Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Come Here & Dwell

Your center, the inner sanctum of who you are. The holy of holies of you. Do you spend much time here?

The sacred pattern of you resides here. As you breathe you extend all of who you are at any given moment outward into all you experience.

Do you occupy your inner sanctum? If you do not, who does?

Everything is an extension of YOU. Everything you love and everything you hate.

Are your extended luminous fibers clear? or are they sticky and clumped? How can you fly with sticky wings?



God in whatever form you choose.

Make love to everything from this place.



Here inside the inner circle of YOU lives only the present moment. You can see the past and the future, but you do not stay there because you know they are not real.

Do you let anyone in? or do you choose to stay guarded by your wounds? Do you attract or do you attack? Do you dwell on issues long gone and harbor feelings of self inflicted pain? or are you free of what chains you down to an imagined ground?


How many times have you been opened? How many times have you chosen to close?

From this place of center your vision clears. Here there is no veil.