Monday, October 10, 2011

A Day at Occupy Wall Street & the 9/11 Memorial

You can listen to anyone, and everything presented...ultimately however, your own experience and interpretation of something makes it something. You are left to your own when you decide to decide for yourself. In a world of virtual reality that sways opinions and consciousness, do not forget the power of actual physical experience. THIS is what determines the reality we create in the 3D world.

My experience on Wall Street, and at the 9/11 memorial is my own and belongs to me, and therefore creates my reality. I can only share it, and in sharing it perhaps it ripples outward in a sort of virtual initiation into ones consciousness.

I seek beauty in my life. For me, that is the ultimate adventure. It is my purpose to seek it out and to share it in whatever way inspires me.

There are many rumors, thoughts and theories running rampant in regards to what the Occupy Wall Street is, and what the 9/11 memorial symbolizes. I have read it all,
interviewed the authors and experts. I have had personal conversations off the record and have been offered many explanations and so on. However despite all of this I knew I needed to feel it for myself. I did not want just a virtual experience. This time I knew I needed to touch it, hear it and experience it for myself. When I walked through the crowds, felt the energy, listened to the protesters proudly announce their voices, holding their signs high, as I watched the children and people smiling, I knew I had made the right decision in coming.

It became very apparent that no matter WHAT or WHO would use this energy for their own means... the heart and voices of the people were being expressed. No one can manipulate that; no one can fake a persons truth. There was a sort of fluffy festival 60's sort of vibe to the gathering at the square. There were make shift tables set up to generate support for different points of view. Some were taking advantage of the situation to advance off shoot agendas, like branches off a tree.

There seemed to be a lack of fire in some sense. The kind of fire needed to create real change. The thought was there. The intention was there. However, there was a fluffy "we are one" essence that flowed through the crowd. The police lined the edges just watching. There was an obvious patronizing feel to their presence. Like a parent patiently watching a two year old play in a sand box that is safely guarded and surrounded by padded fluff. A sort of "OK get it out of your system Johnny, then we will go home and eat dinner". I spoke to one policeman standing on the outskirts and he said that he supported what the SYMBOL of this was, and that he was just doing his job. He was kind, and nice and gave us directions to the 9/11 memorial.

Overall, my experience of the Wall Street Protests epicenter was one of a peaceful festive building up the energy of "we are one", "we have a voice" and "I want to be seen and heard". It had a hippie feel. The place was filled with cameras, photographers, and wanna be youtube journalists. This I found exhilarating. Watching them want the story, looking for the same thing I was perhaps; the heart, the voice, the reason, the truth. This I could relate too.

Later while walking back to the hotel we passed a mob of people unified, shouting and focused on their message. This scene had a fire to it. This was closer to the kind of energy needed to demand the change. We were walking into the crowd, and without a way to get out of the way we had to turn and join it. I watched a woman watch me, her gaze caught mine and there was a force in her eyes. I heard her voice. I turned to walk with the crowd, mostly so I could get out of it and continue back to the hotel. She turned and looked at me and saw me walking with them, and I could see the empowerment in her expression. I could FEEL the gathered force in her eyes, the acknowledgement that in her actions, the world had changed...even if it was only in gaining one more person to the cause. I will never forget her face, or that look. Therefore the world had changed, right then, right there, mine and hers. In a fleeting moment of unspoken understanding.

This is the point. To speak up and stand up for your truth, and hope others will feel your heart, and when they do, stand behind you in support. THIS is what I saw here, in her face, in her eyes, I connected to the heart of this. I felt the power behind it. HERE was where it all came together. Here is where the fire was. In strangers uniting, in feeling and supporting each other to hold up a new dream, a new vision that is being born collectively - RIGHT NOW. This confirmed to me that in a predominately digital and virtual world, there is still nothing like the human connection in physical reality to confirm a higher understanding.

There was a heart to this mob. A loud voice - unified. The police were following this crowd a bit more fiercely. Police cars lined the streets and followed them, and they had riot shields which created more tension in the field around them. They knew this crowd was different, that it had more power behind it, and that it presented more of a threat. You could feel a distinct difference between the center square where the campers were, and this mobilized moving off shoot.

Perhaps it was the peaceful love energy emanating from the center park that was indeed the fire fueling the hearts of these feistier more dangerous groups.

For me, I saw what I needed to see, and experienced what I needed to in a fleeting connective moment between myself and another human being. THIS truth was not coerced, manipulated, or created by an enemy master mind intent on destroying the world. THIS moment was real, authentic, and untouched by the disinformation/conspiracy battle between good and evil. It was raw, real, and alive. It was NOT a virtual ether phantom dream, but a vivid lucid touchable drop in the ocean of consciousness that is controlled by no one. Direct from the true source...not a shadowy figure claiming to know the real reasons why anything happens. This was love. Love cannot be manipulated, distorted, or destroyed in its most powerful and unconditional form. This is the force most feared in the deep dark recesses of sketchy dark dim corners of the collective psychosis. Because it frees what needs to be freed.

One question I do ask is what now? and what next? A revolution needs to be clear on what it wants. It needs to dream a new vision that is in alignment with the original force behind the revolt. The integrity of a form must be clear and clean. Focus and stay grounded..... continue the sacred act of creation so that it is from you, not from someone else. Stay true to your ideals. There are plenty of powerful people already able and willing to introduce the change, the new form FOR YOU. These people will not step down easily, and they will NOT let YOU do it if they have any say in it. You will have to take it on your own. This will require a tremendous amount of clarity, organization, and focus. Those in power believe, and count on, the thought that you will not be able to carry the momentum. That you are easily distracted, and your attention cannot be maintained on any one thing for too long. Prove them wrong.

Before we encountered the mob and headed back to the hotel, we visited the 9/11 memorial.

I had interviewed Dr. Mark Gray on my show and I have been following his work very closely on the symbolism of this monument. I feel very strongly he has cracked the code on this site. (listen to his recent interview here

I wanted to experience the memorial myself. I had been there right after 9/11 had happened, and at that time I had found myself on the actual remains of the site with a hard hat standing on the broken floor of one of the buildings. I was actually touching a steel beam while they pulled a car out of the pit in front of me. I recall being able to read memos that had been blown into the site, and I will forever remember the gold wedding band embedded into the steel beam. I ran my finger over it then not realizing that the fact that it was there defied the very laws of physics. The experience changed my life.

This would be the first time since 9/11 that I would be on the site again. The synchronization and magical essence that led me to ground zero the first time would once again show itself. With no reservations and no tickets fate played the ace in the pocket and we were allowed in. The story of how will forever remain one of my personal treasures. All I can say is I am intimately and forever connected to this place in a way that will never be explained by any logical or rational linear thought. There is a force that scoops me up when I am here and shows me things. I feel it more strongly then perhaps anywhere else.

I walked up to the edge of the North pool. This used to be the North tower. The edge was inscribed with each persons name who died here. The amount of water that spilled over the long wall down was breath taking. The sound was overwhelming. It drowned out the sounds of the city. The water then collected and seemed to slowly fall into the black cube in the center. The walls of the inside of the cube reminded me of the temples in Egypt. Smooth, tight blocks of black basalt touched the water as it gently flowed over the sides. I felt like I was standing on the edge of a giant black hole. Sucking everything into it. My stomach became a bit nauseated and I became slightly light headed. I listened and watched. I saw the energy of each person, who was symbolized by their names carved into the edges, pulled into the hole. Their soul, their life force. The scene before me warped. I could feel the energy of the protesters being sucked into the giant hole in front of me. I felt my consciousness start to be pulled into the hole. My awareness was shifting and my energy body was being pulled out. I knew it wasn't time for me to go in, so I pulled back and I got sick to my stomach. I was not connected to the fear or sorrow that most people were as I looked around. I was not giving fear and sorrow to the hole. I had a vision of something I had seen in the Cairo museum years before. It reminded me of the black stone I was looking at now. I had been captivated by this artifact both times I had seen it in Cairo. It had a magnetic effect on me then, and it was pulling on my consciousness now - here at the 9/11 memorial. I made a mental note of the connection between that artifact and where I stood now.

I was looking at a living breathing talisman right in front of my eyes. An activated portal in the heart of one of the largest cities in the world. I was observing a ritual. A huge ongoing rotating vortex of power. Created by the taking of life, the sacrificing of each persons life who died that day. Opened to now connect and initiate every person who experienced it, or who lives within the presence of it. How do you raise the vibration of an entire city? How do you initiate an entire city? How do you self -initiate? How do you become connected to a higher power while walking through an ancient temple in Egypt? or experiencing the Kings chamber? How do you feel God when you are in nature, or church or? By being initiated into an understanding by an experience. An experience that changes you. An experience that gives you something in return for your life force.

So let people see it. Allow only a few in at a time. Let them really soak it up. Then send them back into the world.... changed. Let it be in the heart of the city; the heart of the financial center of our country, to POWER IT UP. To birth something new from all of the energy it consumes. Let the temple be powered by a growing force of empowerment, like those in the riots. All of it rotating and spiraling into the center. Let the heart grow. Feed it energy.

The new one world tower is still being finished. It reminds me of a giant phallus.

A temple is a living entity. Imbued with the energy, prayers, and the love that we give it. The holy of holies is the very heart of the temple. The temple is a kind of technology that harnesses consciousness. Which is why it still effects those who walk through it eons later. Some say the temples in Egypt initiate you when you visit them. I say that is certainly the case. This temple, at ground zero, is a modern day temple. Built on a sacrifice, imbued with the life force and consciousness of those who died, and those who continue to contemplate it. Which would certainly be the entire planet, not just NYC or the United States. Which would then make this an even bigger temple...if the entire planet connects to it on a consciousness level.

One question that I left with as I walked away from the mesmerizing effect the pools had on me was.... where does the black hole lead too? You can never quite see into it from anywhere as you stand around the square. Only the edge and down a few feet. You have no idea where the energy goes. One is left wondering where is all that water/life force going? Just what is it feeding? Whoever commissioned/designed it may know. Surely something this grand has an intention.....


Brenda Seals said...

Thank you, please keep writing. In the ten years since 9/11 this is the most profound article I have read. Brenda Seals- Ohio

asheem said...

great post... many of your descriptions describe the birthing of the Underworld and reminds me of ANUBIS (knowing you saw him also)