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The Holy Trinity and The Cosmic Child

What does it mean to really merge with the great male and female energies? Have we completely misinterpreted the meaning of the Trinity?

She lets him in. Because he sees her for who she is, and in return she sees HIM for who HE is. In doing so she opens and blossoms out into the world for what she is, and she imbues HIM with inspiration. She is the great seer and dreamer....the womb carrier. Her balanced energy holds the essence of change. Lifting her above the currents of energy here now, she breaches a new dimensional space. He finds his destiny and upholds the dream she has birthed.

Her dreams create our collective reality. This directly reflects her RELATION with the male energies. If the male energies are seen as dysfunctional, she will dream a dysfunctional patriarchy. Her vision must be healed on all dimensions. Accepting "His Love", as often recited in religious terms, heals her RELATION with the male energy. This happens in the 3D relation with the male, and also on all other dimensional fields.

The return of the great feminine must be birthed by women. They cannot conceive without accepting the male energies - on all dimensions. What is stopping that from happening is the RELATIONS between the male and the female - on this dimension right NOW - and there chronic dysfunction!

Women must heal their relationship with men. Men must heal their relationship with women.

All it takes is ONE man and ONE woman. This will cause a chain reaction across the collective consciousness.

This cannot be done without healing. You cannot claim to love a man when deep inside you, you have given up on LOVE. Men cannot claim to truly KNOW the female until he walks his talk with all women, not just a select few.

Look at the MAJORITY of male and female relationships - and I am NOT talking about sexual relations - I am speaking of our feelings and truths regarding the opposite sex.

We conceive and birth based on what we believe deep down. If your heart is broken, you must heal it. Otherwise you birth the opposite of love in your relations with the opposite sex. This feeds the collective cosmic child. Dysfunction conceives accordingly.

The female is a holy ghost in religious terms because she must conceive etherically from the man in order to create the cosmic child. HE MUST SEE HER FOR WHAT SHE IS - a conduit of all dimensions. This activates her, if she knows who she is - KNOW THYSELF! If she knows herself she will be receptive to his impregnation. He must trust her vision, her abilities to SEE. She is the Goddess incarnate. If she does not believe that no matter of efforts will impregnate her. The cosmic child will not be born.

A powerful woman can initiate other women, but first she must connect to the pure unwounded side of them, and inspire them to explore who they are. She must be free to express herself on all levels, and with all facets. She must be accepted for who she is - within. Unafraid to show herself to others, and have the ability to be whole - both light and dark. She cannot reject any aspect of herself. This is the great healing of women. A man must love her through it all, and not reject her when she shows herself. If he rejects her, she will bury that power deep down.

The virtunain woman straddles time and space so she can conceive the male energies to birth a new energy. If the male energies are impotent, she will not get pregnant with a new dream.

Men and women today have a very destructive and painful relation. It is evident in our culture everywhere on this planet. If you hurt one, you hurt all. You cannot pick and choose which women you want to honor and which you want to hate. This separates your energy and makes you unable to perform.

The Garden of Eden was a time when man and woman practiced the art of true love. Honoring each other fully and birthing the cosmic child. Then they say an apple and a snake came in and caused the original sin. I got mad at the other and closed themselves off to each other, and so the garden withered away. No more divine essence to feed it.

You find the divine through synchronistic signs. You know yourself by healing. Then when HE comes, he will see you for who you are, and you will believe it. This will activate your womb and begin the art of conceiving the cosmic child.

MAN must remember who the WOMAN is. He must lay down his hate, and open his heart. He must heal and know himself so he will believe her when she sees him for what he is.

A woman is not meant to seduce a man, she is meant to inspire him. A man is not meant to control a woman, he is meant to free her.

Is the great healing of the male and female what the darkness tries to prevent? In our misinformation of the realities of worlds within worlds, do we SEE the answers right in front of us, yet refuse to see them because we have been told something different about the symbolism? Who does it benefit to distract this great trinity?

In the recent superbowl half time show with Madonna, headlines are all over screaming satanism, the nwo, etc etc. Have we paused to see the symbolism for what it really is? Have we done our homework to know the REAL meaning of these symbols? Or have we cut corners and only listened to a few opinions? Madonna was playing the role of the Goddess. Today people are in love with competition, TV. All eyes were on is what she said prior to the show.

A week before the Superbowl, Madonna described on Anderson Cooper the spiritual importance she attributed to her halftime show:

“The Superbowl is kind of like the Holy of Holies in America. I’ll come at halfway of the “church experience” and I’m gonna have to deliver a sermon. It’ll have to be very impactful.”

I watched it for the first time yesterday. What I saw was a deliberate coordination of energies meant to initiate. I noticed the cube she stood on, and how it reminded me of the 911 memorial. I asked a friend of mine what he thought of it. Here is how the conversation went:

He said: "It's all about the cube/ kaba. The cube is the earth. The compass and the square. "

I said: "Why?"

He said: "The cube above is made with a square. The eye with a compass. It's the symbol of heaven and earth. She is straddling space time."

I said: "why?"

He said: "Because that's what a god- man can do. Jesus... The Son of Man
Jesus....The Son of God. The circle squared. She's the Vitruvian Woman."

I said: "and that matters why? Is she activating all the women? All the wombs? Preparing them for conception?"

He said: "It's only in that state that we can birth the divine child and she did do it."

I said: "And if all women were impregnated with the divine child?"

He answers: "Peace on Earth."

When I contemplated the above conversation, I saw something divine taking place in our conversation as we bounced off each other in an alchemical state... Could it be that one must enter the holy of holies in order to infuse an energy to heal? Was that Madonna's intention? How do you wake up a global population? Do you know the true purpose of the ancient temples holy of holies? (If you do not - it will serve you well to research it.)

Do you know YOUR own holy of holies? How do you enter it? How do you let another person enter it? Do you know how to enter another persons if they allow you too?

You cannot enter the holy of holies without permission. Madonna had permission...from whom is debatable. She entered the collective holy of holies. You are part of the collective.

The result? most have chosen to focus on MIA sticking her middle finger up at Madonna during the show, others have chosen to focus on her lack of lip-synching abilities, and among a myriad of other perspectives, there are those saying the symbolism is of Satan, the NWO and have completely rejected what was there. What was there if you could SEE it was the merging of male and female to open and create a stargate and to conceive a cosmic child. In the end that conception led to world peace.

Who does it benefit to keep this from happening?

Now I am not naive to the agendas at large. But perhaps we have missed the point. Waking up does not only involve seeing elite agendas, the military industrial complexes, politics, health scams, ETs, UFOs, reptilians etc also includes healing the male and female energies. Does Alex Jones talk about that? Does the natural news health ranger? Information is information. It will process THROUGH wherever you are at in any given moment. If you have not healed, it will reflect that in your processing. It will reflect that in your ability to SEE TRUTH.

If you healed the male and female for every man and woman on this planet, if all male and female relationships were holy and divine, and able to co-create together..... then there would be peace. Because there would be peace within, and without. It would ripple through the dimensional realities we are all a part of. That would include all life forms within those dimensions. Because we are all connected.

Frequency. It has the power to effect and change. YOUR frequency included. We hear about changing it, read about it...but have you ever seen your own frequency? What are you broadcasting on it?

Who, or what, does it benefit to have you broadcasting hate, judgement, and the inability to heal? Whose truth are you broadcasting?

If that halftime show offers the collective the vision of healing, who would try and stop that? If what she did was walk into the collective holy of holies, and offer a healing....would the forces that be who dont want that to happen try and stop it? Perhaps it is the ultimate LOVE conspiracy...

Whatever you believe, try taking another look at it. Watch it from the perspective of healing the male and female. See if you can see something else there. Change your vision.

After I was done musing this I turned the TV on. It just happened to be the X Files. I was a fan back in the day. So I left it on. It was a scene of Moulder holding a book and the title caught my eye. It read. "The Four Horsemen of the Global Domination Conspiracy by Dr. Alfed Kurztweil & "The Coming Apocalypse" same author. For some reason I wrote those titles down. Wondering why there was so much camera time on them.

This morning when I sat down to write this article, I looked up and on the shelf above my desk was the book "Singularity is Near" by Ray Kurzweil


Perhaps just a coincidence? You decide.


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