Monday, November 14, 2011

OCCUPY Your Community for the Holidays.

When deciding how to SPEND for the holidays this year... consider supporting only local businesses, charities and putting your money back into the local communities & businesses. Spread the love locally....and watch the improvement. Big banks and big corporate interests get millions of dollars worth of bonuses this time of year, and they invest it in other countries, or interests that do not give back or serve you, your families, or your communities. Take the holidays back.... evolve your spending habits. Ho Ho Ho!

*Need toys? Find your locally owned toy store.

*Gift cards to locally owned businesses

*Eat at locally owned restaurants and tip big.

*Bypass huge national chain stores who out source their business to other countries.

*When planning your meals buy from local butchers and produce shops.

*Donate locally to flood victims, or needy families. Contact your local social services to adopt a family in your area. Contact your local church and ask if there is an elderly or local family in need. Make it personal.

*Donate your gently used items to your local churches, or businesses.

*Make homemade gift baskets with items you have made, or bought locally.

*Make a tin of homemade Christmas cookies and deliver them personally.

*Hand make your holiday cards

*Open a new checking or savings account for your children, self and/or loved ones with your local credit union.

*Use your online access to spread the message. Christmas music and commercials have already begun in an effort to win your money early and to extend the holiday BUYING season to produce bigger profits. Make sure that energy and MONEY goes into your community where it is needed the most. Spread the word, blog about it, post about on social media outlets. Use whatever sources you have to revolutionize how we do the holidays.

...and remember a little goes a long way. Occupy your community this holiday season.

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