Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Space Inbetween

Every now and then we want to give up on change. When we find ourselves inbetween dreams, there is a moment where when we step off the edge of one dream, we have to step fully into the other. There is a space between, a chasm, where things try and stop us from moving into some place else, some other dream, where fulfillment, happiness, and enlightenment bridges to a higher level of understanding and commitment.

If during the leap you slip and fall, you may indeed be in danger of relapsing, climbing back into the old dream, fearful of the dramatic change the leap takes. Your deepest darkest fears await within that space between dreams. Every negative thought you have about yourself awaits for you to take the jump, to test your faith, your healing, and your power.

This is the space where your own darkness lives. The space inbetween dreams. The eternal twilight. The limbo of discarded and forgotten fears. Fears that still live in some contorted version of themselves. Ready to test us.

It is a moment of power. A testing. Not a pass or fail test, but a test to see how ready we really are to exchange the dream for something new. My grandfather always said the tests were not about failing, or being good enough, they were tests to see how far you have come, how far you have to go, and to see what still lurks in the dusty corners of your mind waiting to come to light so it can be healed.

The space inbetween can also be fueled by the force behind the fears which is universal. We are always connected to the universal forces at work at any given time. Like good enemies they sit ready for the confrontation. Can you stand up to it? Can you look it in the eye, and tell it it no longer has power over you, and that you are no longer afraid of it?

Sometimes you can face what lies in the space between, and you move on through it transitioning without any glitches. Other times you cannot, and so you retreat back to the old left to contemplate, reflect and learn. If you do not do those three things, it can defeat you. Faced with your own death, once again asked to look it in the eye, make it an ally by not being afraid of it, telling it loud and clear that it has no power over you from that perspective anymore. After all, the overseer of the space between dreams is death. When you leap from dream to dream, you confront it. The bigger the dream the bigger the death of the old.

You can still go back to the edge, and try again. Leaping across the chasm with more strength then before. But that strength will only come from facing what caused you to not leap before. Otherwise you will meet it again, with the same fierceness. usually it has grown bigger.

I fell, grabbed onto the edge of the old dream and climbed back up. Looked at what lay between me and the new dream and saw some horrible things. Demons of my own making, empowered by universal forces. Some hoping I would never cross because in the new dream I am a force myself. One that can change the world. If I am able to leap and get across without falling to my death, or being entrapped in the old dream unable to get out, then I will succeed.

The next time you walk up to the edge, the chasm is larger. So you have to grow wings to cross it. You need to ask for help from those who love you and hold nothing but love for you. They help you spread those wings, and their love blows a breath of wind to lift you.

The space between dreams, whether it be life and death, changing dreams of life, is hell. Its what keeps you where you are, and tries to stop you from getting out.

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Judy Martene said...

Amen's all about LOVE! Staying true to ourselves...and and the POWER of knowing!