Friday, March 11, 2011

Feeling it? So is the Whole World.

You feeling it yet?

You should be. In one way or another. As the Earth goes through her birthing pains, so will we.

You will feel it according to where your consciousness is at any given moment.

I have been writing and teaching about the importance of grounding, expanding consciousness and healing your wounds for a very long time. Now it is time to put all of it to work.

We were all born now to cross this point together. Each person in your life is a part of your crossing. Relationships are changing, a unique re-aligning of energies.

All relations are feeling THE SHIFT.

The Earth is shaking and shifting, her life blood, lava, is flowing stronger every day. Churning under our feet, raising the heat. Her water has broke. The floods are clearing the birth canal.

Ask yourself what is being destroyed in the process? What are you really losing in the birthing alignment of YOU?

This time has been foretold. By all of us, who feel it resonating within our body. Our intuitive selves know truth. It is only when fear invades our senses that something else takes over.

As I watch the Earth awaken, her waters flowing, the re-aligning shift speaks of miracles. Miracles of rebirth, transformation, reunion of priorities, and a clean slate to start over. An inevitable recycle.

My heart is with all of my brothers and sisters who are caught in the actual events. I pray for peace in their hearts and spirits as they cross over. Like when MU sank in the West, and all cultures around the world documented it on the walls of their greatest temples.

MU is returning. Raising up from the depths. Her memories are fertile inside all of us. We are recalling our true history, our true ancestors, and recalling our last journey through the great changes.

How has it effected me? I have felt an inundation of sexual energy, Kundalini rising. I've been like a cat in heat for the past week. Very intense dreaming, and many clear visions of translating recent events, such as Japan, and the Pacific Tsunamis.

Every woman who has ever given birth, knows it hurts. The amount of pain involved can be enormous. However every woman reaches a breaking point of just doing it, and we get through it. It is a true right of passage. It is our entrance into a new world. It is no different for the Earth. She will out live all of us, even our species as we know and recognize each other now.

We are in a rite of passage. Of a cosmic scale. Our entire species, everyone we know is going through it. How beautiful is that.

Our greatest fears, and our biggest insecurities are in our face right now because we have to face and heal them now. There is no more waiting, or 'slow cooking' our passions, or true self.

I have never felt so connected in my life. My life is changing yes, and sometimes it is painful. But the pain teaches me, I see more of myself in my own lessons. What could be more beautiful.

Love yourself more then ever right now. Love those in your life more then ever. Trust the messages you get. Women especially as the womb carriers of new dreams and realities. It is your time to divine.



Russell said...

Very well said Hillary!!!

leela said...

beautiful, hillary... yes, feeling internally the major shifts, heaves, and groans ... and yet feel an undercurrent of optimism amongst the tragedies and challenges... a shift to an awakening of our interconnectedness with each other and all living beings... thank you for your insights and inspirations...