited by the light of the SUN

Re-membering and remembering - restructure of consciousness - rebirthing humans aware

The Christ consciousness, letting the Male in - his love, creating the sacred space for rebirth of higher intent

Trusting the vision laid out before you - letting go of the linear 'prove it' syndrome, upgrading to a different program within the human mind

Letting go of what is yours and what is mine, and working together

Trusting what you are called to and seeking the why - why are you here? Who are you? Why am I seeing this? Why am I experiencing this now?

How else do you validate the worlds around us that are unseen and very real?

You cannot put them under a microscope or explain them away with academic credentials only. They are surrounding all, not just a select few. The reality of the evolution of consciousness belongs to everyone and cannot be explained well in words anyway. It must be experienced.

Healing the divine feminine

Facing the dark mother wounds

Letting the divine male in

Birthing the new together

You are a transmitter. Ancient and sacred. The core of the inner fire is where you will fashion the philosophers stone born of the alchemy within created by you and The One.

Some places hold secrets. Just like within your body. Some places will awaken within you to change the chemistry, to activate the human technology that you are. All in good time, some faster then others.

These places on the Earth, and also within have been targets for those who wish to hold the power for themselves, or to keep you from discovering and birthing it within you. Their reign is over.

The light filtering into this dimension and through all dimensions is revealing the manipulation because you are ready to see and understand the why. You are ready to reclaim your own divinity.

What has called to you your whole life that only you know? What has intrigued you all along that stems from you? Where has your fascination been lying all these years? What have you focused on?

You have birthed all of your dreams and all of your nightmares up until now. Everything you have wanted has come true. You may be aware of that on different levels, and pain is manifested to teach us. All life experience manifests to teach us. There is no good or bad. Only experience. What we label it is our own doing, and how we heal from it is our own choice. You are responsible for your own experience from here on out, you are not a victim. From here forward you will hold yourself accountable for your own experience and manifestations. You are not responsible for how others do this, their journey is not yours, yet you can walk the same path at times. It is time to love and support without attaching or seeing with judgement - that is the old world, that is the world that has led us to separation and an unbalanced patriarchal wounded mother planet.

Women are being challenged to awaken the female divinity within them. This will mean facing an ancient and very powerful dark sister force within them. This dark feminine energy has had a place in this manifested world, and she is fueled with deep anger at being neglected, unheard and unseen by herself and by others. She is ready to shred you to pieces and judge you for everything she deems hurtful and weak within you. She is the five headed dragon guarding the door to Shambhala.

This place is real. It lives somewhere within us as well as outside of us because it is all the same.

Deep within our oceans, inner and outer, lies a hidden world. Hidden for its own safety, and waiting for its resurrection. To come from the great depths to the surface of our consciousness to awaken the great knowledge we all hold.

Unveiling. Remembering and Re-membering all institutions, all human structures and histories since, revealing the truth of human history and our far and ancient beginnings here on this planet, it will be the ultimate betrayal to the well worn structures we cling to on all levels here. Those in power now know this, and will do anything to stop the unveiling. The entity that has been born of the control and manipulation of our truth belonging to all, will hunt you down with the intention of killing your light, it is very real. Yet the light of your truth, your awareness of who you are, and where you are from will shine brighter and nothing can harm you in that space created from merging with creation. A secret well hidden for a very long time. The dark gives us duality which we can better see the light against. Yet we do not have to act within it and we can integrate it into our hearts to transform it. Here it works to help us better see ourselves and others. You cannot run from your own shadow because it is part of you. The strength of the darkness depends on how you have healed your own.

Depending on where you are right now, will determine your perspective and your focus. I focused on the above picture before writing this post today. This is what came yesterday.

"This shows the progression of consciousness. The evolution of the physical dimension to the realm of the gods, all the different religions bring that energy to the land of the gods. Here souls can wait, stay or keep going. I see how the energy goes up & outward or down to different dimensions - depending on your viewpoint and how you see the picture. The angel shows the way in an embrace, embracing the realm of God - in whatever form that means to you - you will go there and you will see it. If you have embraced higher consciousness you can avoid the traps at each place - keeping you stuck there; see how the physical is clear and solid, then as you move deeper into the picture it detaches into the fog, then the world of archetypes or Gods. Here they have a higher consciousness a more powerful one made up of the believers in the physical realms. They can project and do it all - they appear as Gods, you either integrate into one or you are able to single yourself out of the great city of God - heaven - and continue up into the two top mesas, here there is a portal to another place...two towers - look carefully inbetween them on the picture. There is a city there, here there is another species of very powerful and very ancient sentient beings of a high degree. Here you have no attachment, no worry of being stuck, from here you move up - should you wish too - all by choice. This is how you leave the Earth plane. When you die, you die in a state of consciousness. Where you are determines your experience in the other realms. This is how you move on beyond the Earth plane, this is how you move out of the Earth reincarnation cycle. Once past the city of the hidden ones, you merge with pure creation. The essence that lives beyond all manifestations.

In the land of the Gods, as real humans with higher consciousness, above them is CREATION. When you evolve past these gods you join with creation itself. THIS is the point of evolution of consciousness and all worlds are created this way. The blueprint of all of this was written within us to be activated at the right time. Now is the time. The crystal pyramids of this age of creation were stored until the right moment to impregnate the consciousness of those who thought on it. To help birth a new world - literally on all dimensions."

I noticed the wording in the corner of the picture again after I wrote the above. It said AION, so I goggled AION.... the first link said "Ascension/AION - The official North American site for the game"

Ascension. This is how to play the game

The above was transmitted through a conscious connection in a vision like state of meditation.

The AION picture was put up on my Facebook page to reflect the other dimension of Ship Rock. The photo of Ship Rock looks like the other world in the top of the AION picture if you take both photos and put them on top of each other you will see how that world TRANSMITS into this world.

Ship rock is sacred to the Native Americans said to be the first place of emergence, and the great transmitter.

Look again at both pictures. Ship Rock and AION.

After again goggling the word AION I found it is actually a video game called "The Tower of Eternity"

Tower of Babel

Reaching the land of the gods and beyond

After this I posted a picture of the crystal pyramids said to have been found in the Bermuda Triangle (whether or not that is real is undetermined) but the fact that the THOUGHT of this discovery opened up what you have just read is the point. If we allow inspiration to work through us, something is found that ignites consciousness. That is why you are exposed to very specific states of frequency in this world because you stay caught in a way to fuel what has been created by those who hold the power and esoteric knowledge.

Are the crystal pyramids real? Perhaps that is another reason and agenda why the Navy and world Governments have developed HAARP and the ability to search so deeply below the oceans and into the Earth. Are they looking for an ancient race - perhaps our original ancestors who held a kind of technology so advanced they will stop at nothing to retrieve it? - even if it means going to war, making up excuses to invade specific countries, to create and use technology that is dangerous to all living creatures here and now? The same technology that has the ability to free all of us and create a different world. The same technology that can heal every known disease to the human race. That can free all of us from the debt cycle. There is much to keep in tact from their perspective. Changing that perspective is a dangerous game.

So it is with consciousness. How we choose to use it determines the world we live in. How we choose to see determines how we experience life here and beyond.


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