Friday, December 31, 2010

Mystical Musings

There was so much power surging through my body here. I would wake up and look out my balcony and feel the truth of this place inside my bones. Affirmed to me within my dreams. It lit a candle within me that will never go out. A love so magical and pure nothing in this realm can compare to it. A connection to the ether, a doorway to the other worlds within was rediscovered. So much merged from my heart here, I could have stayed forever.

There is no time here, it stands still. The busy city of Cairo swarms around like a million bees in the hive. I remember standing on a bridge at night over looking the Nile. On one side the spectacular views of the ruins, and the other the brilliant lights of a city finding its way from ancient roots.

The water flowed beneath me and I fell in love. In love with a place I remembered from somewhere deep inside me.

The lush green trees swayed against the rouge tan colored mountains. The sun rose orange and gold over the horizon. It is easy to imagine what it was like a million years ago, to step back in time and see through the eyes of our ancestors. To feel the power of truth course through our veins. To remember the truth of who we are, and where we come from. Outside of all the modern day definitions and expectations.

I can close my eyes and return anytime. My footsteps have left there mark here. Among the desert, just as they did centuries ago. I retrace them now as we travel together in a collective dream.


Photo by Antonie Gigal

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Christine Zahira Powers said...

Thank you for this powerful post and the weaving of the imagery through your words. The timing is ironic, as I am remembering that place outside of time, at this time. : )