Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dream Messages 3/16/2011

Dream Messages: Messages from the Star Beings3/16/2011

There are two perspectives, one of love, and one of fear. Each will produce a very different effect. The star beings have been with us our whole life, our whole life as a species. They have watched us all this time. They cannot interfere with our free will or our destiny as a species. To them we are an endangered species! To them we are like a two year old playing with matches.

They have ensured our genetic continuation already. We have many other brothers and sisters on other worlds who live similarly yet vastly different. It is like a petri dish of bacteria becoming aware of many other dishes holding similar traits and likeness to your own.

They are gatekeepers of the Suns and the Galaxies. They monitor them and know a much larger cycle that we have not yet figured out fully, although the indigenous know, as did our great long ago ancestors because they freely interacted with them. Now we shoot them down, we dissect them and study them indifferently. We try and clone them, and there is a massive movement to deceive the masses about their agendas, their nature, and who and what they are.

They have showed us many times to stop the nuclear programs. They have shown those in charge of the programs to get the point across.

We have the free energy technology needed already to change the world. It is in the hands of those who attack and shoot down the ships. They shoot them to get their technology.

They have shown me a connection between the 9/11 and 3/11 Japan incident. 9/11 was a traumatizing event for all Americans - and others worldwide. It has also led to huge and massive still ongoing wars, changes in laws, and the removal of rights. It is a collective wound. When someone presses their finger on that wound you feel the pain again. This is being used against the psyche of the American people. In a way, we all have PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder. 9/11 was not just an inside job, it was weaponized free energy technology (see Dr. Judy Wood's newly published book Where Did The Towers Go?) The truth movement claim that it was blown up by the Government has been allowed to be built up in the conspiracy world to hide this fact. The star beings wish to show the connection because the use of the free energy weapons and how they are enhancing the natural Earth changes. This is a connection you can make once you see the truth of their existence.

Last time, and many times before that, nuclear was not here when the Earth went through her shifts. Now it is. If you have nuclear meltdowns and Earth changes, well then you have quite a problem don't you. The Earth will continue no matter what. She will regenerate herself. Whether we are on it or not. The star beings know this.

They use a completely different physics then we know in mainstream science. This has been decoded by those in black projects through reverse engineering. They have reproduced the ships and use them now. The chemtrails are used to hide the ships that are being used by the military/industrial complex, and also as a way to intercept the star beings and detect them on highly specialized radar systems. The side effects on the human biological systems are seen as unfortunate and insignificant. To them the work is worth the cost, YOU and your families are insignificant in the grand scheme of things because what they are doing is so out of this world, LITERALLY. It is not being done solely to kill us as some claim. This is a misunderstanding of agendas.

The star beings will begin to contact other people, and through consciousness and dreams, show people how to build the technology needed. They will start teaching people the new physics. These will come in AH HA moments of inspiration. But if you are dumbed down, you will not be able to achieve that. This is how they have helped in the past, through inception of inspiration. This is the purpose of the chemicals aspartame, fluoride and others. A dumbed down species will not only be more dependent on their leaders, they will also not have the AH HA moments needed to divine, understand and conceive the higher math!

Contact would be happening on a much larger level except for the massive star weapons movement that is going on above our heads. The military has bases on the moon and Mars. They have developed an advanced system to murder and kill the star beings, and take their technology. However the star beings are far more advanced then us, and they do not fight back. We only see the fighting in Hollywood movies. Another brainwashing scam. So we have the misconception that they are evil ugly monsters thanks to a Hollywood set, billion dollar budget and great actors.

Eventually it will become so obvious that the star beings are here, that a perspective will have to be chosen, and the powers that be know that. So in the meantime while they build up technology, spread war to fund the projects, we are injected with a kind of fog serum. One where our rightful discernment of truth is unclear, and our opinions are made for us. We are not intelligent enough to connect the pieces, and a war will be easy to sell. Especially once we are ripe to believe they are here to take over. A common theme in most of the alien movies ever made.

Trust your feelings, and your dreams. Meditate. They can reach you here. Listen, and trust. Why have you been led to believe your dreams are meaningless? Why have you been led to believe you are not an empowered whole being? Why have you been taken off natural time and put onto a hamster wheel of man made time? Why have you been told God is outside of you? To unplug you from the cosmic communication source.

Think about it. Look away from the distractions long enough to see it. Then feel it in your heart above all else. There you cannot have any fear. There in the heart is where you will find truth. If you listen to the Earth, you will hear the cosmos. You must listen to the Earth first because you belong to it. You are here for a reason. She has played a very crucial part in your creation as well.



Andrew Johnson said...


Many thanks for this excellent post - and thanks for interviewing Dr Judy a while ago on your programme.

I have come to similar conclusions as you have - but without any direct contact with "people outside", so to speak.

I recently posted a short article about secrecy and what has unfolded in Japan.

I call on the 'intelligence' services to help end secrecy and help us get access to the technology to mitigate what has happened and is happening. said...

I come back to view your site as often as time allows. Here in Christchurch New Zealand we are going through some upheavals of our own....yet view the ongoing world events with sympathy too.
I hope we as a race can see the changes all around us with a feeling of gratitude that we are living through this major transforming age, instead of with fear.
Keep writing Hilary, you are a wise and beautiful lady.

smiling eyes said...

Hilary - thank you for that

i love my dreams and know i get so many messages in and tools ... i will put a button on my blogspot page ...
so that more people can read your site ...

blessings from the rainbow