Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter Solstice Dreaming 2011

Why is it that we find ourselves attracted to certain things throughout our life? Pulled into the directions of our musings and wonder. Could it be by accident? or could it be by design?

The Winter Solstice and the Equinox's give us a chance to tune in to a frequency, a harmonic that opens the time space fabric and offers us glimpses into that design. It is a time when all levels of mind resonate as one, and if we can become lucid within our dreaming we can search or obtain information. It is much like being a master at remote viewing or meditation. Enlightenment means being able to see the light, in other words having the light shown on the design. You can SEE information, different points in time, and travel without the confined limits of 3D physicality.

Why isn't pursuing enlightenment encouraged by mainstream? Because it frees you from the confines of control. The same way the healing process does when using energy medicine and natural Earth based remedies. Once we know HOW they work, we are forced out of our chains of belief and we SEE & experience a different reality. One that empowers us, and gives us the unlimited access to 'time' as a record keeper, and higher levels of consciousness that lift us and cause us to evolve. Being stuck in the chains of manufactured reality causes us to DE-evolve. To become less than what we are. This serves some agendas very well. But it does not serve YOU well.

What if someone had access to all that is? What would they do with that information? Would they create a civilization and make it their own? What if you could go back in time.... what would you do? Would you create all we have now and profit from it? Would you make some corrections to how things happened? Would you realize the value of life when life becomes threatened? Would you perhaps teach the ways of love and higher consciousness? Would you show people how to build according to Earth based energies and how to align with the events like the Solstices and Equinox's so to keep track of 'time'?

So many possibilities should one have the opportunity to do so. Where we warned eons ago by time travelers from an advanced civilization ON THIS PLANET? Where we told NOT to pursue nuclear energy because at some point it destroys us? Where we advised that the business of using oil and gas eventually exterminate all life here? Where we warned that the pursuit of developing time technology and having it fall into the wrong hands creates havoc on the fabric? Are deja vu moments us catching up to ourselves as time ripple effects?

What if one was shown that building time technology on earth actually destroys the Earth, so it must be built in space - and THIS is what AB's (advanced beings - some of which are us, and others which are from other places) try and stop.

I believe the Solstices and Equinox's are openings in direct communications with all that is in the Universe that allows a kind of information flow into our consciousness that enters our dreams and knowing that we can SEE. IF we tune in.

We can communicate OUTWARD to other places, and we can be communicated WITH from other places.

If you are dreaming at sunrise and are able to be lucid, you will find treasures. If you are awake and watching the sunrise you will download information that will come out later perhaps in the form of a knowing, or a dream. Either way there is a reason why the ancients - our ancestors left us the markings of watching and knowing when these events occurred. To keep track of an opening. To keep track of 'time' and to meet ourselves again at a certain place in it.

How would you feel if the leaders of our world today had inside knowledge of our 'time line' and manipulated it to serve themselves? To gain profit, fame and fortune. What if you knew the indigenous were systematically hunted down and destroyed to protect this knowledge? Since we were the ones that went back to tell them about the future.

How would you feel if your history - your real history - was hidden from you so you could not connect the dots as to who you really are so you could be imprisoned within a moment in 'time' for the betterment and pleasure of a select few?

You are de-evolved systematically by believing you are unworthy, and by being traumatized this further creates pockets of time within ones mind that can be manipulated and used by those who know how to create them. This is the basis used for mind control, and programming of people. A warping and loss sense of 'time'.

If you went back in 'time' you would have a tremendous amount of power in your hands. Perhaps you would be seen as a 'god' to those there. You could stay there, or you could return back - and perhaps bring someone with you.

If you can go back, you can go forward. Forward to learn about technologies and how to use them. All information is available outside of a perceived time frame. You can do this with technology and also with consciousness. You were designed to be a time machine. This is why you re-member yourself when you TUNE IN.

If humans created this portal on earth it would cause a tremendous amount of damage to the planet. So they would have to build it in space. But to do that world leaders would have to PRIVATIZE space so it could be built with bigger budgets - and under a bigger cloak of secrecy. We can already travel to other planets, on a never ending search for 'lost in time' civilizations that may have learned precious lessons before we could, or perhaps they were us? or perhaps we are still there...

People in power love what they create. They guard it with all they have. Because to lose what they create means they no longer have the power. Power, even the word, is twisted and warped into something else. When nothing stops you and you have the freedom of movement with ease to any place within time, you are like a 'God'. You are invincible. You can do anything. When you share it with others, they worship you because you have the key to access that freedom. This kind of power intoxicates and inflates agendas and egos.

The secrets are buried, but not lost. You can dig for treasure by following the synchronicity and its essence. You can build off each other and help one another find more answers if you work together. Alone you are limited to a certain extent. But even alone you can still arrive.

You can trace your consciousness back through incarnations & you can track them forward. You can access all information available, and you can physically participate.

The Solstice offers us a window. We can peer into it, or we can climb through it. Of course one can run away from it too.

The alignment of the Solstice and the Equinox opens up the communication channels of the entire Universal network. Here is where the voices of AB's (advanced Beings) can reach us. Because the Earth aligns with the luminous fibers of the Multiverse and through these fibers - unseen to the naked eye - we can vibrate with them. No amount of human technology can STOP THIS. No matter what they have created, no matter what or how they try and interfere - this opening provides a window that CANNOT be closed.

Use it.


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