Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 New Years Message from Hillary

Well we are finally here! The infamous 2012. We have seen all the TV shows and documentaries dedicated to it. We have read so many books, articles, and blog posts that we have a plethora of information swirling around our heads. It has become a kind of myth in and of itself.

I stepped out at midnight on New Years Eve to watch the passing of the star Sirius. As I did I felt a kind of relief. It was almost like a deep sigh and exhale within my heart - that we actually made it! Was I picking up on something? perhaps...But this was a beautiful solid feeling of entering a new phase. I took a deep breath of cold air, and I closed my eyes. I thought of all the power places around the world feeling the energy. I purposely and consciously recalled the places I have been to over the years - Giza and the Great Pyramids, Luxor and the temple of Hathor, Teotihuacan in Mexico, Machu Picchu in Peru, Sedona, the sacred sites in the southwest United States, Stonehenge and all the other incredible places known and not known. I could feel them vibrating an Earth frequency. I felt it within my body very deeply.

There was a heartbeat, faint at first, then louder. Like a drumbeat. It was coming from deep inside my belly. I imagined it was like the heartbeat of the Earth - deep, strong and powerful. I let it take me.

When I opened my eyes again there was Orion and Sirius. I felt no distance between myself and their intense light. A direct line. Ancient memories flooded my awareness. Then gently and naturally there was a man standing next to me in his energy body. He touched the middle of my back and I turned to look at him. As I looked deep into his eyes, they turned a deep dark brown. Magnetic. It was as if he could touch my soul any time he wished. I have known him for a very long time. I was reminded quickly of his power. He could enter right to the very center of me, should he want too. With one clear swift penetration of his words, there he was... deep inside my soul. I couldn't resist him even if I wanted too. As I melted into him the landscape changed around me and we were somewhere else. I stepped out of time and space into a strange yet familiar place. What I saw has forever changed me. I will never write or speak about it.

2012 offers us a chance to step beyond our boundaries, beyond our beliefs, beyond the way we think it 'should' be in order to open ourselves up to a new dream, a new vision. One that realigns with who we are, and how we want to live. Do you want to give your power away to someone, or something, else? or do you want to remember your own power within? Do we want to find love outside of ourselves and hope for it to love us back? or do we want to know love within ourselves so deeply that we can only shine it outward? Love is never about possessing... this kind of love you can never HAVE, you can only BE. When you are it, then you share it everywhere. This is what others see and hope to find. But what is often missed is that you must find it WITHIN. Then when you find another person who has done the same, the frequency generated together is enormous. It is an essence that literally will change everything around you, thin the veils, and allow you to see further into the dream and the illusion.

It is the joining of the male and female. It has no name, no allegiance, no rules, no restrictions, and no boundaries. To get there, to that point, may take some work. It may take some understanding and courage to explore who you are, your depths, darkness and your light! It may take a deepened relationship with the Earth and Cosmos... and it will ask that you heal the male and female energies around and within you. This balance is a prerequisite.

2012 will request this balancing from you. It will require you move into who you are and dance it alive. It will require you to let go of old conditioning that no longer serves you. It will require that you step beyond all you could ever imagine about yourself and take flight from there. To give birth..... to give birth to your highest version of self. Without tools, technology or dogma. It will ask you what is beyond love? What vision can you imagine that goes beyond your reason, your intuition, your limitations, and your highest most potent dreams? What lies beyond relationship? Beyond sex? Beyond comfort and joy?

What lies beyond is up to you and how you dream it - or how it dreams you perhaps. You are the visionary! You are the seer, the dreamer....

It is time. For you to feel your own sense of truth. For you to open the doorways of beauty within so they may be birthed into the world. It is time for you to take on the darkness and challenge it. It is time to walk through it so you understand what needs to have light shed on it.

Go..... be the greatness you are meant to be. Shine as bright as you can, and help others do the same. Free yourself.

2012 will ask nothing less of you.


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its does all seem as such doesnt it. good insights and thanks for sharing!