Thursday, November 18, 2010

Changing Times, Holding Center

The energy we are experiencing now is very intense. It will affect us on all levels. It is time to ride the wave, or be drowned in it and dragged to shore. I have been writing about healing for a very long time now, and have always stressed that the healing process is a vital link between translating the energies we are in, and navigating them to remain positive, uplifted, and centered.

Our 'stuff' will always be right in our face, even more so during certain energetic times such as the ones we are traveling through now. Hence, the importance of working our way through our shadow. Once we understand what makes us tick inside, we know when we are sabotaging our success, or running away from something that will transform us. Knowing ourselves is the greatest act of enlightenment we can achieve as human beings.

We are already spiritual beings, so it then becomes a means of being comfortable in our own skin, grounded in our place in time & space, and loving each moment authentically.

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