Monday, February 21, 2011

Love has the Power to Change Everything

Not the kind of possessing love of people who wish to own love - outside of themselves, but the kind of love that comes from within. It emanates around you creating a field of beauty, magic and it touches everyone who comes into your space. It spreads because it is energy, and energy whether positive or negative spreads and infects all that is around you.

Looking for beauty is an art. It takes practice. When you become a master at seeing beauty around you, you change the world. Yours and everyone who comes in contact with you. Seeking places where love is lacking becomes your purpose. You hunt down the places desolate and empty needing to be filled with love and beauty. Within yourself, and also the world. You become a magician of beauty.

Love becomes a multi-dimensional universe. You are the at the center a black and white hole giving off energy feeding the worlds around you with ether matter, transmuting dark energy into white, pulling in what is ready to be transformed, and putting out new light. You dance within your own beauty, this becomes a generator of technology no one can patent.

Love is the output of human biological technology already installed. The factory warranty is eternal. It is up to you to turn it on and keep it working well.

Love cannot be restricted to one day. It is an eternal state of mind, one we need to practice living in more and more until we change what is asking to be changed now. Within our own lives first, and then the world. you cannot change the world without changing your own first.

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