Saturday, June 18, 2011

Consciousness and the Cracking of the Cocoon by Hillary Raimo

Transition is not always sunshine and daises. When shifting from one frequency to another, there is a moment of conflicting resonances. Here is where we meet our shadow, and the very items we need to face to make the next shift. No one who is still in a body is exempt from this process. Every cell in your body must make the shift with you, and this can cause periods of pain - physical, emotional, spiritual or mental - embrace these times as good medicine.

There is a moment of change that happens when we ride the wave into another frequency. This moment can be painful. Does the butterfly experience no pain inside the cocoon before it breaks free and flies? The metamorphosis of the human species is the same way.

The physical changes we feel on all levels can sometimes cause real pain. This does not mean we are failing, or less evolved, or not getting the lesson. The thought that pain is something experienced only by lower and less evolved humans is a statement that comes from spiritual egotism. Which is the ego in disguise.

Embrace your pain, and learn from it. It is a lesson ONLY YOU can translate. Others can at times help and support you, but ultimately the lesson belongs only to you.

Periods of transition hold great teachings. We see everything about ourselves that we may have otherwise chosen not to see. We reflect on periods of struggle, and reveal to ourselves our hidden insecurities, and fears. These aspects of self need a moment to come to the surface to be SEEN. Otherwise they stay hidden within our unconscious mind. This is their moment to come to the light and be healed. Joining you as you transition to a higher frequency.

Oneness within ones self only happens when all your aspects can be honored. When there is no judgement within or without. When you can love your faults as much as you love your strengths. When you embrace yourself fully AS IS, and stop seeking to become something else. When you hold yourself accountable for your thoughts, feelings, AND actions towards yourself, and others. When you stop hurting yourself in anyway, and hold life to a standard of love on all levels, and with all beings. There is no such thing as spiritual snobbery, unless you are in ego.

How often are you offered love? How often do you recognize it? How often do you accept it? How often do you offer it to yourself? How do you give it back when it is offered?

We are between worlds right now. In that moment of void when we leap from one dream to another. When we must face our fears on all levels. This is part of the beauty of evolution and enlightenment. Look around at the ancient cultures. How many honored these darker aspects of life as necessary. Initiations took place in facing them because when we do, we come out on the other side stronger, clearer, and more aligned to our purpose, and attuned with a new frequency.

The human body is changing by way of the foods we eat, by our environment and by our spiritual development. Consciousness is cracking the cocoon. Does the butterfly fight the transmutation that it physically experiences? Perhaps, but the journey it faces is personal, private and happens within the Dreamtime while it sleeps.

There is much talk about the awake ones vs. the sleeping ones. To this I say, the process happens no matter where our eyes are focused.

As we leap across the abyss of self, there is always a moment when we can go back to the old dream. Unable or unwilling to make the leap because of what we perceive to be in the void. The great unknown within. Who judges? Your world is your world, and what you make of it is up to you. In the end Death holds the ultimate ride across it anyway. It is a journey we may practice many times until then.

Embrace this lifetime. Learn from it. Seek out what feeds you life. Love the transformation process, and when you feel sad - cry. When you feel anger - express it. When you feel love - share it. Holding back only hurts you in the end.

The full spectrum of life includes all the things we deem ugly, unworthy, less then, and so on. These aspects are important trail markers for the soul.



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