Saturday, March 5, 2011

Real Dreams of Love

Who is this man I have known so long.

I feel you calling me. I hear your heart song singing mine.

Last night I dreamed we were on the edge of the sea. Rhythm with the waves.

We lay where the ocean and land met, we became both.

The stars surrounded us, and celebrate their return.

Beauty you are. You touched me inside myself.

It could be no other way.

I have loved you forever. One touch and the heavens collide.

Like Gods coming together to create only worlds beyond time, our time is no time.

I remember you.


Thomas Martin Smith ----------- "The Scooter Crusader" said...

Beautifully written, Hillary. Thank you for sharing. ;-)♥(-;

Just Bob said...

The reunion of the male and female spirit, that very human endeavor.

Can we ever escape the quest to reunite ourselves in the one that we are, of spirit.

This is the cruelity of the human experience, the perception of incomplentness.

Male/Female we seek, we long, we yearn to be whole again.

We have forgotten the choice we made, the reason of this choice, and we move forward marching to a journeys end, wailing to become whole again.

In spirit we touch that which we thought was lost, and lament when we must return to that which is not.