Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The true quest of the human being is to find love in a world where love has been forsaken. A distant memory of a time within. A shred of fabric floating gently in the wind, only to be caught by the tree of life. Only here does it bloom again. Growing in the most amazing places.



Just Bob said...

If I Came To You?

If I came to you today would you let me in?

I don’t always look my best or exactly as you think I should. Some days my hair is not just right, or I may have dirt under my finger nails.

If I came to you today would you recognize me?

If I yelled at you in my strongest voice as you stood in the tracks on the bend in the rail as I see the train rapidly approaching, “Look Out”, would you heed my warning?

If I touched you today as no other can would you feel me?

If I embraced you and held you close enveloping you in my arms and drawing you to me feeling you melt into me, would you pull away startled by my action?

If I promised you I will carry all your pain for you, would you let me?

I see you sitting on the bench beside the road deep in so much sorrow it blackens your heart, as I pass by I offer to take your sorrow away, will you let me?

If I offer you treasures greater then any you imagined would you accept them?

I will give you a shelter greater then you ever imagined and all will envy. I can give you a vehicle to travel as freely as you please and move about at will. I can adorn you with the jewels the envy of kings and queens. Will you open your door and accept these gifts?

Oh how many times a day I see you and pass by you, your indifference to me only gives me more strength to try again, will you ever let me in?

Oh if you would only see me as we pass everyday, so many times a day, and with each passing I try to embrace you deeper into me.

You know me by name, but pass me often as not to see me.

I am Love, look for me today I will be there.

Hillary Raimo said...

Thank you Just Bob. <3 Hillary