Thursday, October 28, 2010

UNtwisting energy, REweaving Truth

10-27-2010 @ 8:51pm eastern time, at its peak, the twister--or rather, untwister--towered more than 350,000 km above the stellar surface.

Down on Earth I sat with my ten year old son in front of a fire. We were doing a small personal ceremony. He had been experiencing some emotional pain that he was having a hard time expressing. I had suggested he write up a letter putting down on paper what was bothering him. ( That no one would see it, and then we would burn it in a releasing ceremony.

So there we sat under the star filled sky, and as we put it in the fire, he began to cry. I stood there and held him, as I looked up and prayed for healing, tears filled my eyes as I felt his pain. He shared with me as we sat down, how his words didn't come this time, only symbols. He had drawn them and couldn't remember them after and he was saddened by the fact. I re-assured him it was OK.

The night sky was amazingly clear. I looked up and saw a streak across the sky, going upward, a soft golden color with an elongated shape to it. I felt an instant expansion of mind consciousness. The stars seemed to have surrounded us, there was a white light quality to the air around us. It was alive, tangible, and I could have curled up inside it and let it fill me. I hugged my son as he continued to cry, and breathed in the energy that had surrounded us.

There was a movement in my sons energy, he softened. His emotional energy untwisted.

We went back inside the house, and as I sat down, after putting him to bed, in our family room on the couch next to a large window. I could feel that light in the room. There was a deep sense of love, and higher consciousness to this light that seemed to emanate from the stars and moon. I closed my eyes for a moment and let myself fall into it, it looked and felt like Moonlight. I felt my dreaming calling me so I retired to bed for the evening.

That night I had a dream.

In my dream, I was led to the top of a mountain by a beautiful man. When we reached the top, he knelled at a spring coming out of the rock. He showed me the light in the water. He cupped the water, and lifted it to my lips as I drank, he told me the water held the lightening from the sky, and here near the summit it was potent.
As I drank the water, I could feel the lightening course through my body, touching each cell. Then I looked and saw a valley, where his home was, built near a crack in a glacier, by a river flowing strongly through it. Then I was in the house, laying on a blanket, next to a fire, and it was the most peaceful, blissful feeling, I closed my eyes and let that feeling touch each cell inside me. I feel asleep there, in the dream, to awake into the reality of its truth.

I laid there softly floating in the energy of the dream. I looked at my phone and had missed a call from a friend. Without hesitation I called back despite the fact that it was so early. We agreed to meet in the ethers, something we do now and then, and it held the same high vibration of my dream, this mind expanding, peaceful, soft and very lucid feel to it that left me feeling like I was a floating orb of light. It was breathtaking and beautiful.

Later I found out about the UNtwisting tornado on the son. I smiled gently because of the series of events that had happened throughout that time frame.

Subtle winds of change speak clearly through the leaves challenging us to listen. Feeling opens our hearts to different vibrations of intensity. Our minds need to open so we can translate the cosmic mind speaking at all times.

The UNtwisting of our conditioned beliefs about what we need to grow, or how we have to heal, is a welcome reprieve that opens us to REweaving the truth of who we are as individuals, and how we affect others. It gifts the pristine truth of our connectedness to life everywhere, and teaches how to communicate with it. It is never just about us, it is always about everything.

UNtwisting tornadoes on the Sun reflect our UNtwisting of old ways. Releasing what no longer serves us on an individual and collective level. Making space for new things.

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