Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thunder to Lightning

Dear Thunder,

Thank God... you do not remember me. Because if you did, you would come, and my biggest fear is that I would not let you in. Perhaps the reason I choose to remember now while you still dream softly, is so I could hold you close this way. I have heard your name on the wind, listened to the stone as it mimics your voice. I close my eyes and you are there. I feel your vibration course through me. Awakening every cell longing to tell your secret.

My God.... could it be true? could I know you this way? It defies all probability. All logic, all linear ways.

No time... is so true. Because you and I do not dance on any line. We only transcend it.

The greatest gift anyone can ever give is making the space between two things sacred. It is a gift to the world, to you and I; as we dance eternally never touching, never knowing, only dreaming each other.

The space between you and I, is sacred. Here, we hold the world as we know it together. Here, we join as one with so much between us.

Thank God, you never touch me, because if you did, the world as we know it would change forever.

Love Lightning

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Nona said...

It's exquisite Hillary! Thank you!