Saturday, July 23, 2011

Norway, Neutrality, and the Harvesting of Fear by Hillary Raimo

From July 23 to August 24, the sun will travel through Leo & the universe will turn its attention to the lions. On July 22nd at the beginning of this we witnessed the mass sacrifice of 92+ children in Norway.

When you close your eyes you know something is off. You feel it. Yet often times you may dismiss it, or replace it with more worthy feelings that you deem 'better'. Today, it is important to hold up your power, and own it as you step into who you really are.

Energy is harvested. Even at Death. It can be directed and influenced in life and beyond. Most know there is a war on Fear & Love. Knowing how to work within both effectively while staying grounded can be a challenge. This is why it is so important to KNOW YOURSELF, so you can know your fears as well as you know your own love.

Here are my thoughts on Norway:

This was a well planned calculated extraction of fear. A ritual sacrifice done much more blatantly then ever before. It has an energy signature of Luciferic offerings. When I close my eyes and view it, I am there watching it happen. It is imprinted in the hyperspace. There is an orgy of fear energy being extracted by bigger forces. It is a feast for the lions.

The children are taken care of when they transition into the other side by their angels, and by our assistance in offering them love & Light and staying OUT OF FEAR and ANGER. Especially RIGHT NOW. Being that this happened on the FIRST day of LEO, and as we are moving into the energy of the 9th wave, and most will be healing or continuing to offer their fear through a very powerful 2nd New Moon for the month, as well as August 1st Lughnasadh, or Lammas the first harvest, and the fact that Mary Magdalene is considered by the Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, and Lutheran churches to be a saint, with a feast day of July key.

The most IMPORTANT thing to do RIGHT NOW, is to OWN WHO YOU ARE, and choose to help heal this, both within yourself and in the world. Find water and pour your love into it, then pour that water into the Earth. If you are by the Ocean, go to the Ocean and do it. In whatever way you pray, pray.

I find it interesting this happened in Norway, a neutral country. I find it symbolic of 'targeting' the neither 'in fear' nor 'in love' stance. An effort to force people to pick a side. It is also highly useful to elite agendas, and the war on Terror. Watch how this will be used to HELP the efforts as a country pick up momentum for greater crack downs on security. To further the control.

The essence of a child is that of PURE creative potential. Pure UNCONDITIONAL love. How many of us are wounded within our inner child? How many of us still hold fear within our subconscious mind accessible through the child archetype? The next generation of rulers live within our children. As stories of this event spread, so to will the fear. The children are being targeted not only on the island, but on the planet as a group consciousness. The fact that we are only one is a highly spiritual teaching which many spend their entire lives learning. The fact is that others wounds are really our own, and as we see them on the outside, we must face and heal them on the inside. If you console the essence of the child killed yesterday, you will find you are consoling your own. As you seek to connect to the children murdered yesterday you will connect to your own sense of murdered inner child. To honor him/her and to bury her properly, with love as you integrate her/him into your core.

The dark is defeated by walking into it with light. By illuminating it with your own brilliance. As you weep and shed a tear, you are honoring the very essence of life we need now more then ever. Time is of the essence. But not in a way that the end of days is coming, but in the way that we need to incorporate all aspects of self back into self to be whole. As you heal, I heal, and vice versa.

The implanting of fear has been so well executed into the minds of every man, woman, and child on this planet. It is deeply buried into our subconscious mind. Even when we make an act of free will and choose love & light over darkness, we still have whatever lies deep within. We need the realm of the archetypes to assist us. But there lies a space beyond them that we have access to as well. There in that space lies something very special.

Anger carries a vibration. It can be like that of a focused laser beam, or a raging wild fire. Each has its own unique lessons and uses. What is it that you are really angry about? The useless loss of life? yes. Go deeper. See how this event has triggered your own inner child wounds, and grieve for him/her as well. Use the momentum to heal deeper parts of you.Close your eyes and see your own inner child and talk to him/her about this event and what it means to you, and why you were asked to witness it NOW?

If your own children hear about what has happened, use it as a way to inspire deeper understanding instead of making them afraid. They will be naturally afraid of what has happened because it is the boogie man in the closet, it is scary to them, they will not necessarily understand. That is OK. Let them express themselves openly. They are old souls in young bodies, and have great wisdom. They will teach you by how they share. Listen to them. Watch carefully as your own thoughts twist around the conversation and show you your own fear that may have been unseen before. Keep them away from the TV, have them do a ceremony with you in honor of those who have transitioned. Use it as an opportunity to deepen your understanding of death. Have a conversation about who you really are, and what may happen after you die. Take on the fear of Death.

The first Harvest will always be what you have sown. If you have sown hate, it will be hate. If you have sown love, then it will be love. If you are neutral then your fields are bare, waiting for you to decide either way.

My prayers are with those who died. I stand there and I send you love, I surround you with white light, and I sing a song of life. I hold those who lost their children in the same vision. I stand in the water off the island in spirit and envision rippling energy of higher frequency to uplift and bridge greater awareness into the hearts of all who witness this. Do not let this be another 9/11. Do not let those in power who understand the workings of the Occult use and manipulate your emotions and wounds to aid in their agendas. You want to expose? then expose your own hearts and vulnerabilities. Know yourself. Heal yourself. Freedom of mind comes when you flood it with your heart. But first your heart must be healed.

You will see through the manipulation of the energy harvested. You will aid in its recovery and balancing. You are here for a reason. You are being asked to stand up and own y our power. You are being asked to stand up and balance that power with heart. Power without heart is the destruction of all.

Take what calls to you and leave the rest. I honor you for who you are.



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Trixie said...

Thank you Hillary for your words. I live in Sweden and being this close to the tragic event that took place is sort of paralyzing. Thank you for sharing how to process and channeling the energies in the proper way.