Sunday, January 29, 2012

The great four letter word- LOVE

This word Love, this simple four letter word, has the power to change everything. Better yet the MEANING we put behind it does. Separately the letters mean very little, yet together, as one, they mean everything.

Some fight it, resist it and fear it beyond measure. Many have been taught that it hurts and is painful, and yes in some ways it is. When we find that special someone we LOVE we feel a very real tangible essence to our interaction and resonation with them. So we DEFINE love as ourselves with this person, and so if the relationship ends or that thrilling feeling leaves, we then say we do not LOVE them anymore. Some are able to LOVE each other after they split up. Others find a more omnipotent love for others, and it is here where everyone can love each other without the entanglements of complication.

In reality LOVE is light, and it is our definitions around the word that will define our experience with it.

Everyone has a different definition of what LOVE is. There are many levels of understanding and perception around the word. Many challenges lie around learning how to implement it into your everyday 3D life. It is something you can contemplate on a mountain top surrounded by clouds and rock...alone. Self love is formed within the furnace of experience, challenge and healing. Some say it is only through GOD that we can know love.

GOD is another one of those words that bridge in ones definition of something everyone feels and knows to some degree, but may never agree on. My idea of God may be different than yours, but neither of us are wrong. The same goes for LOVE, that great big shiny four letter word can mean one thing to me, and ten other things to you.

What most people CAN agree on however, is that it feels good. When your 'in it' you have a kind of high sensation that lifts you, and inspires you to do great things. LOVE can bring you closest to GOD, because LOVE is an all connected feeling and this is what we love about love. The feeling of interconnected bliss. The butterflies in the stomach when you find someone to share that with. Human love between two people is a rare and valuable treasure. We all know what it feels like to BE LOVED, we know what it feels like to LOVE SOMETHING/ONE. Is this feeling the same thing as omnipotent love?

The human condition allows one to fall in and out of resonate and not resonate. Is this just what happens in human relationships? or is it because our definition of LOVE is wrong? Have we been trained to love in the wrong way? To possess, accumulate and feed off of love in a way that is egocentric and manipulated? What does the shadow side of love look like? Is there one? Some would say yes. Heartbreak can kill.... in some scientific studies heartbreak is a very real aliment that can cause heart problems - literally. For those of us who have had our heart broken, we know that pain to be very real, and to have long lasting effects. Then when love presents itself again, we have a choice to see through our own pain, and trust again. We will at some point have to let that in again. And yes take that chance that our hearts could be broken again, or our expectations let down.

So how is it that our culture expects us today to have ONE love, ONE partner forever? Does that limit our definition and experience of love? Is that a realistic expectation? Who made up these rules anyway?

I have had several GREAT LOVES in my life. Each one of them brought something into my life that has changed me forever. All of them have made a fantastic elixir of life. As they came and went the love I have for them has stayed yet has also changed. Is love a growing entity in itself? Does LOVE transform and evolve as we do? Are we the catalysts for that evolution? or is it a 'which came first the chicken or the egg' perplexity?

LOVE is a four letter word. Some fear it, some fight for it, some are addicted to it, some run away from it their whole lives. Others embrace it, seek it, spread it, share it and create from it.

Whatever definitions you put on it, whatever boundaries you have around it - one thing is for sure....everyone should do it.


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