Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dreaming Lunar to Solar: Eclipses of Consciousness by Hillary Raimo

Ask yourself, what is coming up for you within your life RIGHT NOW that represents what you need to heal within yourself? What is being mirrored back to you?

Nothing that is happening to you as you travel between Moon cycles is irrelevant. You are in a circle of energy that is facilitating your own healing of the feminine energy. Spirit will show you the mirrors that you need, so that your wounds can be revealed and healed, so as to make you a stronger dreamer. The old dream allowed people to leak energy, project onto each other the darker feminine energies that have held a dysfunctional dream for all of humanity for eons of time. The new dream holds the threads of healed feminine energy, and in order to stand strong within that dream, you will not be able to avoid facing your own shadow, and how you have perpetuated the old dream, and allowed it to live within yourself. In opening yourself to divine feminine healed energy, your own relationship with yourself will be looked at closely between you and spirit.

You no longer have a crutch to avoiding what needs to still be healed within you. You will find that as the energy is facilitated you will be confronted with your own limitations, weaknesses, fears, and within looking at that, you will find the way to heal that, so you can stand strong among the dreamers and dream a healthy loving shared dream.

For some of you it will be very intense. The mirrors that show up will force you to look at yourself. This is the way of the dreamer. A dreamer is always dreaming. Even if it is a nightmare of isolation, hatred, jealousy, resentment, unworthiness, and lack of self-love. HOW to CHANGE the dream is what we are learning. Changing the dream takes honesty with self, courage of opening up to others, and facing your own weaknesses & vulnerabilities. It takes understanding energy, how it manifests within your own world, and others. You will learn boundaries, as to where your dream ends, and others begin, and which belongs to whom.

You will understand how to respectively dream your own dream, and how to be at peace with others dreaming their own. This is the way of the dreamer. You will learn how to walk within other peoples dreams, without destroying yours or theirs, and what that even means. An empowered dreamer does not seek out to destroy someone elses dream - consciously or unconsciously -, they know what belongs to them, and what doesn't. They can respect and understand others dreams, without trying to impose, change or dominate them. An empowered dreamer does not stand in the center of their own dream as a powerLESS being. Dreamers recognize when another dreamer is not dreaming from their center, and so they do not build a dysfunctional dream by engaging in this dysfunctional off centered stance. Only until the other dreamer stands up and sees themselves as an empowered dreamer can the two dream together. An empowered dreamer simply holds space for the other until this changes. They do not engage in the dysfunction. The engaging comes in the form of negativity, gossip, tearing down, or trying to create a problem where one does not exist - this is the wounded dreamer dream. 'Finding the bad' is a symptom of soul sickness. It is a balanced dream to be able to address in circle or with others, items of change, without feeding dysfunction.

All of this takes practice, guidance, and patience. People want to be seen, but until they are healed, they will carefully judge for themselves WHAT they want to be seen by others. This is the way of the false face dreamer. A skilled dreamer can discern the false face dreamer without hate or judgment.

Unhealed dreamers will always come from there own woundedness. They will build projected structures of reality and lash out where its not appropriate. This is what we are healing within the collective feminine consciousness. What we work on within the collective affects the individual, and vice versa.

It starts by taking responsibility for your own dream. Until you do that, you will walk with one leg in the dreamtime looking for something, or someone, to hold you up as a crutch of sorts, this is the way of the old dream. In my work with others, it is my task to teach one to see themselves clearly, to guide one through discarding the old dream, I am not here to do it for you, only to teach you how to dream a new dream.To show you the possibilities.

You have to learn to see yourself first before you can properly see others. That is the way of the dreamer.

You can not heal and attack at the same time. That is the old wounded dreamer way. Wounded people see and judge through eyes that only see who they are because they have not looked within first. If you see other people as powerful and beautiful, you cannot secretly see them as wrong, bad, and ugly. Until you learn to see everything as it is, love, you have much work to do. Being seen as special is something many crave, being special is irrelevant in the world of power and dreaming.

As a dreamer you will create exactly what lives within you.

As long as you see yourself as an unworthy unloved person, I will not see you because I see only who you are as a powerful whole healed and loving being. Until you see yourself as such, you will be invisible to yourself and others - including me.

Once you build your own dream you will know how to protect it, nurture it, love it, and empower it.

Your own dream is not born by trying to take from others, or in imitating them- trying to be like them - that is a dream that belongs to someone else, it is not your own. You must learn to create your own dream, your own circle, and to do that you need to heal and gather power. You must know yourself so well, that you identify your own gifts, talents, and teach from that place. You can not infiltrate other peoples dreams, and circles, and take from them. This is stealing power. If the teacher is skilled enough they will see it for what it is, and not allow it to happen. They will love you enough to send you out onto your own to do it yourself, from your own gifts, to create a circle of power that will change the world, because it comes from truth, not false power.

We are no longer allowed the time to sit and imitate. That is not what is needed in this world. Carbon copies of the same will not change.

Dream a dream that is your own, and do it out of self-love, and total acceptance for who you are. See others from that place of power. This will empower your dream, and allow it the right ingredients to grow. Dream a beautiful dream only because you can.

by Hillary Raimo

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