Sunday, November 28, 2010

The New Age of ?

The Swine flu is back!

Ah, wait, the VACCINE is back!

In your yearly flu shot. The big pharma companies claim it is a safer version (have you seen any studies published by independent labs who are NOT financially tied with the drug companies?)

So now you get the convenience of one stop shopping, and it is a perfect fit to your already routine health care. Targeted to pregnant women and young children mostly, one has to ask why?

You already know that is my favorite question.

Last year, on my facebook pages and social media outlets I posted hundreds of articles and alternative research suggesting the swine flu vaccine was something to be very weary of. The deeper I dug, the more BS I found.

As the 'pandemic' spread, legislation changed, giving power to strip more of yours. The option to say no was allowed, only as a soft sell for future years of nailing it home. The population was being tested for the resilience of those willing to follow the herd.

Recently, intrigued by the topics of bio and nanotechnology I realized the dots were connecting. Then I was given a link to what was known back in 1998 as the Ethno bomb. The ability of biotech to target only certain genes within a population. For what you might ask? to destroy those genetic sequences. In other worlds, racial cleansing.

Are we bringing in the new age by manufacturing the kind of world we want? Who wants? Who is determining these kinds of decisions?

Is it to revolutionize warfare? to save the lives of untold amounts of soldiers to allow the murdering of peoples we deem disposable?

Is it just me or does this seem like a mad mans lab, a mad man who sees himself as God, or perhaps above? A madness associated with little regard for life, beauty, or fellow humans. The few sacrificed for the many? Is this some councils sick joke of maintaining population control? All while deciding which populations are allowed to live? These are some very real and serious questions we all have to contemplate, ask ourselves, and research.

Gene research is not new. Cloning is not new. Genetically modified ANYTHING is a real possibility. But the dumbed down IQ of the masses is, and if they can't intellectually connect the dots, anything can be pulled over the eyes of the unsuspecting.

Most people survive day to day, or week to week. Worrying about how to pay their debt, household bills, or any other mix of mundane responsibilities given the everyday man or woman. Most have been brainwashed into seeing and believing a false paradigm that only encourages consumerism to keep the whole system running smoothly. (BTW stop buying needless things, and the whole system falls)

The first thing hacked from us was our health, and the understanding of the body. Strategically our immune system was compromised. The information given to us, and taught to everyone in the institutionalized education system was wrong. We have been farmed into a mentality that health exists outside of us. That our bodies are our enemies. Which is completely false.

Next was our connection to nature. While our attention spans the computer or video game screens, our hands connected to the latest 'smart' phone, we give our direction senses away to GPS's. Tom Tom's or Jane Jane's lead the way through the woods, a now terrifying leap away from reality.

Next was to delete the link to your own bodies intuitive and psychic connections. Why would that matter? you may ask. The intuition is the guiding voice that alerts you to your own natural defense systems. If something is around that can harm you, your intuition will pick that up and let you know accordingly. Visions, dreams, knowings, and common sense psychic insights will see through the ILLUSION of artificial belief systems, matrixs, and paradigms. In other words, you will know when your being BS'd. The intuition also connects you to higher sources, and higher consciousness.

Sounds pretty dark eh? Better look away then, fear lies on the other side, we have been washed with fear syrup, and it is potent like sap from a tree, everything will stick to it. So if you are afraid, you will especially be afraid of the dark, and you won't go in it. How convenient. Like a egg rejecting sperm. Nothing new will grow. You will also avoid looking into your own shadow, to your own weaknesses, wounds and festering pools of insecurity. Perfect! This will keep your mind imprisoned within a matrix of small mindedness, conformity, and disempowerment. Control needs you here, ignorance IS bliss for the masses. No need to change, anything.

It will be done for you! Through the use of genetic manipulation, or breed selection, after all its been done with horses, dogs, and a myriad of other animals for eons, you should be proud if your genetics are chosen! (I hope you are sensing my sarcasm)

Your food is being genetically manipulated, not modified, and so are you.

Some say its for the good of all, it will help the planet, it will cure, it will ease the carbon creditors, its Gods will, or the Aliens! Whatever they say, I'd like to ask for the truth please. I choose the color I paint my house, or what to feed my family for dinner, or what to read, or share with others, or how to use my time on this planet. I do not need my DNA being scrambled with fish parts, tomato seeds, or super human pieces. No thanks. I have as much right to be here as the next person. You want population control? Try empowering people, giving them a sense of purpose. Enriching their lives and sense of self. I will take a strong dose of THAT instead, thank you very much.

Frankenstein was a prophet. A vision of someones backward dream. A new reality is being birthed, but as most subcultures look to various options of spawn, the very essence of who they are IS being birthed within them, artificially. The new age movement is helping with the assimilation of the new software. How? because few are taught to be grounded, to see clearly without or with, attachment, to work with ego instead of being at war with it. To reject pieces of oneself is to break the empowerment. Break the empowerment and you have complete take over.

Its a game folks. One you cannot win if you do not know the rules or yourself, and how to work within accordingly.

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