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“The victims of the neurodegenerative/systemic degenerative disease Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Fibromyalgia are ill with a very real physical disease deriving from a sub-viral particle developed from the Brucellosis bacterial toxin.”
— Donald W. and William L.C. Scott, authors of The Brucellosis Triangle

In recent horror movies, tiny microorganisms infect humans and turn them into flesh-eating zombies. Often, the virus has been accidentally loosed from a covert government laboratory. While, it doesn’t seem like a pathogen exists for transforming a normal person into a cannibalistic zombie, there are a number of manmade germs and toxins that have been in development since before World War II that can devastate the human body.


In the wake of the Second World War, thousands of die-hard Nazis were arriving in the US, thanks to a technology-for-immunity swap arranged between Hitler’s right-hand man Martin Bormann and America’s Wall Street elite which included John J. McCloy and his protégé, Allen Dulles.

According to Dr. Len G. Horowitz’s research, “The WHO [World Health Organization] was heavily funded and influenced by the Rockefeller family, along with the United Nations and the World Bank…[and] the fact that John D. Rockefeller’s business managers and lawyers, John Foster and Allen Dulles, had created the partnership between the world’s largest oil conglomerate and I.G. Farben— Germany’s leading industrial organization prior to World War II….” Before the war, attorney McCloy had represented the I.G. Farben drug combine. In The Rise of the Fourth Reich, it was detailed how the Dulles brothers and their pre-war work for the Schroeder Rockefeller& Company, City National Bank Chairman John J. McCloy and Union Banking Corporation Director Prescott Bush acted as principal agents for Hitler’s Germany. It might also be noted that the UN building in New York City sits on Rockefeller-donated land.

McCloy, who served as High Commissioner in post-war Germany, also was chairman of the Ford Foundation, Chase Manhattan Bank, the Salk Institute, E. R. Squibb & Sons, and the powerful Council on Foreign Relations, described in the New York Times as a group that “fixes major goals and constitutes itself a ready pool of manpower for the more exacting labors of leadership.” In his 1989 Times obituary, McCloy was termed “chairman of the Establishment,”

Though US laws were in place to forbid post-war Germans from conducting research on chemical warfare, these were largely ignored as John McCloy hired experts as “consultants” and helped fund German industries to produce chemical warfare materials for the American military. At the same time, Allen Dulles was named director of the CIA. Prior to the war had served as legal representative of the Nazi Shroeder Bank and then during the war as an officer for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), where he supervised Army Intelligence translator Henry Kissinger, who would go on to become secretary of state under President Richard Nixon. It was Dulles as head of the CIA that expunged many Paperclip scientists Nazi backgrounds.

During this time, Wernher von Braun, long considered the father of our NASA space program, and other top rocket scientists entered the country, along with the chief of Nazi medical science Walter Emil Schreiber, who had supervised the sterilization of men using surgery, x-rays and drugs and had overseen the exchange of humans and mice as recipients of a deadly typhus virus and. Despite being described as “the prototype of an ardent and convinced Nazi,” Schrieber worked for a decade in the chemical division of the US European Command and for a time at the Air Force School of Aviation Medicine in Texas.

Another German immigrant, Kurt Blome, told U.S. military interrogators in 1945 that he had been ordered in 1943 to experiment with plague vaccines on concentration camp prisoners. Blome went on to work for the US Army Chemical Corp. These Nazis were joined at Fort Detrick by Japanese Gen. Ishii Shiro, the man in charge of the infamous Unit 731, the Japanese biological research and development unit responsible for the deaths of 3,000 people, including American prisoners.

It was the work of such enemy researchers that was continued and expanded in the United States following WWII that may have resulted in many of recent health disasters.


In the early 1940s, Nazi medical scientists had managed to isolate the bacterial toxin from brucella bacteria (usually known as Brucellosis or undulant fever and mostly found in mammals, especially cows) and form it into a crystalline form or agent.

Brucellosis is an ancient bacteria, and was selected because it was insidious, difficult to detect, and was present in almost every organ or system of the human body. When activated by the crystalline agent, brucellosis stimulates various diseases that prompt a variety of symptoms including debilitating fatigue, high fever, shivering, aching, drenching sweats, headache, backache, weakness and depression. Damage to major organs is possible leading to ailments such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis and heart disease.

The Paperclip medical scientists coming to America brought with them this toxin, known as a mycoplasma -- a distinct type of bacteria lacking a cell wall. A U.S. government report dated January 3, 1946, carried a section entitled, “Production and isolation, for the First Time, of a Crystalline Bacterial Toxin.” The Nazi bug had been reduced to a crystalline form, creating an artificial virulent disease agent derived from the original bacteria.

This crystalline bacterial agent could be dispensed by aerial spraying or by infected insects. The agent also did not respond to most antibiotics, including penicillin. Acting as a parasite, it stimulated both bacterial and viral diseases and, because it attached to specific cells without killing them, was virtually undetectable by conventional medical diagnosis techniques. Such diseases are considered untreatable and usually fatal, because they mostly affect the brain or neural tissue,

These sub-viral bacterium particles have various names. They have been termed “prions” by Nobel Prize-winner Dr. Stanley B. Prusiner, “stealth viruses” by Dr. John Martin of the Center for Complex Infectious Diseases, “amyloids” by the late Dr. Carleton Gajdusek, winner of the 1976 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work on mysterious epidemics at the National Institute of Health (NIH); and “Mycoplasma/Brucellosis” by Donald Scott and Garth Nicholson.

According to a paper by Stanley Prusiner, prions are unprecedented infectious pathogens that cause fatal neurodegenerative diseases by the entirely novel mechanism of altering proteins in the body. “Prion diseases may present as genetic, infectious, or sporadic disorders, all of which involve modification of the prion protein (PrP),” wrote Prusiner.

Paperclip scientists working on these infectious organisms were based primarily in laboratories at Fort Detrick, MD, Cold Spring Harbor, NY and Edgewood Arsenal, MD. “It was here and in hundreds of other laboratories throughout America that immediately after World War II our former enemies’ scientists were brought in under Operation Paperclip to continue their research and development of some of the most horrible weapons of mass destruction known to mankind,” noted molecular researchers Garth and Nancy Nicolson in their 2005 book Project Day Lily.

The husband-wife molecular researchers noted there are 200 species of Mycoplasma. Most are innocuous and do no harm. Only four or five are pathogenic. “Mycoplasma fermentans (incognitus strain) probably comes from the nucleus of the Brucella bacterium. This disease agent is not a bacterium and not a virus; it is a mutated form of the Brucella bacterium, combined with a visna virus, from which the mycoplasma is extracted,” They said. “[T]he little mycoplasma also lost some of its genetic information, such as the genes that encode the thick cell wall and other genes that code for certain enzymes in metabolic pathways. Thus it is smaller than the most common bacteria, and without the distinctive cell walls found in most bacteria it can take on a variety of morphologies. It must hide inside animal or human cells to survive, and although originally thought to be fairly fragile, the little mycoplasma was hardier than anyone had ever imagined.”

Although it considered primitive by bacteriological standards, the mycoplasma actually evolved from bacteria that contained cell walls, but lost its ability to make its own cell wall, probably because it no longer needed it when hiding inside hosts’ cells and tissues. “But it made up for the loss of some of its genetic information by having evolved with other genetic sequences that allowed it to enter and colonize cells just like
viruses….[but] it was not a virus because it retained the genetic and biochemical remnants of bacteria. Like a virus, however, it damaged cells by interfering with some of the cells’ biochemical cycles, and it encoded some nasty molecules that caused invaded cells to slowly self-destruct and die,” said the Nicolsons, noting that important targets inside cells were the mitochondria, cellular “batteries” which produce energy and the DNA.

The Nicolsons explained that biological warfare research conducted between 1942 and now has created more deadly and infectious forms of Mycoplasma. Continuing the work of Nazi scientists, researchers in the US “weaponized” the mycoplasma by reducing the pathogen to a synthesized crystalline form. They later tested it on an unsuspecting public in North America.

According to the Nicolsons, the US military’s fascination with building this kind of biological weapon lies in the fact that the “creature will hide inside cells and cause unbelievable havoc. It will destroy the mitochondria, eventually sending cells into an unrelenting death program, and in the process gene expression will go crazy and surrounding cells will become damaged. This bug will then escape from its dying host cell and go to other places to eventually colonize every organ. And because pieces of the cellular membrane are dislodged when this little mycoplasma leaves its cellular hiding places, its victims should also be presented with an array of autoimmune symptoms similar to those found in various degenerative illnesses. It may even mimic some neurodegenerative diseases. It’s beautiful, because it should cause diseases such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, but no one will ever guess that they are caused by an infection. Most physicians …will never figure this out…. What a delightful weapon!”

Several researchers, including the Nicolsons, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, Dr. Joseph S. Puleo, and authors of The Brucellosis Triangle, Donald W. and William L.C. Scott, have linked this micoplasma pathogen to a host of increasingly common neurosystemic diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Bi-Polar Disorder, Crohns-Colitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Creutzfeldt-Jakob, diabetes, dystonia, Fibromyalgia, Huntington’s, Lupus, Lyme disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Myalgic encephalomyelitis, Parkinson’s disease and even Schizophrenia. Some strains of mycoplasma are now being blamed for cancer and AIDS. According to the former chief virologist for the pharmaceutical company Merck Sharp & Dohme, the late Dr. Maurice Hilleman, this disease agent is now carried by everybody in North America and possibly most people throughout the world.

Mycoplasma researchers claim many people today suffering from various neurological diseases are actually ill with brucellosis. However, because the disease toxin pathogen has been isolated from the source bacterium in a crystalline form, there is no blood or tissue test that will confirm this fact.

Weaponized mycoplasmas generate ammonias that are deposited into the infected cell nuclei. “These nasty ‘beasts’ intertwine with the genetic machinery and are intra-cellular rather than inter-cellular. Other infectious agents are involved in the afflicted individual. These agents are usually mosaics of naturally occurring bacteria and viruses, and the effect upon the afflicted individual depends upon the individual's genetic pre-disposition and immunological make-up,” stated Garth Nicolson. “Each person is affected differently by the infection, but all afflicted individuals share a constellation of symptoms.

“We have a survey that describes 120 signs and symptoms,” added Nancy Nicolson. “In the case of the pathogenic mycoplasmas that we investigated, we found the HIV-1 envelope gene associated with the mycoplasma. This gene renders the mycoplasma more deadly. I have always wondered how many people that have been diagnosed as HIV positive actually have the chimeric-- a mosaic of the mycoplasma bacterian and HIV?” Reportedly there are 10 strains of HIV. HIV-1 promotes AIDS; by compromising the immunization system, whereas HIV-2 does not promote AIDS. The other 8 HIV strains are included in the bio-warfare arsenal. The pathogenic mycoplasma can promote a non-HIV AIDS that mimics the symptoms of AIDS. “No one will talk about this!” said Nancy Nicolson. “The mycoplasmas have been genetically engineered with pieces of genetic material from other pathogens such as brucella. The mycoplasmas are often co-factors with the Lyme disease microorganism. All these emerging diseases correlate to bio-warfare experiments conducted during the Cold War that went seriously awry. Remember the US did approximately 208 open air tests on the US population without their knowledge or consent over a 30 years period.”

It is possible that the crystalline disease toxin from the pathogens is one of the mycoplasma species— a technological feat accomplished by US military biochemical researchers working with Nazi Paperclip scientists. In 1946, director of the War Research Service, George W. Merck, reported the possibility of using crystalline toxins to Secretary of War Robert P. Patterson. It should be noted that the War Research Service initiated America’s biological weapons program, and Merck went on to become president of the Merck & Company pharmaceutical firm. Although Merck died in 1957, his early knowledge of the disease toxin means it could have been passed along to his colleagues at Merck Pharmaceutical. That Merck was involved in such research can be seen in a New England Journal of Medicine article which noted that a study of the hepatitis B vaccine, used extensively in gay and drug-addict communities, was supported “by a grant from the Department of Virus and Cell Biology of Merck, Sharp and Dohme Research Laboratories, West Point, VA.

After extensive study, researchers Donald W. and William L.C. Scott concluded that those suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibramyalgia are actually victims of “man-altered versions of brucellosis emanating from the ‘triangle’— that is, the areas around Fort Detrick, Washington, D.C. New York City’s East Side and Long Island’s federal Animal Disease Center, and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.” These locations are often mentioned in biological warfare literature. Fort Detrick and Cold Spring Harbor, especially, were centers of Nazi Paperclip research activity.

According to the Scotts’ report, this pathogen was tested during the summer of 1984 at Tahoe-Truckee High School in California via the air duct system. Individual rooms were fitted with an independent recycling air supply system and the teacher’s lounge was designated as the infection target. Within months, seven of eight teachers assigned to this room became very ill.

Tahoe-Truckee High School was only one of several locations where the specially designed pathogens were tested. Some pathogens were distributed by aerosol sprays and others were spread through contaminated mosquitoes. The Scotts reported that, during the 1980s, one hundred million mosquitoes a month were bred at the Dominion Parasite Laboratory in Belleville, Ontario. From there, the mosquitoes were tested by both Canadian and U.S. military authorities after being infected with brucellosis. Some observers believe the 1999 outbreak of human encephalitis in New York City due to what was designated West Nile virus may have been the result of these infected mosquitoes.

Additionally, the Scotts also claim that unsuspecting victims were tested by both the military and CIA and monitored by the National Institutes of Health and the Center for Disease Control Encouraged by what they thought was a successful test, military leaders reportedly passed the brucellosis bio agent to Saddam Hussein, who in the mid-1980s was fighting a protracted war against Iran with the aid of the CIA. With the approval of Vice-President George H. W. Bush in 1985, Saddam received “a startling array of biological pathogens… the essential raw material for a disabling weapon.” This included shipments of both brucella abortus, biotypes 3 and 9, and brucella melitensis, biotypes 1 and 3. These toxins continued to be sold to Saddam through May 2, 1986 as “shipments number 21 and 22 from [the American Type Culture Collection] ATCC in Rockville, Maryland.”

In a 2005 article entitled “Molecular Terrorism,” Gary Tunsky credited both Scotts and the Nicolsons with creating a growing public awareness of the mysterious and debilitating effects of mycoplasma infection.

“Chances are if you feel sick and tired and your doctor is unable to make a definite diagnosis because lab tests, blood chemistry profiles and tissue cultures fail to reveal any disease pathogen, you might very well be infected with Mycoplasma,” suggested Tunsky.

“Since Mycoplasma cannot be successfully treated with the usual short course duration of antibiotics due to their intracellular location, slow proliferation rate and inherent resistance to most antibiotics, the few Mycoplasma experts that specialize in this field are recommending six-months to one year of non-stop treatments using strong antibiotics such as Cipro and Doxycycline,” he added. “However, if a patient does not want to destroy their body and immune system with Cipro and Doxycycline, a total overhaul of every cell from head to toe using a multi-faceted, non-toxic, holistic treatment approach is absolutely necessary to overcome Mycoplasma infections naturally. This is why vitamins and nutritional supplementation are so important in the therapy.”

Tunsky said the reason so many Americans are caught up in a medical merry-go-round of being bounced from one doctor to the next without ever receiving a proper diagnosis is that mainstream medical doctors are not trained to find hard-to-detect pathogens. “Since mycoplasma hides intra-cellularly and invades multiple organs and systems, it manifests a vast array of symptoms throughout the whole body, making a correct diagnosis virtually impossible for a mainstream doctor's linear, magic bullet mentality,” he explained. Such inability to make a quick and simple diagnosis lies behind the mysterious malady which struck members of the US military in the Persian Gulf War of 1990-91.


After Saddam obtained a stockpile of the brucellosis, it was discovered that this contagious designer bacteria had mutated and become airborne. And it was too late. According to the Scotts, Saddam used his toxins on American troops during the Persian Gulf War. This attack by mycoplasma, exacerbated by the impaired immunization systems caused by untested vaccines, the depleted uranium used in anti-tank shells and oil well fires, combined in a toxic mixture resulting in the illness known as Gulf War Syndrome. “Researchers could only look dumbly on when 100,000 veterans returned from the Gulf War presenting all of the brucellosis symptoms…And the Pentagon could only take up the tried and tested myth that the veterans were not really sick at all. They only imagined they were,” the Scotts explained.

Troops initially were told that no such infection existed and that the problem was mostly in their mind. But over the years, authorities were forced to admit that something had triggered severe illness in many Gulf War veterans. Curiously, French troops that served in the Gulf War did not receive the same mix of vaccines as the British and Americans and did not suffer from Gulf War Syndrome. Apparently their undamaged immunization systems were able to withstand the mycoplasma attack.

A 1993 staff report to Senator Donald W. Riegle, Jr., entitled, “Gulf War Syndrome: The Case for Multiple Origin Mixed Chemical/Biotoxin Warfare Related Disorders” contrasts the relationship between the high rate of Gulf War illnesses among troops exposed to a direct agent attacks and the much lower rates among those exposed only to the indirect fallout from coalition bombings of Iraqi chemical, biological, and nuclear targets. Because the US military was not likely to reveal one of its most secret bio-chemical weapons or face liability by admitting that it had been sold to Saddam Hussein, the report concluded that vaccines “were to blame for the troops’ illnesses.” However, the report also hinted at the possibility of other causes, stating, “While other possible causes of the Gulf War Syndrome, such as petrochemical poisoning, depleted uranium exposure, and regionally prevalent diseases, have been discussed, no other explanation proves as compelling.”

Although Riegle’s report was completed in September, 1993, it was not made available until April, 1997, when the American Gulf War Veterans Association was finally able to obtain a copy. Not only were servicemen being forced to take untested vaccines, many veterans were not receiving adequate medical care due to missing medical records. The Senate Veterans Affairs Committee Report 103-97 issued on December 8, 1994, showed the military medical records of 51 percent of 150 Gulf War veterans surveyed were either missing or inaccurate. Clearly, something else other than mere negligence must have been at play if so many medically records were missing or inaccurate.
In 2009, Gulf War infection due to manmade mycoplasma seemed to be repeating itself. In mid-August, three Canadian soldiers were quarantined at a hospital in Quebec City, Canada, after returning from Kandahar, Afghanistan. The soldiers were infected with a drug-resistant “superbug” formally titled Acinetobacter baumannii, but dubbed by the American troops “Iraqibacter.” Fearing they too may have contracted this bug, two civilian patients that were in contact with the soldiers were also isolated. “This isn't the first case we've had. We've received military patients returning from Afghanistan with this bacterium since 2007,” said a hospital spokesperson. In a 2007 report, Wound Care Canada wrote incidences of this strain have increased in U.S. military hospitals. America’s CDC has issued a report stating that an increase of Acinetobacter baumannii in military hospitals treating U.S. troops serving in the Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan was noticed as far back as 2002.

Following the Gulf War and the misrepresentations of the government, the mycoplasma spread to the civilian population whereupon many people began suffering from debilitation and tiredness. Once it was known that the contagion was spreading into the general population, top officials with the National Institutes of Health and Center for Disease Control as well as the Defense Department and the Department of Health and Human Resources claimed the disease was connected to the Epstein-Barr virus. They labeled it “Chronic Mononucleosis,” and it has now become known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Like the veterans before them, victims of this ailment initially were told it was merely a psychological condition.

Yet, by 2010, the CDC had acknowledged Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a long-term debilitating and complex disorder characterized by profound fatigue that is not improved by bed rest and that may be worsened by physical or mental activity. The CDC estimated more than one million people in the United States is affected by the syndrome and that there are “tens of millions of people with similar fatiguing illnesses who do not fully meet the strict research definition of CFS.”

One victim, Dr. Martin Lerner of William Beaumont Hospital, told his peers in the American Society of Microbiology that the mysterious disease left his heart damaged, and that he suspected that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was caused by viral infection. Lerner, who founded the Treatment Center for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Beverly Hills, MI, created the Energy Index Point Score in hopes it would become a standard measurement tool to evaluate the degree of disability for CFS patients. Kerner has connected the Epstein Barr Virus, Human Herpes Virus-6 and Cytomegalovirus and similar infections to CFS. These are the very debilitating diseases studied by Donald and William Scott, who concluded that the victims of such neurodegenerative and systemic diseases “are ill with a very real physical disease deriving from a sub-viral particle developed from the brucellosis bacterial toxin.”

The idea that a manmade biological weapon may be responsible for the ill health of millions of Americans is horrifying enough. Is it possible that such a catastrophic circumstance is the result of a conscious plan by the globalists?


Researchers now believe that virtually everyone in North America – and perhaps the world – carries the crystalline pathogen, although no symptoms will become apparent until the latter stages of some serious disease. Many conspiracy theorists believed in early 2009 that something within the Swine flu vaccinations would trigger the pathogen.

Swine flu, officially a new strain of the H1N1 influenza virus, was first identified in the spring of 2009 following an outbreak in Mexico. Oddly, although the strain contains a combination of genes from swine, avian (bird), and human influenza viruses, it cannot be spread by eating pork or pork products, leading many suspicious persons to suspect that swine flu is of human manufacture.

Some theorists also believed that the spread of the health-destroying mycoplasma toxin fits well with the agenda of the wealthy elite who have long supported eugenics and have been looking for ways to cull the human herd of “useless eaters.” Many cite a 1974 classified study made by the U.S. National Security Council under Henry Kissinger in 1974 entitled, “National Security Study Memorandum (NSSM) 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests.” This study, also known as The Kissinger Report, stated that population growth in the so-called Lesser Developed Countries (LDCs) represented a serious threat to U.S. national security. The study was adopted as official policy in November, 1975 by unelected President Gerald Ford and implemented by Brent Scowcroft, who had replaced Kissinger as national security adviser. NSSM 200 outlined a covert plan to reduce population growth in LDCs countries through birth control, war and famine. Then CIA Director George H. W. Bush was ordered to assist Scowcroft, as were the secretaries of state, treasury, defense, and agriculture.

In a 1981 interview concerning overpopulation, former Ambassador to South Vietnam and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Maxwell Taylor, after advocating population reduction through limited wars, disease and starvation, blithely concluded, “I have already written off more than a billion people. These people are in places in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. We can’t save them. The population crisis and the food-supply question dictate that we should not even try. It’s a waste of time.”

As if he were reading from Taylor’s script, England’s Prince Philip was quoted in People magazine as saying, “Human population growth is probably the single most serious long-term threat to survival. We're in for a major disaster if it isn't curbed— not just for the natural world, but for the human world. The more people there are, the more resources they'll consume, the more pollution they'll create, the more fighting they will do. We have no option. If it isn't controlled voluntarily, it will be controlled involuntarily by an increase in disease, starvation and war.” Years later, Philip mused, “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.”

In the early 1970s, Associate Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg may have echoed the views of Ivy League intellectuals when she said she believed the Roe v. Wade abortion decision was predicated on the Supreme Court majority's desire to diminish “populations that we don’t want to have too many of.” She added that it was then her expectation that the right to abortion created in Roe “was going to be then set up for Medicaid funding for abortion.”

Where did Ginsburg get the idea that American policy-making elites were interested in decreasing undesirable populations? Some researchers suggested that Ginsburg, at some point, became acquainted with the writings of John Holdren or of like-minded people in the most militant branch of the population control movement. In 1977, Mr. Holdren was a young academic who helped anti-natalist guru Paul Ehrlich and his wife Anne write Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment.

Holdren’s work states, “If some individuals contribute to general social deterioration by overproducing children, and if the need is compelling, they can [could] be required by law to exercise reproductive responsibility – just as they can be required to exercise responsibility in their resource-consumption patterns….” Expressing the desire for “a Planetary regime” by controlling all human economic activity and interactions with the environment, the authors suggest the “power to enforce the agreed limits” on population growth by whatever means necessary. This includes involuntary sterilization, abortion, or even mass involuntary sterilization through the infiltration of sterilizing agents into public water supplies.

Internet blogger and radio host William Norman Grigg pointed out that amidst the Obama administration’s efforts to impose centralized “universal” healthcare, John Holdren sits as Barack Obama’s ‘Science Czar,’ in which he counsels the president on the role of science in public policy. “This relationship has a certain Strangelovian undercurrent, given Holdren’s enthusiasm for eugenicist and totalitarian methods of population ‘management’,” he noted.

Prolific author G. Edward Griffin, best known for his book on the Federal Reserve, The Creature from Jekyll Island, also voiced concern over Holdren thoughts on martial law and depopulation. Noting Holdren’s advocacy of forced abortions and putting sterilization chemicals in the water supply, Griffin stated that Holdren discussed the possibility of reducing the population by insidious means. “He was not concerned with the ethical or freedom issues involved with these measures, only their practicality. Now we find this same man, an academic expert on population reduction, at the right hand of the President of The United States, advocating mass vaccination against the Swine Flu using vaccines that half of the medical profession believes are unsafe…Remember, all of those who hold power in the governments of the world today are collectivists [self-styled globalists], and the guiding rule of collectivism is that individuals and minorities must be sacrificed, if necessary, for the greater good of the state or of society. Of course, those who rule will decide what the greater good is and who is to be sacrificed,” Griffin said.

This, of course, is the basic problem with population control. The idea of limiting the burgeoning Earth’s population is probably desirable, as the increasing number of humans as well as their waste is placing a strain on the planet. The rub comes with the question of who will decide which segments of the population must forego childbearing for the good of the majority. So far, it is the wealthy elite – the globalists – who have taken the lead in creating ways of holding down population growth through eugenics, drugs and birth-control measures.

Former Assistant Secretary of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts agreed with Griffin that one of the globalists’ goals is depopulation. “Perhaps it is the goal of a swine flu epidemic as well, whether bio-warfare or hype around a flu season,” she warned. “I keep remembering my sense of urgency leaving the Bush Administration in 1991. We had to do something to turn around the economy and gather real assets behind retirement plans and the social safety net. If not, Americans could find themselves deeply out on a limb. I felt my family and friends were in danger. They did not share my concern. They had a deep faith in the system. As my efforts to find ways of reengineering government investment in communities failed to win political support, Washington and Wall Street moved forward with a debt bubble and globalization that was horrifying in its implications for humanity.

“Overwhelmed by what was happening, I estimated the end result. My simple calculations guessed that we were going to achieve economic sustainability on Earth by depopulating down to a population of approximately 500 million people from our then current global population of 6 billion [by 2009, 7.7 billion]. I was… used to looking at numbers from a very high level. To me, we had to have radical change in how we governed resources or depopulate. It was a mathematical result.”

Fitts noted than some government budget analysts have concluded that the nation can no longer afford previously-assumed social safety nets like Social Security and Medicare. “That is, unless you change the actuarial assumptions in the budget - like life expectancy,” she said, “Lowering immune systems and increasing toxicity levels combined with poor food, water and terrorizing stress will help do the trick. A plague can so frighten and help control people that they will accept the end of their current benefits (and the resulting implications to life expectancy) without objection. And a plague with proper planning can be highly profitable. Whatever the truth of what swine flu is or vaccines rushed into production without proper testing and peer review, it is a way to keep control in a situation that is quickly shifting out of control.”


Although not physically killed, one remarkable scientist professionally discredited and ruined for his claim of discovering a cure for dangerous diseases was Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. Today his suppressed technology is making a worldwide comeback despite the opposition of the medical establishment.

In the 1930s, Rife demonstrated the ability of specific radio-wave frequencies to disrupt viral and bacteria cells. Every biochemical compound, including single-cell organisms, oscillate with a unique frequency vibration. Because germs are carbon-based life forms, they are susceptible to disruption by radio frequencies. When the amplitude, or resonance, of the frequency is intensified,, the cell can be shattered and destroyed. By increasing the intensity of a frequency, Rife increased the natural oscillations of one-celled bacteria and viruses until they distorted and disintegrated from structural stresses. A crude analogy to this effect is a glass shattering when a singer sounds a high note.

Rife’s work with pathogens began as a result of his invention of the “Universal Prismatic Microscope,” which was more effective in studying organisms than electron microscopes because those devices killed specimens by bombarding them with radiant energy. Using specially-ground quartz prisms in an elongated microscope tube, Rife not only was able to view live specimens but his view was amplified up to 60,000 times. He became the first human to see and photograph live viruses and to note that they evolved and changed form just as other organisms.

A 1944 report from the Smithsonian Institution entitled “The New Microscope” by Dr. R.E. Seidel (report #3781) stated, “Under the Universal Microscope disease organisms such as those of cancer ... and other disease may be observed to succumb when exposed to certain lethal frequencies...” This was strong support for claims that Rife's frequency therapy actually worked to destroy diseases.

Following decades of research, Rife isolated the frequencies of numerous disease cells, including cancer, and by broadcasting them back to the cells in an intensified form was able to shatter the original disease cell. This technology does not harm normal healthy cells or tissue. There has not been one documented case of a person harmed by a Rife-type device.

In fact, there are narratives of many successes. A Special Research Committee of the University of Southern California confirmed that Rife frequencies were reversing many ailments, including cancer. By 1934, Rife had isolated a virus which incited cancer cells and stopped it by bombarding it with radio frequencies. He was successful in killing both carcinoma and sarcoma cancers in more than 400 tests on animals and in using his frequencies to cure 16 cancer patients diagnosed as terminal by conventional medicine.
Soon enough, the established medical community realized that this device not only would wreck the pharmaceutical industry, but damage medical practices in general. Cures meant less visits to the doctor. Opposition immediately came from Dr. Thomas Rivers of the Rockefeller Institute, who had not even seen Rife’s equipment in operation. Rivers claimed evolved forms of viruses did not exist. Conflict broke out between those persons who had seen viruses changing into different forms beneath Rife's microscopes and those who had not.

“Because his microscope did not reveal them, Rivers argued that there was ‘no logical basis for belief in this theory [evolving forms of viruses],’ explained national radio commentator Jeff Rense. “The same argument is used today in evaluating many other 'alternative' medical treatments; if there is no precedent, then it must not be valid. Nothing can convince a closed mind. Most had never actually looked though the San Diego microscopes [of Rife]...air travel in the 1930's was uncomfortable, primitive, and rather risky. So, the debate about the life cycle of viruses was resolved in favor of those who never saw it. Even modern electron microscopes show frozen images, not the life cycle of viruses in process,”
Overworked and underfunded, Rife and his associates were easy targets for attack. The health authorities made false claims against him, altered his test procedures so that his demonstrations would fail, and made impossible demands on him.
In 1934, Rife declined an offer to partner with Morris Fishbein, then head of the American Medical Association. “We many never know the exact terms of this offer. But we do know the terms of the offer Fishbein made to Harry Hoxsey for control of his herbal cancer remedy,” reported Rense. “Fishbein's associates would receive all profits for nine years and Hoxey would receive nothing. Then, if they were satisfied that it worked, Hoxsey would begin to receive 10% of the profits. Hoxsey decided that he would rather continue to make all the profits himself. When Hoxsey turned Fishbein down, Fishbein used his immensely powerful political connections to have Hoxsey arrested 125 times in a period of 16 months. The charges (based on practicing medicine without a license) were always thrown out of court, but the harassment drove Hoxsey insane.”

Rife’s troubles turned more serious. His lab was ransacked on several occasions but no suspect ever caught. He was also harassed by health officials. Baseless and costly lawsuits were brought against him resulting in his bankruptcy. The suits, some filed by persons with connections to pharmaceutical corporations, ultimately failed. The USC’s Special Research Committee was disbanded, Rife was marginalized and his device today is available only as a costly research instrument employed by a few doctors and private citizens. Rife died a broken man in 1971.

Although Rife’s work has been confirmed by scientists and researchers outside the US, the conventional medical community still ignores the benefits of this technology and continues to prosecute those who do.

Barry Lynes, a California investigative reporter, learned of the Rife story through John Crane, who had worked at Rife’s side between 1950 and Rife’s death in 1971. Initially skeptical of the claims of the healing benefits of Rife technology, after studying the documentation held by Crane, Lynes became outraged by the injustices that had wrecked Rife’s life’s work. Lynes’ 1987 book on Rife and his work entitled The Cancer Cure That Worked! Fifty Years of Suppression became an underground favorite and sparked renewed interest in Rife’s work. Starting in 1995,San Diego manufacturer James Folsom marketed and distributed Rife-type devices when he took over the Royal Rife Research Society. He claimed to have hundreds of testimonials that his devices improved physical symptoms, and in many cases, led to remission in cancer. According to Folsom, he had no dissatisfied customers.

Folsom has raided by the FDA in 2003 during “Operation Cure All”, a campaign that targeted various companies in the alternative health market. Although Folsom’s equipment was confiscated, Folsom heard no more of it for years. But then in October 2007, just days before his vulnerability would have ended under a statute of limitations, Folsom was arrested and charged with several felonies, including selling a class III medical instrument without a license. Folsom argued he did not need a license because his equipment was a Class 1 biofeedback device. These devices were exempt and had been used for more than seventy years with no known harm or side effects. Regardless, the FDA claimed these biofeedback devices were under its jurisdiction over medical devices under a 1976 law. That law allowed for the prosecution of selling high-voltage medical devices. However, it should be noted that Folsom’s machine at that time could be powered by a nine-volt battery.

Despite being offered a plea bargain that would allow him to plead guilty to a misdemeanor and make him pay a $250 fine and suffer one year of unsupervised probation, Folsom decided to go to trial.
According to U.S. Attorney Karen Hewitt, Folsom’s business generated more than $8 million in revenue over its years in operation. Assistant U.S. Attorney Melanie Pierson said the case was the largest involving illegal medical devices that she had seen in twenty years working as a prosecutor in San Diego County.

The trial was held in U.S. District Court, where no discussion of the effectiveness of the Rife’s technology was allowed. Originally, Folsom wanted to produce stacks of testimonials from satisfied customers but Melanie Pierson objected. Folsom then tried to assert that for more than seventy years, no harmful effects had been documented from the devices. This too was not allowed. Folsom then tried to argue that none of his customers had been dissatisfied, but to no effect. Aside from prosecutors and government officials, the only witnesses at the trial were twenty-four of Folsom’s friends and fellow device distributors They unanimously testified to Folsom’s good character and clean business practices. Incredibly, the prosecution used this testimony against Folsom, claiming that, in fact, Folsom was such a brilliant fraud that even his peers and customers weren’t even aware they’d been defrauded. Prosecutors claimed Folsom used the false name “Jim Anderson" to avoid being caught by the FDA, and that he gave buyers the false impression that the FDA had approved the devices for “investigational purposes." Folsom admitted he had used the name as a salesman at a different company but had used his real name on all official and government correspondence.

In February, 2009, a U.S. Federal jury in San Diego convicted Folsom of twenty-six felony counts for selling Rife devices under the name of “Nature-tronics," “AstroPulse," “Biosolutions," “Energy Wellness," and “Global Wellness. ", Folsom, 68, faced more than 140 years in prison, literally a life sentence at his age, and $500,000 in fines for twenty-six felony counts. He is being held in the federal government’s Western Region Detention Facility in San Diego, now managed by the GEO Group, Inc., which provides correctional and detention, health and mental health management and other diversified services to federal, state, and local government agencies worldwide.

A few weeks after Folsom’s trial and conviction, the FDA issued a news release announcing that manufacturers of twenty-five types of medical devices marketed prior to 1976 must submit safety and effectiveness information to the agency so that it may evaluate the risk level for each device type. Supporters of Folsom said the FDA’s decision to scrutinize such pre-existing technology was most likely the result of his trial.

One Folsom supporter stated, “Jim stood on his principles for his innocence and to clear the Rife name. It was an impossible task. Jim was up against an endless supply of money through the FDA and an unjust system. Research has found since Jim’s conviction that our judicial system is more of a money machine than Big Pharma & the Medical Industrial Complex."

Observers saw Folsom’s conviction as a blow against those supporting Rife technology. They also predicted that those interested in the technology would have to go to foreign websites such as, a site in Germany where the sales and use of Rife-type devices are legal.

With the FDA seeking to require prescriptions for everyday vitamins and suppressing potentially useful medical technologies like Rife’s, not to mention the planned government-controlled national healthcare plan,, it would appear as though there is a conscious effort to prevent the public from acquiring healthful alternatives to chemical drugs.

But why would the government harm us with untested vaccines and the suppression of potentially healthful therapies? Wouldn't such actions also adversely affect the health of the Global Elite? Some researchers believe the answer may be that the inner-core globalists already utilize such technology or something even more advanced. Is it possible they can cure themselves of the same illnesses they allow to be inflicted on others? The globalist elites may not be worried that their eugenics plans will touch their families. They may believe they can protect their own DNA with race-specific pathogens. If they should contact some dire affliction, might they easily eliminate it with just a few short hours of frequency technology or advanced antidotes for immunization -- therapies cloaked from the general population.

The possibility of holding such publicly-denied therapies which might end disease and halt or regress the aging process would prove a most effective enticement in the recruitment of minions to aid in the advancement of their globalist agendas.

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