Sunday, May 22, 2011

Divine Intervention

All the 'what ifs' that never get to manifest in this lifetime sit patiently in a box under lock & key on a shelf collecting dust.... Until perhaps another lifetime when conditions allow the dormant energy to evolve into its greatest form. All 'what ifs' are nothing more then potential. They are never wasted... recycled back into the great cycle of life. ~ HR

When you least expect it, and most need it, an angel comes by and kisses your lips softly. Breathing hope and love into you gently. Reviving you when all seems lost. There are moments when you want to slip deeper into the dark, and let it consume you forever. Just when your hand is about to let go of the cord connecting you to all that is, the angel gently touches you and lifts you from the abyss.

"It is not time dear one, to let go, just yet".... "I am here, feel me, I have never left you, I am always here watching, and protecting you."

The power of it is undeniable.... Divine Intervention. The sheer miracle of the timing is something so profound, so intense, so consuming, so truthful, so real...there is no denying it from any part of you. Sent straight from source itself.

It instantly clears all doubt, hopelessness, sadness, and shadow. A bright light so powerful, so uplifting, it can only be called true rapture because it does, in a sense, save you.

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