Friday, July 8, 2011

Energy Vampires & Boundaries of Light

There are people in the world who unconsciously, and sometimes consciously, suck our energy in order to compensate not being able to hold on to their own, or in some cases to build their own power selfishly - sometimes called sorcery.

You can see this curious event in all walks of life. Everywhere from simple intimate relationship; to complicated board rooms; in single units and in huge powerful corporate structures.

Our understanding of power has become very warped and unbalanced. It has reached a critical point, and the pendulum is swinging - in the opposite direction. We are caught in a moment between inhale and exhale. Where we as a species have reached the point were we have taken in, and now must release and let go to give back.

I am writing about this topic because it is blatantly obvious the art of take and take is still greatly at work in the world, and is in great need of healing both within, and on an individual and collective level - since there is no difference between the two.

At the bottom of the pit within is often pain. Sometimes layers of it. All carefully wrapped around a void, created by itself - and perhaps a series of events that have contributed to seeding it. If you avoid healing it, it will grow like a cancer, and its appetite builds. You will forever be trying to feed it. What do some people feed it? you guessed it....other peoples energy.

How? It can be done by manipulating your surroundings so you feel a sense of security, because deep down inside you are afraid, and have lost trust somewhere within the wrappings of that pain within you. So having your hands in everything and everyone makes you feel a sense of control. Although it is a false sense of control, you feel a sense of familiarity that helps fill that void. So you stand at the center of the cyclone, and pretend that all is how it should be - when all is really what you want. There is seldom give back, because in giving back you may feel vulnerable. And vulnerable means you may get hurt, and at all costs you stop all entries into your pain and your own vulnerability when you come from a wounded place. From here you create circumstances that help you achieve this. Perhaps, a subtle hint in the wrong direction to steer the course towards what suits you the best. Perhaps, in the form of gossip or something along those lines.

Taking on the victim stance is another way to feast on energy. If something happens to you, process it. The sympathy can be addictive, like a drug, and keep you stuck, and dependant on drama.

Sexual energy can manipulate. Creating sexually enhanced or suggestive tones when you have no intention of acting on it, acts like the pied piper seducing rats out of the homes to follow. This pulls men or women's sexual energy out, and causes them to focus their sexual energy on the one who is sucking it up like candy. This is not the same as celebrating your sexual energy or enjoying it. Be very careful how and what you draw into your space sexually. Your sexual energy is the most powerful energy you have. It is the essence of life and creation force. When two people join together with the intention of letting it flow and grow, this can literally change the world. But be forewarned, a one sided effort can lead to hard crashes. Make sure your energy is MATCHED, and RETURNED. A give and take. If it is take and take, this is energy manipulation, and sorcery at its best. It is also addictive in take and take circumstances. A powerful high indeed. Crack for the ego. Give and return however, a doorway to bliss, and other worlds. A big reason why women's sexual power has been repressed and labeled 'evil' by most all major religions. It has the power to free the heart.

This is a reality we live in. We interact everyday with others, and we learn early on how to get what we want.

Now imagine seeing how YOU have learned to get what you want clearly and without denial. Then letting it go....completely. Surrendering to your greatest vulnerabilities and facing all your imagined and unimagined fears. Exhaling the reigns and going with the NATURAL flow vs. what has always been man made by you and your experiences.

Do you constantly argue what is right and try to prove others wrong? or do you let go and listen?

Do you value your own truth the same as others? Each has a right to be expressed equally and without criticism. Who am I to say you are wrong, and who are you to say I am? Do you use your intellect to control and manipulate? Intellect can be extremely seductive, and sexual energy can be sucked through the intellectual straw for selfish purposes. It can also free sexual energy and if used in appropriate circumstances, such as give and take, can aid in the evolution of the energy body.

Energy vampires will suck you dry, but only if you allow your energy to be pulled off your own center. If you are centered and stay centered, nothing can have your energy without your permission. But be warned, if you give permission consciously or not, it will be taken.......but if its returned that is OK. Fair trade. If it is not returned, then pay attention and learn the lesson. All circumstances provide an opportunity to learn. Let go and let it sink in. If you resist, you are only manipulating your own energy - a mirror of the individual and the collective around you.

This is just the beginning. I will be writing a series of articles published here to provide a better understanding of this, with real life scenarios and solutions. Because we are in it, and feeling the crunch. Practical advice is vital. Many of you have asked, and I'm listening.

So how do you change this or protect yourself from it? You will have to create your own circle of light. How do you do that? To be continued........


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