Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lake Vostok: The Ultimate V

Today scientists in Russia announced they had finally breached the underwater lake Vostok buried 2.2 miles under solid glacial ice. This water is said to be between 15 and 34 million years old. Scientists say they are hoping to find evidence of life stuck in time and related directly to times before the ice age. (Here is the article link

In essence, the drill has created a hole, the male has reached into the great dreaming womb. There she dreams silently waiting, literally, to be awoken and fertilized with new life. Which she will be now that she will be exposed to the NOW.

What lies in our ancient past? The remembering is happening. On all dimensions a chain reaction begins. Time is now over lapping itself and finding the singularity.

Water holds an essence that responds to its environment. What will the combination of 15-34 million years ago, genetically paired with what is today, birth? Water is the Earths Blood. It is in the blood where the lifeforce lives.

That moment in time has been reopened. All the memories that live within that water will now be released into the collective unconsciousness around each and every one of us. The light brought to this deep dark place will reveal our deepest most intimate vulnerabilities.

The men have penetrated the womans most secret place. What will come out of her now? Will she release the trauma and pain of 15 - 34 million years? Is all of humanity receiving a gigantic healing? Perhaps this is the consequence of Madonna's super bowl half time show ;) (see my last post.)

It is time for everyone to release the last 15-34 million years of karma. Let it go.

In doing so you create just enough heat to let that drill in. So it can conceive new life. Merging the past with the now. By becoming one with all time.

Close your eyes and imagine going down that ice shaft into those deep dark cold waters. When I do, I see nothing but stars. Pinpoints of light dancing around me. Thrilled at my arrival. I see the faces of my ancestors, smiling and singing.

It is the ultimate entrance to the other, or under, world.

Perhaps it is just a coincidence I wrote my last piece and posted it just this morning, about the events of the holy trinity and the cosmic child....perhaps the symbolism in this event today.... the long shaft of the men penetrating the deep long buried underground lake of mother earth hoping to find 'new life' is mere chance?

You decide.

While deciding, practice being the shaft and drilling through the ice of the female defense system, the healing resistance known as wounded woman. Then finally penetrating it....and the experience of what that feels like. What does she feel like without her defenses? How long has it been since you held her there?

Or perhaps practice being the lake, closed off, with the intention of protecting oneself. When suddenly you let it through and feel the feeling of being touched for the first time in 15-34 million years. How long has it been ladies since your soul was touched like this by a man? How long has it been since you let him do it?

For those of you familiar with Dr. Masaru Emoto's work. Watching the healing of water crystals when in use with certain healing words, intentions and know all to well that the crystalline structure of the water changes with all of the above. What if our ancestors left us the original frequency in a place like this? In the water........knowing it would be released at just the right time... 2012. This picture responded to the word "HOPE". We are in the year of the water dragon.

They will find something in this water. I can promise you that. Hopefully you will hear about it on the news or read about it in an article somewhere. But one thing is a fact, you will feel it because you are so much more than what you know yourself to be.


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