Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Journey of the Sacred Seed

The journey of a sperm holds truth of our human quest to find our own spiritual enlightenment. When you blow the journey of a small microscopic sperm up to that of a human being and scale the adventure to life size, there is a moment of revelation. A remembering of already having succeeded in the quest. Of exploring the landscape of the sacred mother surrounded by the consciousness of others, some walking beside you for awhile, well others only cross your path but for a single moment never to be seen again.

The above documentary opened an epiphany for me. An AH HA moment of symbolic match. If each sperm was a whole person, and they hold the frequency and genetic material needed to create a whole person, the intention of a whole person already lives within them, then YOU have already lived quite the lifetime.

A million possibilities live within the man for an untold amount of time. Packed in a huge amount of space. Who you stand next too may very well be manifested in a lifetime elsewhere as a soul, a consciousness. We will recognize them as a soul connection along the way somewhere in life after we are born. We already know the power of connection.

Sperm sitting and waiting not knowing for what...sound familiar? Questioning your coordinates in your life, not understanding the bigger picture as you move along the path... again similar to the human quest. Entering dangerous terrain, unfamiliar landscapes, challenges, and life/death situations. Watching others die around you, witnessing the life/death moment over and over. Again like we do as human beings. Having the courage to climb the sacred mountain, watching upwards for help - like we do with the star beings or God, getting it when the sacred mother drops down her sacred nectar to allow the climbing up into the heavens to continue on when the sperm leaves the vagina and enters into the cervix. Here the landscape becomes filled with diversions, dead ends, tunnels buried deep into endless mazes of lost trails. Many die here, trapped within their own mindsets, wrong choices, and surrounded in their own hell of creation.

Once a sperm makes it through the cervix they enter the womb, a vast place filled with wonder, on human scale a wide open field, green and lush, looking for the fallopian tube like a needle in a haystack, sound like our quest for truth? enlightenment? there within the great green fields of vast open space, are things waiting to kill you because it has been designed that way. Your challenge becomes now to survive, stay alive, yet as these scary things chase you, you are led to the exact side of the womb where the doorway/fallopian tube is open. By design your fears lead you to the way out. Similar to navigating our own shadow. Once at the entrance to the fallopian tube, you must swim only a certain way in order to enter. A frequency, a resonance is the key to getting in. A frequency similar to finding self love, worthiness, and resonating that to others. Some call this mastery of enlightenment.

Once in the tube we are nourished, we can rest, we eat the fruits of heaven. We have survived the challenge. Yet death still waits for all except one. You are now surrounded by a small circle of resonating similars. Those who have made the journey, found the keys, survived, and have learned to master their own ways. Your soul connections, loves, friends, your sacred inner circle. Yet you will say goodbye to all of them in the 'end'. (sounds like our journey through 'death') Here in this nourishing place you swoon the restful blissful feeling of love. Surrounded by those doing the same, and enjoying it with you.

Then you feel an urge to move again. You pick up a scent. The sacred mother calling you. The egg gives off what some experts say is the scent of Lily of the Valley. The sperm people become intoxicated and invigorated by its seductive and promising lure.
The journey is not over.

Your energy exceeds levels you have ever known, you shed your beliefs, thoughts, and all your existing layers like an onion. Here the sperm sheds its outer layers of proteins. Only your true essence can move forward from here. Nothing that is not of your essence can continue from this point forward. Timing now decides your fate. Will you die? or will you make it. Will you be "THE ONE"? here timing rewards not just the first one to win the race, but the one who follows the timing, the intuitive nudges. Knowing when to move and when to rest.

The egg is an awesome sight. Now we must be the one to reach it first. When we place our hands on it we merge with it, our essence becomes one. We find the divine male female God head. We deliver our genetic makeup for manifestation of who we are meant to become. We fulfill our purpose.

We grow, we dream, we transform. We become aware of ourselves, our space, we hear the drum beat of our hearts. We feel the blood within our veins pulse. We sense and move. We grow into the sacred mother, the very landscape of our sacred journey. Then we begin the journey all over again. Along the way we recall the feelings and memories of the journey, of what we have accomplished, felt, faced, our hopes and dreams, our challenges, and successes. Vaguely remembering off in the distant reaches of our subconscious mind the journey of our own hero, who has already claimed the sword of destiny.

Imagine reliving this journey? well you are, in your own life right now. You are already 'the one'. So is everyone else. You are now dreaming another hero.

By Hillary Raimo

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