Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fire & Water: A Balancing Act

A comet is diving into the sun today. Just discovered by comet hunters Michal Kusiak of Poland and Sergei Schmalz of Germany, the icy visitor from the outer solar system is expected to brighten to first magnitude before it disintegrates on Sept. 14th.

This reminds me of a force collecting that which is deeply hidden inside the psyche of ones consciousness and bringing it to the light so that the heat of the friction can melt it. Allowing release, healing and the transformation of that which no longer serves one. It reminds me of bringing the water, or vibration of life, to the source of heat. Balancing beautifully in the merging of both forces.

Today new sunspot AR1295 is emerging over the sun's northeastern limb and crackling with solar flares. The strongest so far...

I live in the Northeastern United States. I have felt a deep surge of energy coursing through me since this past SUN-day. The strongest so far...

Last night's Harvest Moon was so bright, it did something normally reserved for the sun. It made a rainbow:

Last night I thought I heard my cat crying outside through my open window. I awoke at 4am and went outside into the middle of my back yard. I stood there calling her name gently. She was nowhere to be found. I looked around in awe at the moonlight illuminating me and everything around me. It was so brilliant it was almost blinding. I watched the light sweep over my skin and I saw a faint glow shine off it. I felt a new energy course through me. Something completely new, yet ancient and strangely familiar. I sat out there for a moment and adsorbed the light.("Adsorb" is used for a very specific situation where molecules get stuck onto a surface. It does not occur as a word in ordinary language, outside its scientific meaning. Adsorption is very important, because many chemical reactions can go a lot faster when the reacting molecules are adsorbed on a surface.) I went back in and could not fall back asleep. Thoughts raced through me, images of places, people and lifetimes.

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Tom said...

Hi Hillary, I did like so much your post on the New World Order one world trade center tower. Recently I in the last few years have become very interested in the NWO, New Age Mysticism, Egyptology, and Astrology. Not to say I believe in them I am a Christian but I think the NWO is very real thing and well in progress. I understand that in astrology they seem to think we have entered into the age of Aquarius a new spiritual age when the collective life force of mankind will obtain a higher level of spiritual energy and awaking . Just wondering your thoughts? Thanks. Tom