Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Milky Way galaxy and its neighbor, the Andromeda galaxy, are changing colors; to a color normally reserved for colliding galaxies. Yet they are doing so on their own. Interesting metaphor. No longer needing the merging of TWO, but changing and transforming within the ONE. Maturing, ripening.... changing. Is this what the Mayans were referring to when they laid out the calendar? The growth of a galaxy? Hmmm...

Just what would the consciousness of the galaxy feel like? Some might say love, or God, or an omnipotent presence. Perhaps all of these rolled Buts lets assume a tiny cell in your body was a galaxy. Within that galaxy lived your sun, and around that sun your planet, and on that planet YOU! would you know the consciousness of the body you inhabited? Again, some would say you are all one, so YES! Others would say perhaps this would be the concept of God.

Moving on past the debate of what to call it, how does it FEEL? What if YOU within the cell became aware suddenly of the body, personality, and characteristics of the body you lived within? What if you remained YOU within the body, yet became aware of the thoughts, emotions, and movements of the whole body? and also of yourself within the whole? ...hold on! Don't label it yet! Stay with me!

What if YOU on this planet living your current life in all that means...woke up to being a living organism on the Earth, part of the Earth (which we have mostly done now at this point - there has been a HUGE movement to respect Mother Earth as a living entity, THEN you became aware of the SUN as a living entity, then the other planets, then your solar system. Much like when the inside of the cell becomes aware of the cell itself, then other cells....organs, muscle, bone, arms, legs... and finally the body and all it holds.

Hold on...hang in there ----

NOW, what if! The growth of this awareness could be measured. What if the life of galaxies could be watched, witnessed, and known (current science does prove this now to some extent - most of it is speculation of how our own system grows because we are within our own system!) so we can only watch others from afar. Same as being within the cell watching only other cells around us.

Now what if this was TAUGHT to our ancestors? What if they were taught the life span of galaxies? The stages they would go through, what to expect?

What if that was written down in stone so we would perhaps decipher it and know what we would be a part of centuries/eons down the road. The small, medium, large and gigantic cycles ....the person, planet, sun, solar system, galaxy. The evolution of the galaxy as it circles towards the center. What kind of gigantic growth cycles are we really on? Some would again, God, oneness, all that is, omnipotent etc.... yes all true but wait! Lets NOT LABEL IT JUST YET!

Our labels limit us. They set a boundary based on what our assigned definition of what the word is. So leave it alone. You can label all you want later on - I promise! You can show off everything you know to be true at the end! For now, just close your eyes and IMAGINE it, FEEL it. Do not limit the vision with definitions.

OK, so if the galaxy is a living entity, what are we really then? (keep your mind clear with that question don't think the answer)

If the galaxy is a living growing evolving being what language does it speak? What thoughts does it think? What emotions does it feel? How does it eat? How does it survive?

If the galaxy is a living, breathing, eating entity what else lives within its body? Certainly if you look at ours, and all that lives within it, it is filled with a variety of life forms. How does the energy of the galaxy work to sustain itself? Does it ever get sick like our body does? Does it need certain elements to survive?

You have to be able to step WAY BEYOND your religious beliefs to see, imagine and feel this. So try it, for a moment, let all your previous beliefs go, lay them down on the floor for now, they will be there for you when you pick them back up afterward. Just try this, expand your mind to see this. Open your mind and heart to feel this.

If nature shows us the reality and laws of all that is, then the life and death cycle of our galaxy also follows. We know galaxies collide, and can be destroyed. We are a part of that. If we collided with another galaxy, our sun and planets would be destroyed and transformed into other matter. What about the consciousness of our galaxy? How do we fit in? How does that survive?

What lies beyond?

Now if the body gets ill, or grows old, our cells, organs and systems react accordingly. They are all interconnected. What if we thrive through the young years of our galaxy, and when it starts to age... how will that effect us on ALL LEVELS? Will our energy change, our emotions, our physical bodies, our awareness, our physic and intuitive senses, our sense of logic, creativity, our sense of time....
Would it effect any or all of it? If we have cellular memory (plenty of evidence to support yes) if our organs retain and hold memories, if our hearts do, if our minds do, if our dreams do.... wouldn't our galaxy as a whole retain the memories of who it is, what it is, where it comes from, what the journey from birth is? where its been? and even within lifetimes as we claim to recall!...what about the galaxy and its previous lifetimes/forms? (yes all is within all, collective available to everyone on all things...yes yes all great...)

The never ending possibilities of this massive interconnectedness, of our galaxy being alive, and with its own life form system, and us as a small intricate part of it even within our daily lives, and all that

When a cell becomes aware of the body, of the bodies mind, or the bodies dreams and feelings doesn't it evolve? But for the cell to become aware doesn't all that lies within the cell have to become aware first? Then each cell, then each organ, each bone, each body part? or does it happen simultaneously the minute one part awakens?

Are you any less alive when you write a check to pay your bills? When you answer the phone? When you drive to work everyday? within the cell, on the planet Earth? Do you not feel the light of our star warm you? Isn't your body having a reaction to the heat? all the way down to your cells....

What if our smallest most microscopic piece of who we are is the very fabric of the galactic being we are a part of.

Perhaps the awakened cell would celebrate and call the body God, but we know the body isnt God, it is just a part of God. But we may label it God for lack of a better word to describe the feeling of it. But beyond the body is a world, and other bodies.... and a plethora of experiences.

Wouldn't all the life forms within the galaxy BE the same? All the races on the planet be the same? Wouldn't all the animals, trees, mountains be the same? Made up of the same essence, the same breath! Wouldn't all species on t his planet be related to ALL species on all other planets? How can anything be created within this galaxy and not be related intimately. Forms within forms within Russian dolls.

Our galaxy is transforming. It is changing color. It is in the space IN BETWEEN here and there. It is evolving, and so is its closest friend. Without colliding, they are doing it on their own. Is something spreading between galaxies? If one organ gets sick or becomes super healthy doesn't that effect all that surrounds it?

What is our galaxy feeling? What is it thinking? How is it transmitting that? Are we as tiny pieces within the whole helping to cause this? If my cells got super healthy wouldn't I as a body get super healthy? How would that effect my energy? and the world around me?

Is this change.... this transformation what the star beings watch for? Is this how they know to come? or are they already here teaching those brave enough to listen how the universe works? If we knew, we would share.... we are so not alone no matter what you believe.

You cannot stop may be able to retard it, mutate it, but life seeks its fullest expression, and continues no matter what.

OK, now you can label....and muse and go on with all you know. Thank you for riding the creative wave with me, and musing it side by side.


"Synergy means behavior of whole systems unpredicted by the behavior of any of the system's parts when each is considered only by itself." ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

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