Saturday, October 15, 2011

Full Circle: An Initiation into the Mysteries

As we raise our frequency...what takes our previous place in the lower frequency? Could it be that as we rise upwards towards higher consciousness, that the lower frequencies evolve as well? That we all enlighten and lighten each other? Do we need each other? Does the devil need God to help free him? Does the underworld need the higher world to keep evolving so it may rise again?

Back in 2001 when I first went to see the 9/11 ground zero site I had found myself communicating with a man named Steven. He had been killed in the collapse of one of the towers and was contacting me psychically. At the time he was showing me what had happened in the last few minutes before the tower fell. He would take me into the upper floors and I witnessed the chaos and mayhem in a way that was very upsetting and difficult to deal with at the time. He would bring me there in my dreaming and also pull me out of my body to show me. At that time I had a hard time dealing with it because it was so intense.

When I finally decided to travel down to see the site for myself I had been having these experiences with Steven for weeks. As a clairvoyant I was used to this kind of thing, but this time it was different, it was more intense and urgent.

As I traveled that day in NYC I appeared to have some road blocks pop up that were stalling my journey to the site. It seemed that I may not in fact get there as planned.

What did happen was in fact a series of coordinated events that allowed me to not only get a piece of steel from the site, which I still have, but also meet a group of firemen who just happened to be there on the waters edge in battery park the same time I was. The leader of this small group was of course, named Steven. Steven asked me if I had seen the site. I explained yes I had, and he said no have you REALLY seen the site? and I just looked at him. He handed me a hard hat and said come on, and so we did. I walked straight out onto the remains of the buildings. If ANY of the days events had been timed any differently I would not have been in that exact place at that exact time to meet Steven.

Here while on the site, I had a vision. While standing there in the center of it all watching people work on clearing the debris, I felt spirit Steven come around me. I saw two glowing obs of white golden light come next to me. The light had a liquid texture to it. There was spirit Steven, I recognized his voice from my dreams, and a woman who I did not know was also there. Spirit Steven floated right in front of me. I could have reached out and touched the light if I wanted to, and I could feel the heat from the orb. I was then shown a scene which I will never forget. I still have the journal entry dated back in 2001 in regards to this experience.

I was standing in front of a black hole. Square to rectangle in shape. Standing beside the hole were two huge Anubis figures. Both held giant gold staffs. Walking between them was a line of people. I realized I was watching the souls of those who died walk into the black doorway. There was no light in that doorway it was solid black. As soon as one walked through it they disappeared. It was not a hallway or tunnel, it was like a black screen. The Anubis figures marched in place. There was a sound like drums from their feet hitting the ground rumbling through the air. I tried to move forward towards the black doorway, or project my consciousness into it and it would not go through. I looked up and saw a circle of people sitting and floating around the perimeter of ground zero. I recognized indigenous men and women from all different cultures meditating with their eyes closed as if holding the space for the entire area. I saw more golden white orbs flying around the sight.

I came out of the vision and looked down to see a gold wedding ring embedded into the steel beam in front of me. I ran my finger around it. Steven the firefighter stood next to me and watched me with a sad look on his face. I would realize later that the fact that that ring was embedded like it was defied the very laws of psychics. This was another piece of the puzzle that would come back later in the story.

I tried to find spirit Stevens name in the family registry. To see if I could make a connection to his life here. I could not make a connection. I was not meant too. He has been a guiding force for me, and his purpose was to lead me to where I needed to be, and to the things I needed to see.

I found myself in Egypt twice after that visit to ground zero. Both times while in the Cairo museum I was magnetically drawn to an artifact in the center of the building. I would carefully place my hands on it just to touch it...I was compelled to feel it. I was fascinated by it. Each trip I found my way to it. It called me and haunted my dreams while there. I was hypnotized by its effect on me. All of it was quite curious. After I returned to the states, I didn't think much of the piece. Until recently, after returning to Ground Zero to see firsthand the 9/11 memorial.

But first on my return from my second trip. I had spent 3 weeks overseas and had had a most glorious experience with the legendary Blue Lotus while in Luxor. A story for another time perhaps... after this I had a vivid dream that still stays with me to this day.

I was in the underground chamber directly beneath the great pyramid. I have never physically been inside it, it is often closed off to the public. In this dream I went to the very bottom. Instead of bedrock there was water. I went into the water, and could FEEL it led to tunnels under it. That there was a complex system there. It was deep, very deep. It was an incredibly lucid dream, so much so I believed I really traveled there in my dreaming that night.

Last weekend I found myself at ground zero again. The first time since 2001. Again the same kind of magical synchronicity happened again. When I stood on the site looking down at the black cube in the center, the walls of the inner square reminded me of the inside of the Kings chamber in the great pyramid. Then I saw it again the capstone in the Cairo museum. After all these years why would this pop into my mind now?

So there I was. Feeling the energy go deep into the hole in front of me. I was initiated into the understanding of what I was looking at. From there, and since, the pieces of the puzzle have continued to connect. I thought of Mark Grays work and how he suggested that the memorial aligns with Orion.

I thought about how I had found myself here at the 9/11 memorial with the founder of the Orion theory Robert Bauval. An old friend whose connection & friendship expands beyond time. Why now have we come together to be here at this exact moment. I told him about my vision of the Pyramidion. I asked him about it over the course of the days following our visit. I asked him if he had any translations for me. I wanted to know what the writing on the capstone said. He sent me an article written in French. As I awaited the English translations I saw a hand written graph on the paper that sparked my interest and connected the dots for me. He then explained the translation to me which has tied in all of the experiences above.

Anubis, Orion, God, and the map to the place within the heavens where the Gods reside...have all shown themselves. In a series of fortunate synchronicity. The secret of the Pyramids is right there in plain site. If you can quiet your mind and

open your intuition long enough to let the answers come through. If you can trust the experiences and calls to action that reach your heart, and then follow through.

You are being asked to initiate yourself. To see the connections for yourself by searching and seeking the answers to the questions that arise out of your life journey. This is the point to it all.

Your path is an ancient one. It is a sacred journey your soul has taken for eons. It is no accident you are alive now to experience everything the world is going through. To be witness to this time in history. To experience one another now. To find your way into the lives of those who will enrich your experience and bring you back to life so you can awaken just at the right moment.


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