Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egypt & Birthing A New Dream by Hillary Raimo

Beautiful Egypt we hear your awakening. There is a great birth happening now within us, and all around us. We are living in the times that have been foretold to come. There is no more preparing. We are asked to be who we are supposed to be NOW. It is time to wake up the others. We have agreed to be here now to witness this great awakening. To participate in it as it unfolds. Our souls have made an agreement to evolve during this great time in history.

There may seem to be much darkness in the world, but that darkness is coming to light. Both within our own shadows, and also within the world stage. Nothing can stay hidden anymore. The sacred temples around the world are vibrating a new frequency. The frequency of the Earth as she begins a new cycle of evolution.

Nothing dies. It only changes form. Death is not to be feared because it does not exist. The universe wastes nothing. You are far to precious. You will find others to join hands with through all of this. It is not the end of the world, it is the end of a dream. A dream that changes dreamers. Those who have held the dream up for so long now are being replaced by new dreamers. They will fight for the power they have collected in doing so and not give up easily. They will not win, because it goes against the laws of the Universe.

The force that is dying is trying to survive, but a new one is being born. As the ego does when we heal, always grasping for ways to distract you, maintain control, and hold on. But it will not be able too. The prophecies of the indigenous are being exploited among those in power in the world. By this I mean that the old world order wishes to ride off these prophecies, in order to birth fear, and so the prophecies have been misunderstood by many. All frequency births according to its own range.

If you stay in fear, this will be a painful birth. If you challenge yourself to move through your fears, integrate them, and love them as you heal them, you will not stay in fear, and your birthing will not be in fear, but in love. For the process, and the larger play at work.

All your beliefs will be challenged over the next few years as everything adjusts. Our political systems, and the old world leaders are planning to implement a new world order. The theories are true. They are not for your entertainment purposes only. There is so much manipulation in the world, that it will be hard to see through some of it. Unless you can see through your own. There is a law of the Universe that states the large is always reflected within the small. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm. What the world reflects back to us, is happening within us. It takes some practice to understand that statement.

We can not ignore the changes happening by burying ourselves in our lives, our own problems, and pretend that nothing else matters. The blame game is over. You are being asked to stand up in your own power and resonate this to others to help wake them up. Everything in our life that does not serve us is riding the death dance. Transforming into a recycled dream. This is part of a much larger cycle.

It is time to stop imaging we are separate from anything. I have advocated for healing all these years because of this moment in time. The only way to walk through it without fear is to walk through while in your heart, and strong in your own center.

There will be much discord within all institutions as the frequency shifts. Everything will have to adjust to a new frequency. There will be a great effort to drive this change away by those in power. They have set into motion many plans to stop these changes, and yet manipulate them as well. This is not a theory, it is a fact.

There will be a moment of flux for all of us. A moment when the discord, and disharmonious frequencies cross, causing an inner revolution. We will see it reflected out in the world, as we do now in Egypt. This will spread to other places. Those in power will try and control it, ride the wave of change and exploit it for a new world order in the name of 'Democracy'.

NEWS FLASH: The US does not own the world. But it acts as if it does. We are living in the days of Hitler returned. It is just a more silent version, and on our own soil. This is a harsh statement, but if you do your research you will know its true.

However, do not get lost in the overwhelming amounts of information, choices, and people telling different versions of the truth. We are on information overload in many ways. Reconnect instead to your inner wisdom, and the Earth. The frequency of the Earth heals, calms, and restores vision. Listen to the truth you find here.

Now is not the time to isolate yourself or fight among your loved ones. It is not the time to fight connection or change. You are on the same side as those who are waking up, even if they do not necessarily believe in the same things. Our beliefs are always different, but it is time to stand up next to each other and hold strong. The wave is coming. You have felt this deep within for a long time now. It is not the end of the world, simply the changing of the dream. There is always a small space between dreams where one has to die, before another is birthed. We are approaching the crossing. Some will not make it. Those who do will lead the new world. That new world is NOT the vision of the new world order as seen by those currently in power.

It is a dream of renewed life, clarity, peace, and connection between all peoples, the planet, and the Universe. Of shared power, and decision making. Of free energy and technology used not for war, but for sustainability and peace. We will return to the old ways of the indigenous, while moving forward.

Listen to those who can see. See the words they speak. Practice the acts of those who have learned to connect to the Earth. Do not dismiss those who have been doing the work all along. They have paid attention. They will be mentors and mid wives for the rest of us.

The sacred sites in Egypt are assisting with the birth. The energy they have long stored there, is emerging. That power is felt within the hearts of those wanting truth. There will be those who try to exploit it for their own agendas. But if we lend our thought energy to the higher frequencies, we become the future, the living technology we were intended to become. We assist in the shifting of energies, frequency, and we help to create the world anew.


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