Monday, September 5, 2011

Blue Whales Dreaming Me Softly

Beauties of the sea.... I hear you. Haunting my dreams you are. The great keepers of the Oceans, guardians of the Earth Grid. Your vibration ripples through me and awakens every cell within to a song of higher understanding. You take me to the great dreamtime, the place where all is known and felt through only the higher senses and heart. I hear you through the tone of silence. How else could I ever know you?

There you were both of you, male and female. I swam next to you. You came so close your huge long body caressed mine as you moved. I ran my hand along your back over your spine. A voice whispered that most only feel a hair of you, while I lingered long enough to feel your entire length. One right after another both of you moved. The energy coursing through you was unimaginable. I couldn't have dreamt it any better then this.

So few understand what you are. Yet those who do know, know the power and love within your sacred space. I am blessed to have felt it, thank you for coming into my dream space so I could learn to love stronger and deeper. Thank you for showing me what I needed to see.

(Meeting of the 2 whales_ the galactic whale bringing Heaven on earth - Hopi)

(The Whales and the Hopi corn connecting with the Blue Star - Hopi)

Waves, Whales, and Cosmic Neutrinos By Physics Today

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