Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kindness as a Cure

Everyone has had a moment of kindness bestowed on them at one point in their lives. It leaves one feeling happy, lifted, and somehow better. It takes a moment, a crossing in time, between one life and another, a crossroads of opportunity, and turns it into a moment of creation. In that moment a field of energy is born, one that ripples outward into the ethers around us, and uplifts everything because everything is connected. The quality of that moment beholds the greatest force we as human beings have. Love.

Kindness is the ultimate form of love. It makes the giver and receiver divine beings of creational force. Each spreading it further as they emanate it onward out into further reaches of their day. The ripple affect can change the world. The more kindness in the world, the higher the vibration, the higher the vibration, the more it expands outward, and inward.

Kindness is the cure for hate, depression, self loathing, and every other dis-ease of the heart. It feels good to give it and to receive it. It can change a bad day into an exhilarating day. It can make you believe in yourself and others again. It can make you smile, and feel happy. Kindness is the basic ingredient in all recipes that make love.

If you need more in your life, give more. That is the secret to happiness.


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