Saturday, January 22, 2011

It is easy to get caught up in seeing only darkness in the world. When there is so much to see, it can become overwhelming. If your feet are not planted securely in the light, the darkness will eventually sweep you up, and make you a part of it.

The reason I teach tools of empowerment is to counter balance the shadow with light. Looking within is my main mantra because it is where the source begins for all things. Even if something appears to be outside of you, it can attach to the unhealed aspects of self and feed off the energy. So getting it at the root, is addressing it where it attaches - within.

There are many great people doing great things in the world on the healing platforms. They have great intentions, skills and abilities to address this topic on different levels.

When a student makes an agreement to work with, or learn with, a spiritual teacher - you enter into an energetic agreement with that person. How do you ensure a healthy agreement? Make sure the teacher agrees on a fair energy exchange, whether it be money or volunteering. Never give nothing in return. If you do, you will create a dysfunctional, co-dependent relationship where it is more sorcery than it is healing. The teacher can then TAKE YOUR POWER and use it for their own purpose. A teacher with any kind of integrity will be sure that there is some form of exchange. They will not led you into a situation where dangerous energy threads can be spun.

Pay attention to the teachers message. Is it positive? Does it leave you feeling empowered? or tangled, heavy and sick? if so this is the energy signature of their true intention, or lack of ability to really stay at a healing vibration themselves. If you do not head that emotional warning, it can become extremely damaging to yourself and those around you.

One of the first things I teach my students is how to lift their vibrational energy. We do not focus on evil dark entities, or dangerous dimensional realms that attach to hell-like places working with demons. This is working within the 'dark', as some call it. If the darkness is knocking on your door, do you let it in and share a cup of tea? No. You do not. You hear the knock, and you create a stronger vibration of love. This protects you, and does not allow those energies into your space. THAT IS WHAT DEFEATS THEM.

If you are unprepared and sucked in to work with these energies, they become real. You will empower them, and whether you let them in willingly or unwillingly, they will reek havoc in your life and energy body if you do not know what you are doing. That is if you plan on working within them from the light, otherwise you will aid them in their own destructive doings.

Seeing love is a powerful protection. The more you practice, you better you get at it. You must strengthen your ability to be able to do this over time. Then when you look at the darkness, your feet are planted in the light, and NOTHING knocks you off center. This applies to all aspects of life. Your perspective changes. You can walk through your own shadow with ease and peace, and THEN the worlds shadow as well. Then whatever else is out there, may be drawn to your light, but you will be strong enough to sense it, and disperse it before it does any real long term harm.

It is foolish to attempt to jump in to working on those levels without a solid strong foundation of self love, creative connection, knowing yourself, and having a solid physical, emotional, and spiritual life.

The solutions to healing the world, lie within you. You cannot heal anything outside of you, until you heal within. There are people in this world who work within the dark, and teach their students to do the same. Teachers have to be careful when their students decide to work with another teacher at the same time who does this, because of the energetic connection between teacher and student. It can come back to the teacher and cause much harm, even kill. That is the ultimate goal of 'evil' - killing the love, good and the light. It can work through people in this way as a larger force. Kill someones light and love, and that force wins.

A student and teacher must decide, and work with integrity in that setting. Each place always has its lessons. No one can say what those are for you, and if they try, question that. Only YOU know the reasons behind the events that happen to you. Any teacher working within INTEGRITY will teach you to figure it out for yourself. They will not TELL YOU what to do with those lessons.

I have been energetically attacked through my students before from other teachers who work in the dark. They will seduce with promises of knowledge, great feats of miraculous things. Teachers know this energetic thread exists. Those working in integrity do not abuse that. That is the difference between healers, and sorcerers. I have learned to track down those threads when it happens. There are specific things that manifest when this is happening. I teach my students to do the same.

Unfortunately there are people out in the world who believe they are doing the right thing by working within these darker realms. Psychics who can see the darker energies around people yet have no ethics as to how to EXPLAIN that to students, and so they create a huge vortex of negative energy that tracks down the light within everything connected to that person.

These are incredible times. Choose wisely what and who you work with. If your not left with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, and are not lifted UP when you interact with a teacher, trust that. Learn to see with eyes of love, practice love, become a master of love. Then you can confront all the worlds woes with an enlightened stance. You become a warrior of spirit. A warrior of spirit with integrity, and the tools to change the world.

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