Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chemtrails & Consciousness

When I check in with my guides, they tell me some are not chemtrails, and some very much are. They continue to say that there are numerous reasons why they are used. Weather manipulation being one of the larger purposes with climate protection against 'climate change' being the general smoke screen. That those working to research this as a means to protect the planet are very much out of the KNOW, and doing something they believe is worth doing. I keep feeling there is another purpose as well that relates to the star wars program, and the larger more secret use of weaponized free energy technology. When I asked my guides about this, their response was yes. They have continued to show me over the last few months how the time space membranes are affected by the nuclear explosions, and also how the explosion itself damages access to the zero point energy field. (I am hoping to find the science behind this vision, and post it) and that chemtrails are somehow related.

My guides continued to show me the time space fabric, and how to connect to it through sound. That each point in time, has a distinct 'place' within the sound vibration. That the fabric itself is like a hologram, each piece holds the same exact information, and once you learn how to extract that information with consciousness, you can access any event and all information, anywhere, at anytime.

The chemtrails are helping with the acceleration and enhanced capabilities of weather modification systems, and the free energy 'non-lethal' technology that has already been weaponized.

Do chemtrails affect us biologically? Yes. Everything is connected, and so any changes introduced on large scales into our environment will affect us. Is this population control? Is population control a side affect?

Are good intentions leading to disastrous results? Or are we dealing with something else?

Is this just one more thing to add to the anger/fear list? How do we deal with the reality of being science rats to the larger corporatocracy/military industrial complex? The short answer to that is in continuing to expand our consciousness, and to keep pursuing how to find our center. Raising our own vibration and healing our own wounds, and by moving OUT INTO THE WORLD as a grounded, whole person. This will change how you react, act, and decide your way through topics such as this, topics that can led to all kinds of murky places. Places that will suck you up and wrap themselves around you and trap you. Knowing how to navigate these topics, and how to get out of them, and keep them in proper perspective will keep you safe, grounded, and able to share information with others in a way that does not promote fear and paranoia.

Why is it important to know what is going on in this world? because you live here too, and so will YOUR generations to come. What does this have to do with empowerment? everything. An empowered person is an affective cross point of change within the matrix.

I do not advocate fear, I advocate knowledge and self-empowerment.

Chemicals affect consciousness. The biological processes within the human body are sensitive to the chemicals we consume, breathe, and are exposed too. Our body is the radio for airwaves of streaming consciousness. We can 'tune in' accordingly to the omnipresent information within the matrix at any given time. If our bodies, or radios, don't work, then we can't tune in. Could chemtrails be a way to ultimately disconnect us in more ways than one?

Are the channels to higher intelligent beings who use telepathy as one form of communication, being closed off? Could this be another use of chemtrails? My guides have said yes. I asked how we can overcome this, and their answer was by doing the work on ourselves, keeping our health good, and navigating through the information with a strong connection to ones intuition, and psychic channels. They stressed, that we as individuals are never powerless. That that concept is a lie, and has been spoon fed to us throughout our lives in a variety of ways, one of the reasons being control. If you can control someones perception of truth, you can control everything that person does.


Maaike van Oosterom said...

Love it! Thanks for posting!

Dakotah said...

Thanks, Hillary. That was good to hear. Seems like that is exactly what my life is about right now. Healing my body, educating myself and holding on to my own sense of joy and sanity in the midst of all this chaos. I look forward to future blogs. :)